Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Thursday that the electric automaker had acquired “trucking capacity,” a move aimed to boost deliveries of its Model 3...
This way, more buyers should be able to receive their vehicle before the tax incentive phase-out begins.
VIDEO It turns out that the answer to that is yes, you can.
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VIDEO Despite placing second overall at the event, another driver complained that electricity was not an approved fuel.
Tesla Model 3 owners who opted for the Performance variant now have a reason to go to the track. Or, if history...
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tesla releases track mode and a new key fob for the model 3
With major production hurdles looking more like they’re in the...
Elon Musk’s replacement as the chair of Tesla has been named and it is Robyn Denholm, an Australian executive who has been a director...
tesla s on site health clinic accused of undercounting worker injuries
The on-site health clinic at Tesla’s Fremont, California factory prioritized underreporting workplace injuries over proper treatment and safety,...
chevy s new electric camaro is the near future of ev drag racing
GM made a fun surprise announcement at this past week’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show: an all-electric Chevrolet Camaro concept with 700...
Tesla won’t be joining the scooter wars. But electric bikes? Yeah, maybe. During a lengthy podcast with Recode’s Kara Swisher, Tesla CEO Elon Musk...
tesla subpoenaed in the sec s model 3 investigation
Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk disclosed in a regulatory filing Friday that the Securities and Exchange commission has subpoenaed...
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Tesla said Friday in a regulatory filing that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice are investigating projections made last year about Model 3 production rates. The...
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elon musk doesn t care if people buy his blade runner pickup truck
Elon Musk has given more details about Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck in a recent interview with Recode. The Tesla CEO noted that he wants...
Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised in a series of tweets that an advanced version of its auto-parking technology Summon that will let owners remotely control their car...
The plaintiff's Model S had Autopilot enabled when it hit a stationary car on the highway.
A Florida man says the autopilot feature of his Tesla vehicle failed to detect a stalled car on a busy Florida highway, leading to a collision that left him with permanent injuries
tesla s navigate on autopilot update is now live
After rolling out its Version 9 of Autopilot a couple of weeks ago, Tesla has followed up with an additional...
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The Justice Department is said to be investigating whether Tesla's statements surrounding its Model 3 production numbers in 2017 could be considered fraud.
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tesla model 3 production reportedly under investigation by the fbi
Federal investigators are probing whether Tesla misstated information about production of its Model 3 electric sedans...
elon musk successfully cosplays as a normal car company ceo
Honestly, who needs reality TV when you have Tesla? While Elon Musk spent most of Q3...
Elon Musk's electric car maker reports only the third quarterly profit in its 15-year history.
Tesla, which reported its first quarterly profits in two years Wednesday, is looking to extend its earnings streak by bringing its new Model 3...
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Autopilot is slated to get a huge boost in processing power, and Model 3 is going abroad.
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tesla s model y crossover is ready for production elon musk says
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday that he recently approved the final prototype of...
Autopilot is slated to get a huge boost in processing power, and Model 3 is going abroad.
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tesla rides model 3 s popularity to its first profit in two years
Tesla has posted its first profitable quarter in two years, its third ever, thanks to the popularity of the Model 3 sedan. The automaker...
Plus: Tesla's midrange Model 3 is already more expensive, and Roadshow rides the latest Ducati Multistrada.
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Tesla hopes to eventually produce 250,000 cars per year at this location.
It's only been around for five days.
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It's only been around for five days.
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VIDEO With a car as forward thinking as the Model 3, I admit that it’s a bit disappointing that...
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Which ones are going away? Why, that's a very good question.
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Citron Research, an influential short-seller that has been an staunch critic of Tesla, reversed its position on the electric automaker. The about-face, which Citron Research outlined in a...
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Tesla estimates it'll be ready in four to six months.
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watch a tesla model s get stolen with a key fob hack
VIDEO Tesla’s cars may be high-tech, but that doesn’t mean they’re foolproof when it comes to security. This fact is on display in a new...
The new facility will be environmentally friendly and build vehicles on the all-electric MEB platform.
tesla stopped promoting the full self driving option for its cars
Tesla has pulled a long-standing promise of a “Full Self-Driving” option for its cars from the...
The change came alongside the introduction of a less expensive Model 3.
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Plus: Ford won't send the Raptor Ranger to America and SuperDuty tailgates are under NHTSA investigation.
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Tesla is now offering a new, cheaper mid-range battery version of the Model 3 that starts at $45,000 before federal tax incentives. CEO Elon Musk announced the new variant, which...
elon musk s teslaquila is actually a good idea
VIDEO “Teslaquila” started as part of an April Fools’ Day joke — a troll holiday celebrated only by amateurs and engineers....
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The midrange Model 3 has a 260-mile range and will cost $45,000 before incentives.
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Tesla has secured the rights to about 210 acres of land in Lingang, Shanghai, the site of the electric automaker's planned factory and its first outside of the U.S.
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google maps will now help you find ev charging stations
Finding a place to quickly top off your electric car’s battery might get a little bit...
Following recent updates focused on upgrading Commutes, Google Maps is now working to improve the experience of finding charging stations for electric vehicles. Optimized search and...
The saga between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which began with a now infamous “funding secured” tweet about...
elon musk eyes early 2019 release for tesla s custom ai chip
Elon Musk has announced that Tesla’s new custom AI chip is about six months...
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