Regulators have ‘tentatively approved’ a software fix for Boeing’s 737 Max airplane  THE VERGE · 41 minutes
The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Aviation Administration has “tentatively approved sweeping software and pilot-training changes” for Boeing’s 737 MAX jet, a... more
MoviePass parent’s CEO discusses the service’s rocky year  TechCrunch · 22 minutes
In the space of a few months, MoviePass went from being the hottest startup on the block to a cautionary tale about growing too big, too fast. By the time the summer... more
Where did social media go wrong?  TechCrunch · 22 minutes
For most of my life, the Internet, particularly its social media — BBSes, Usenet, LiveJournal, blogosphere, even MySpace, early Twitter and Facebook — consistently made people happier. But roughly 5 years ago it began to consistently... more
It’s not so obvious that this VC firm is focused on impact  TechCrunch · 22 minutes
Obvious Ventures was founded in 2014 by Ev Williams, Vishal Vasishth and James Joaquin. Its mission? To invest in startups that make a positive impact on the world. more
Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge browser leaked online  THE VERGE · 2 hours
Microsoft’s upcoming Chromium-powered Edge browser has leaked online. Download links for the browser have been posted to file sharing sites and popular... more
Test your animal knowledge with these challenges on Twitter  THE VERGE · 4 hours
Name the bird, spot the lizard, and ID the bear correctly, and win bragging rights in the wild... more
Tesla is adding a stop light warning to Autopilot  THE VERGE · 2 hours
Tesla says that it has begun to roll out a new feature for Autopilot called Autosteer Stop Light... more
What’s the best note-taking app for the Mac?  9to5Mac · 3 hours
Note taking apps for Mac are a fun category to look at because of the variety of options on the... more
The ethics of internet culture: a conversation with Taylor Lorenz  TechCrunch · 2 hours
Taylor Lorenz was in high demand this week. As a prolific journalist at The Atlantic and about-to-be member of Harvard’s prestigious Nieman Fellowship for journalism, that’s perhaps not... more
Sunday's top deals: the PetCube Play camera, a Shiatsu massager, and more!  Windows Central · 2 hours
We spend every day trawling the web for the very best deals so you don't have to. Our very favorites from today have been... more
Add 8 ports to your network with TP-Link's Gigabit Ethernet switch for $20  Windows Central · 2 hours
For a more stable connection. The TP-Link 8-port Gigabit Ethernet network switch is down to $19.99 on Amazon. We saw this switch... more
Time for a new sound with the Elac UB5 bookshelf speakers on sale for $280  Windows Central · 2 hours
Well-loved and well discounted. The Elac Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speakers are down to $279.95 on Amazon. We saw... more
The One Moto Show is the best motorcycle show you've never been to - Roadshow  CNET · 5 hours
I found the real heart of motorcycle culture in America during a snowstorm in Portland, Oregon. more
How to Watch IPL 2019 Live Online: IPL Live Telecast on Mobile in Your Country  Gadgets 360 · 7 hours
How to watch IPL live online free on mobile — IPL live telecast channel in India, USA, Pakistan, Canada,... more
The Simpsons gets round to poking fun at esports  Windows Central · 5 hours
The industry has made it. Just when you thought esports hasn't had enough exposure, The Simpsons decides to include the industry at the forefront of a recent episode. ... more
Star Trek fan builds a home theater Starfleet would love - CNET  CNET · 5 hours
Meet Anil, who lives in central New Jersey. His basement home theater seeks out new life and new levels of Trekkie fandom that has... more
Apple's TV streaming and news party may end with an antitrust hangover - CNET  CNET · 5 hours
Apple's Monday event is expected to be an extravaganza of subscription services: TV! Movies! News! Bundles! But competitors say the... more
The 2019 One Moto Show was a riot of custom motorcycles and new friends - Roadshow  CNET · 5 hours
This year marked the 10th anniversary of the West coast's favorite custom bike show and Roadshow... more
The PetCube Play 1080p camera is on sale for $130 in two colors  Windows Central · 5 hours
What's kitty up to? The PetCube Play indoor 1080p Wi-Fi pet camera is down to $129.99 through Best Buy's official eBay store... more
