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Dedicated to UFO sightings. For more general news on the subject visit EXTRATERRESTRIALS. For scientific search for alien life visit ALIEN LIFE. For Sci-Fi news on the subject visit ALIENS.
Philip Mantle with Curtis Collins - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and guest co-host Curtis Collins chat with British ufologist and publisher Philip Mantle on the state of ufology in his country, the UK, versus the US. Mantle makes pithy comments... 2 hours
Where the Heck is the "UFO Message"? - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds instances cases from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters collection of works and the Michael Swords/John Timmerman book Grassroots UFOs to show how nonsensical many human-reported contacts with... 2 hours
Mysterious Object Confirmed To Be From Another Solar System - The Guardian
THE ANOMALIST They are calling it "Oumuamua," from a Hawaiian term for messenger or scout. (It was detected by a telescope in Hawaii.) It's the first... 1 day
A Crashed UFO Tale: Inspired by a Novel? - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Leave it to Nick Redfern to add something new to a hoary UFO tale. It doesn't exactly "breathe new life" into the alleged Coyame, Mexico, 1974... 1 day
Incredible Footage: A Huge Glowing Orb Absorbs A Smaller One Over Manitoba, Canada
DISCLOSE.TV This one is going down in Canadian UFO history! Energy seems to radiate and emit from these objects and as we can... 2 days
Leaked Footage Shows Roswell UFO Crash Salvage
DISCLOSE.TV What you see here is the salvage of the so-called Roswell UFO crash. This salvage included plates which had handprints made of metal and these handprints have six fingers ... 2 days
Declassified Drawings from the British Government's UFO Desk - Hyperallergic
THE ANOMALIST British ufologist Dr. David Clarke has a new book out, stemming from his successful work to get the Ministry of Defence to make its UFO files public. Clarke's'book... 2 days
UFO sighted over Oregon – unidentified high speed, high altitude object tracked on radar, confirmed by several commercial pilots, chased with F15C Eagles
Altered Dimensions ... 5 days
They Were Here - UFOs And Aliens In Ancient Pictures
DISCLOSE.TV Could it be that they have actually always been around, from prehistoric times to Middle Ages? And if they have, could they have an influence in the creation... 5 days
They Were Here, They Made Us, UFOs And Aliens In Ancient Pictures
DISCLOSE.TV Could it be that they have actually always been around, from prehistoric times to Middle Ages? And if they have, could they have an... 6 days
1955: A Really, REALLY Close Encounter - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nick Redfern's piece on the famous Kelly-Hopkinsville "goblin attack" covers one of the outright weirdest and most frightening cases in UFO history. And it produced an Air Force "explanation" even... 6 days
Why Do We UFO Buffs Keep Coalescing Around Roswell, Socorro, and a Few Other Hoary UFO Events? - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds shows how certain UFO cases, like... 6 days
Snowboarder Records Weird Object Hovering In The Sky
DISCLOSE.TV During a descent from a snow-covered mountain, a snowboarder accidentally films a strange object behind him. In a cloudless sky, the elongated dark object is clearly visible. After a short time it... 7 days
MUFON's Jan C. Harzan - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien finally get the Executive Director of the Mutual UFO Network to explain some of the actions that organization has taken of late. The podcast gave Mr. Harzan the opportunity... 1 week
Hairy Dwarfs on the Rampage - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Yep, Nick Redfern's article title caught your eyes, too; and the rest of the piece does not disappoint. In November and December of 1954, Venezuela saw a spate of reported human encounters... 1 week
Erica Lukes--Ufology: Egos, and Room for Improvement - Radio Misterioso
THE ANOMALIST Greg Bishop has William Shatner fan Erica Lukes on for a typically convivial discussion of what's wrong--and, just as importantly, what's right--in ufology. In a dialogue recorded on... 1 week
John Alexander--UFOs & Other Phenomena Challenging Conventional Wisdom - Open Minds
THE ANOMALIST Both Alejandro Rojas' conversation with Alexander and that of the Paracast's in Col. John B. Alexander Interview center upon Alexander's new book Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences... 1 week
Jose Caravaca's External Agent and UFOs - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds notes the difficulties readers have been having in comprehending Spanish journalist and UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca's "Distortion Theory." In particular, the idea connoted by Caravaca's term "external... 1 week
UFOs over Oklahoma caught on video with cell phone
OPEN MINDS VIDEO Three videos were submitted with a UFO report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on November 9, 2017. The report came from Moore, Oklahoma, and the alleged sighting occurred... 2 weeks
Case Closed? Has the Rendlesham 'Alien UFO' Mystery Finally been Solved? - The Express
THE ANOMALIST Reporter Jon Austin tells us that Andrew Pike "has penned a new book" called The Rendlesham File--Britain's Roswell? about the... 2 weeks
Where Were the Roswell Picture Takers in 1947? - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds finds it odd that no amateur photography has surfaced of the "alleged hubbub" caused by the (also alleged) crash of a flying disk outside... 2 weeks
Strange lights in the sky: 'UFO' Cluster filmed in Ukraine
DISCLOSE.TV Denizens of a Ukrainian village were left scratching their heads after a veritable armada of glowing orbs appeared in the night sky ... 2 weeks
Mystery in the Far North: The Strange Case of the Missing Tourist - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We don't typically expect the North West Territories in Canada to be a place where foul play and... 2 weeks
Something Is Flying Or Crawling Over The Moon's Surface
DISCLOSE.TV This bizarre video shows an object hovering over the Moon's surface. You may think it was a satellite but it stopped and changed directions.It could also be an object walking... 2 weeks
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