A Helium Tail Trails This Fluffy Alien Planet  SPACE.COM · 4 days
As a Jupiter-size world swings around its small but active star, bombarded by radiation, the planet leaves behind a tail of escaping helium as wide as itself — and researchers have spotted... more
'Last Man on the Moon' Filmmakers Team to Tell First Man's Story in 'Armstrong'  SPACE.COM · 4 days
"Aviator, astronaut, husband, father, reluctant hero" — that is how a new film-length documentary describes its title subject, the first... more
What Is Solar Mass?  SPACE.COM · 4 days
How would you measure the masses of objects as big as stars, galaxies and black holes? With solar mass. And you can thank Sir Isaac Newton for that. more
The Most Powerful Ion Drive in Space Is Ready for Its to Visit Mercury  SPACE.COM · 5 days
The BepiColombo mission to Mercury that left Earth on Oct. 19 has a long journey ahead of it, but the... more
On This Day in Space! Dec. 6, 1998: International Space Station Assembly Begins  SPACE.COM · 5 days
On Dec. 6, 1998, astronauts on the space shuttle Endeavourofficially began the construction of the International Space Station. See how it happened... more
Humanity's Largest Atom Smasher Takes a Pause, Will Wake Up Again in 2021  SPACE.COM · 5 days
Particles: Breathe easy. Scientists at the world's largest particle collider have no plans to smash you together until spring 2021. more
China Preps for Launch of Historic Mission to Moon's Far Side on Friday  SPACE.COM · 5 days
China is getting set to launch the first-ever surface mission to the moon's far side. more
Watch This SpaceX Rocket Splash Down During Failed Landing Attempt (Videos)  SPACE.COM · 5 days
A new video gives an amazing rocket's-eye view of a SpaceX booster's unsuccessful bid to return to terra firma today (Dec. 5). more
Watch This SpaceX Rocket Splash Down During Failed Landing Attempt (Video)  SPACE.COM · 5 days
A new video gives an amazing rocket's-eye view of a SpaceX booster's unsuccessful bid to return to terra firma today (Dec. 5). more
'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 Teaser Trailer Released! And Preview for Saru-Focused 'Short Trek'  SPACE.COM · 5 days
An action-packed 30-second trailer for Season 2 of "Star Trek: Discovery" features explosions, familiar cast members and newcomers, including Captain... more
'Oumuamua Stays Quiet: Another SETI Search of Interstellar Visitor Comes Up Empty  SPACE.COM · 5 days
A search for radio signals coming from 'Oumuamua, the mysterious visitor from afar that zoomed through the inner solar system last fall, came up... more
'Blueberries' on Mars Have a Watery Past. But Scientists Are Still Baffled.  SPACE.COM · 5 days
Snack-loving scientists working with the Opportunity mission on Mars dubbed tiny, iron-rich spheres scattered near the robot's landing site "blueberries," but these features were... more
What Are Meteorites?  SPACE.COM · 5 days
When you wish upon a star, you're watching space debris fall to Earth. more
The Awesome NASA Easter Eggs of Netflix's 'Lost in Space'  SPACE.COM · 5 days
In between the dramatic scenes of Netflix's new reboot of "Lost in Space" were some little Easter eggs for astute space fans. The scriptwriters inserted several NASA and... more
Tiny Satellites Pose a Swarm of Opportunities — And Threats  SPACE.COM · 6 days
Spaceflight favors big rockets and small technology — but when that technology gets small enough, it may act very differently from traditional satellites and spacecraft. more
Arianespace Rocket Launches India's Largest Satellite. South Korean Weather Satellite, Too.  SPACE.COM · 6 days
Arianespace completed its final Ariane 5 launch of 2018 and penultimate overall mission for the year on Dec. 4, carrying a satellite for India and another... more
Will the Long-Forgotten Andromedid Meteors Return with a Flurry Tonight?  SPACE.COM · 6 days
Once upon a time, there was a small comet that led to a big meteor shower. Is that mysterious shower set to return? more
Large Magellanic Cloud: Nearby Satellite Dwarf Galaxy  SPACE.COM · 6 days
The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is a satellite dwarf galaxy that is among the closest galaxies to Earth. more
In Photos: Gemini 7 Makes 1st Crewed Rendezvous with Gemini 6A  SPACE.COM · 6 days
In December 1965, NASA's Gemini 7 and Gemini 6A missions accomplished the first in-orbit rendezvous of two crewed spacecraft. more
Nibiru: The Nonexistent Planet  SPACE.COM · 6 days
Nibiru has been linked to NASA, and is also sometimes referred to or confused with Planet X, another supposed world for which there is no evidence. more
Stargazer Scopes Out the Cosmos with a Mobile Planetarium (Photo)  SPACE.COM · 6 days
Turning your smartphone in a tool to identify celestial objects in real time is easy and a big help. The image shows a sky enthusiast searching for the... more
What's Next for NASA's OSIRIS-REx Probe at Asteroid Bennu?  SPACE.COM · 7 days
NASA's OSIRIS-REx arrived at the diamond-shaped near-Earth asteroid Bennu yesterday (Dec. 3). Here's what to expect next from NASA's first asteroid-sampling mission. more
Canada Celebrates Launch of First Astronaut in 6 Years  SPACE.COM · 7 days
Although the weather was cold in Kazakhstan, the Canadians didn't seem to mind. A small group of tourists came to watch the launch today (Dec. 3) of David Saint-Jacques, unveiling... more
'Apollo to the Moon' No More: Air and Space Museum Closes Gallery  SPACE.COM · 7 days
For more than 40 years, the "Apollo to the Moon" gallery at the National Air and Space Museum has provided millions of visitors a... more
Moldy Mouse Chow Delays SpaceX Dragon Launch to Space Station  SPACE.COM · 7 days
SpaceX's next cargo launch to the International Space Station has been pushed back to Wednesday (Dec. 5) due to a rodent problem. more
4 Gravitational-Wave Detections Include Largest, Most Distant Black Hole Crash Ever  SPACE.COM · 7 days
Four new gravitational-wave observations mean scientists can start to make broader discoveries about the world around us and the black holes that fill it. more
A Dangerous Alien Illness Rises on Latest 'Mars' Episode  SPACE.COM · 1 week
The first three episodes of National Geographic's "Mars" highlighted just how taxing, dangerous and ethically gray life on Mars could be. But Episode 4 makes the realities of life on... more
SpaceX Rocket Makes Historic 3rd Launch Into Space with 64 Satellites On Board  SPACE.COM · 1 week
A Falcon 9 rocket with a twice-flown first stage lifted off from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base today (Dec. 3), carrying 64... more
Hello, Bennu! NASA Asteroid-Sampling Probe Reaches Its Target Space Rock  SPACE.COM · 1 week
NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe sidled up to the diamond-shaped asteroid Bennu today (Dec. 3), bringing an end to a circuitous deep-space chase that lasted 27 months. more
These Astronaut Photos of a Soyuz Launch from Space Are Just Incredible!  SPACE.COM · 1 week
The International Space Station offers an unbelievably cool perspective on rocket launches, as European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst proved with three incredible photographs... more
Night Sky, December 2018: What You Can See This Month [Maps]  SPACE.COM · 1 week
Find out what's up in your night sky during December 2018 and how to see it in this stargazing guide. more
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