Grassroots racing is alive at the 1Pro Super Hooligan race - Roadshow  CNET · 5 hours
Low-buck, low-stress racing is alive and well all over America with Roland Sands Design's Super Hooligan series. more
Get the work done with a refurb Dell Precision 3520 on sale for $900  Windows Central · 5 hours
Actually has great stats and a solid warranty. Amazon has a refurbished Dell Precision 3520 15.6-inch mobile workstation on sale... more
Fixing federal payroll IT system could almost double its cost, says memo  CBC · 9 hours
The Liberal government is dealing with another payroll headache. An 'imaging' system used to store pay documents needs a fix, six years after it... more
How Pope Francis could shape the future of robotics  BBC · 8 hours
Pope Francis hosts discussions on the future of robotics and ethics at the Vatican in Rome. more
Hackers conquer Tesla’s in-car web browser and win a Model 3  TechCrunch · 13 hours
A pair of security researchers dominated Pwn2Own, the annual high-profile hacking contest, taking home $375,000 in prizes including a Tesla Model 3 — their reward for... more
Hydrophobicity and effective acid catalysis  SCIENCE DAILY · 14 hours
Researchers have shown that the tunable hydrophobic nature of dense siloxane gels is strongly correlated with their catalytic activity, explicitly demonstrating how molecules with different hydrophobic nature at the molecular level interact differently with surfaces of differing hydrophobicity.... more
Captain Marvel zooms past Wonder Woman on way to $900 million - CNET  CNET · 13 hours
The film continues to soar, but Jordan Peele's Us will likely dethrone it as weekend box-office winner. more
Breakthrough in air purification with a catalyst that works at room temperature  SCIENCE DAILY · 14 hours
Researchers have shown that a newly engineered catalyst made of gold nanoparticles supported on a metal oxide framework shows breakdown of ammonia impurities in... more
Shazam! finally lets DC superheroes be joyous fun  THE VERGE · 18 hours
Shazam! takes place in the same universe as other films adapted from DC Comics, but writer Henry Gayden (Earth to... more
New hybrid closed loop insulin pump proves hard to use for some patients with diabetes  SCIENCE DAILY · 17 hours
Among first-time users of a new insulin pump that automatically delivers insulin to people with type 1 diabetes,... more
Radioactive material detected remotely using laser-induced electron avalanche breakdown  SCIENCE DAILY · 17 hours
Physicists have developed a powerful new method to detect radioactive material. By using an infrared laser beam to induce an electron avalanche breakdown near the material, the new technique can... more
Shazam review: A big kid in a cape gives us DC's most fun adventure yet - CNET  CNET · 18 hours
DC hits back at Captain Marvel with a superpowered version of classic comedy Big... more
[Update: Live on Android, web] Google Voice adds ‘Anonymous Caller ID’ option  9to5Google · 21 hours
Google Voice last month began rolling out the Google Material Theme redesign to Android, and expanded VoIP availability. The latest feature for Google’s telephony... more
A family tracking app was leaking real-time location data  TechCrunch · 22 hours
A popular family tracking app was leaking the real-time locations of more than 238,000 users for weeks after the developer left a server exposed without a password. The app, Family... more
Hands-on with the new Chromium-powered version of Microsoft Edge  Windows Central · 21 hours
Here's your first look at the new Microsoft Edge built on Chromium, codenamed Anaheim. Microsoft's new version of Edge is currently in development internally, with a public preview expected within... more
Apple’s TV streaming and news party may end with hangover for rivals - CNET  CNET · 21 hours
Apple's Monday event is expected to be an extravaganza of subscription services: TV! Movies! News! Bundles! But competitors say the... more
12 new trailers you should watch this week  THE VERGE · 1 day
On Monday, Apple is supposed to unveil its take on a movie and TV streaming service. It’s not clear if... more
[Update: Again] Google promoting Play Store editorial stories, lists with app notifications  9to5Google · 23 hours
Back in 2017, Google introduced the Editors’ Choice section of the Play Store as part of an editorial push to help with curation and... more
A New Jersey high school adapted Alien for its spring play  THE VERGE · 23 hours
Like something out of Rushmore or Bob’s Burgers, a group of highly-motivated students and... more
Apple 'Netflix for Games' Subscription Service May Be Shown Monday  MacRumors · 1 day
A previously reported "Netflix for Games" subscription service that Apple has been working on may be... more
Apple AirPods 2 orders now shipping, delivery from Tuesday  9to5Mac · 23 hours
If you ordered new AirPods on the same day they were announced, then it looks like Apple Store... more
Want more Love, Death + Robots? Read these 17 short stories online  THE VERGE · 24 hours
Last week, Netflix released its 18-episode animated anthology Love, Death + Robots, a decidedly NSFW series that adapted a number of short stories from... more
This discounted Google Home Hub bundle comes with a $50 Hulu gift card  Windows Central · 22 hours
Control smart home devices, rock out to your favorite tunes, and more. Every so often, we'll see a stellar deal on the... more
You've never pedaled a bike like this video - CNET  CNET · 1 day
The inventors of NuBike say its unique lever system is more efficient and easier on the rider than a traditional bike. more
Planning for the uncertain future of work  TechCrunch · 23 hours
In a recently published, roughly 75-page report, British non-profit organization The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts (RSA) outlined several scenarios for how the UK labor market will be impacted by frontier technologies... more
Startups Weekly: A much-needed unicorn IPO update  TechCrunch · 23 hours
In this week's newsletter: Details on Pinterest, Lyft, Uber and Zoom's upcoming IPOs, plus Glossier and Rent The Runway's big rounds. more
Groundbreaking images of unborn baby in womb  Sky News · 1 day
Scientists have created 3D images of a baby's heart while still inside the womb - a development that could revolutionise the treatment of congenital disease before birth. more
A week of game streaming and earthquakes  TechCrunch · 23 hours
From Extra Crunch We hope all of you enjoyed the conversation with Eric Peckham and Lucas Matney on GDC and game streaming. For those who couldn’t join, a transcript should be coming shortly. Our... more
Corporate biotech venture funding rises again  TechCrunch · 23 hours
Biotech venture funding has been on a tear for the past couple of years, and corporate investors in the space are doing their part to boost the totals. more
Become a machine learning expert for only $35!  Windows Central · 23 hours
Machine learning has become more important than ever, as the world looks to automate more daily tasks and collect more data. The problem is understanding Machine learning and data science is no... more
Here's your chance to snatch Amazon's Fire 7 tablet for only $35  Windows Central · 1 day
Prime members can grab this 7-inch tablet at one of its best prices ever. Amazon has the Fire 7 tablet on sale right now... more
NASA Publishes Images of the Meteor No One Saw  Gadgets 360 · 23 hours
NASA on Friday published satellite photos of a powerful meteor which appeared just above the Bering Sea on December 18 but went unnoticed until months later. more
How Nuro plans to spend Softbank’s $940 million  TechCrunch · 23 hours
Autonomous delivery startup Nuro is bursting with ideas since SoftBank invested nearly $1 billion in February, new filings reveal. A recent patent application details how its R1 self-driving vehicle could carry smaller... more
This $50 set of Mr Beams Motion-Sensor Spotlights won't be on sale tomorrow  Windows Central · 1 day
These battery-operated spotlights offer 400 lumens of light covering 400 square feet each. Today only, Woot is offering a four-pack of Mr.... more
The One Moto Show is the best motorcycle show you've never been to - Roadshow
Shazam! finally lets DC superheroes be joyous fun
[Update: Live on Android, web] Google Voice adds ‘Anonymous Caller ID’ option
A New Jersey high school adapted Alien for its spring play
A New Jersey high school adapted Alien for its spring play
[Update: Again] Google promoting Play Store editorial stories, lists with app notifications
Blink-182's Tom DeLonge wants to prove aliens exist in new History Channel show - CNET
Apple’s latest Apple Watch how-to videos cover fitness features and more
Apple’s latest Apple Watch how-to videos cover fitness features and more
Apple’s latest Apple Watch how-to videos cover fitness features and more