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On This Day in Space! Oct. 21, 2008: India Launches Its 1st Moon Mission
SPACE.COM On Oct. 21, 2008, the Indian Space Research Organization launched its first mission to the moon. See how it happened... 1 hour
Neil Armstrong and the America That Could Have Been
SPACE.COM According to a Gallup Poll from 1999, only 50 percent of those surveyed could even name Neil Armstrong as the first man to land on the moon. 2 hours
'First Man': A New Vision of the Apollo 11 Mission to Set Foot on the Moon
SPACE.COM The Apollo 11 lunar landing was the first time humans stepped on another celestial body, and... 2 hours
New Book Showcases the Incredible Women of 'Star Wars'
SPACE.COM Last Thursday (Oct. 4) at Comic Con, author Amy Ratcliffe discussed her new book "Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy" at a panel moderated by voice actor Ashley Eckstein. 2 hours
Welcome to Space! BepiColombo Spacecraft Headed to Mercury Snap 1st Photo
SPACE.COM The European-Japanese BepiColombo mission captured its first photo on Saturday (Oct. 20), a day after lifting off from French Guiana. The image is a selfie showing... 2 hours
Here's How to Watch International Observe the Moon Night 2018 Online Tonight!
SPACE.COM Oct. 20 is International Observe the Moon Night, an annual celebration allowing people all over the world to enjoy the science and beauty from... 1 day
On This Day in Space! Oct. 20, 1970: Soviet Union Launches the Last 'Zond' Moon Mission
SPACE.COM On Oct. 20, 1970, the Soviet Union launched the Zond 8 spacecraft on a mission to... 1 day
BepiColombo's Path: Why Does It Take So Long to Get to Mercury?
SPACE.COM The European and Japanese space agencies launched their first mission to Mercury yesterday, but now, the mission's engineers and admirers have to endure a... 1 day
Chandra X-ray Observatory Should Return to Action Next Week
SPACE.COM NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory remains on course to bounce back from its gyroscope issues soon, mission team members said. 1 day
BepiColombo Spacecraft Launch on 7-Year Trek to Mercury for Europe and Japan
SPACE.COM A joint European-Japanese mission to the tiniest planet, Mercury, blasted off from French Guiana on its long journey tonight (Oct. 19, Oct. 20 GMT). 1 day
This Hunk of Metal Fell From Space and Landed in California
SPACE.COM Iridium 70 fell out of orbit Oct. 10. A few days later, one of its fuel tanks caused a stir in central California. 2 days
Space Force to be the Topic of Next National Space Council Meeting
SPACE.COM The status of proposals to create a separate branch of the U.S. military devoted to space will be the subject of the next meeting... 2 days
Five in a Row! See the Planets Align in the Night Sky
SPACE.COM For the second time this year, the five brightest planets can be seen at the same time. You can catch them by looking towards... 2 days
International Observe the Moon Night 2018 Saturday Marks Apollo's 50th Anniversary
SPACE.COM People taking part in International Observe the Moon Night (IOTN) on Saturday (Oct. 20) have an extra thing to celebrate: the 50th anniversary of the Apollo... 2 days
Curiosity Rover on Mars Exercises Its 'New' Brain (Photo)
SPACE.COM NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is putting its "new" brain to work a bit while mission team members try to fix a memory issue with the "old" one. 2 days
BepiColombo in Pictures: A Mercury Mission by Europe and Japan
SPACE.COM Tiny Mercury is a strange planet that may hide secrets to how our solar system formed — and that's why the European and Japanese space agencies decided to... 2 days
AstroCritic Review: 'First Man' Shows You What Real Astronauts Are Like
SPACE.COM I grew up in the 1960s, during the beginning of the space race. The first astronauts were my heroes, and it was the Apollo 11 moon... 2 days
BepiColombo, the First Mercury Mission in 14 Years, Launches Tonight — Watch Live!
SPACE.COM It's been more than 14 years since a spacecraft launched toward Mercury, so don't miss your chance to watch a rocket do... 2 days
On This Day in Space! Oct. 19, 2016: ExoMars Mission Arrives at the Red Planet
SPACE.COM On Oct. 19, 2016, the European Space Agency's ExoMars mission arrived at Mars! See how it happened in... 2 days
Orionid Meteor Shower 2018 Peaks This Weekend with Bits of Halley's Comet: What to Expect
SPACE.COM If you're a meteor enthusiast, the year 2018 has been very kind to you — and another reliable... 2 days
Astronomers Just Caught the Tiniest Cannibal Galaxy in the Universe
SPACE.COM This cannibal galaxy is tiny, and it's right in our cosmic neighborhood. 2 days
Red Dwarf Star's Mighty 'Hazflare' Could Be Bad News for Alien Life
SPACE.COM Another red dwarf has been caught firing off a superpowerful flare, further bolstering the notion that life might have a hard time taking root... 2 days
Jupiter's Atmosphere & the Great Red Spot
SPACE.COM The atmosphere of Jupiter has distinctive belts, bands and a massive swirling storm. 3 days
Venus' Atmosphere: Composition, Climate and Weather
SPACE.COM The atmosphere of Venus is thick with clouds of carbon dioxide. 3 days
How NASA Mars Lander's 'Steampunk' Claw Will Work (Video)
SPACE.COM NASA's InSight Mars lander carries a five-fingered metallic claw at the end of its robotic arm that's crucial to the robot's mission. Here's how that claw will work. 3 days
Moon Science! NASA Needs Experiment Ideas for Commercial Lunar Landers
SPACE.COM NASA has opened a submission period for commercial moon-lander proposals, noting that selected technology might fly as soon as next year. 3 days
After Soyuz Abort, Russia Wants 3 Successful Robotic Flights Before Next Crew Launch
SPACE.COM The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, promised an investigation into the failed Oct. 11 Soyuz crew launch, and the preliminary report should be... 3 days
Physicists Model Electrons in Unprecedented Detail — Spoiler Alert: They're Round
SPACE.COM Electrons are extremely round, and some physicists will not be pleased about it. 3 days
Black Holes Unlikely the Source of Universe's Missing Dark Matter
SPACE.COM Scientists have ruled out black holes as a possible source for most of the elusive dark matter scattered throughout much of the universe. 3 days
How Close Are We to Kubrick's AI-Controlled Vision of the Future?
SPACE.COM AI like the malevolent HAL in the movie "2001" are already among us. 3 days
Stephen Hawking's Final Book Says There's 'No Possibility' of God in Our Universe
SPACE.COM Is there room for God in the endless, expanding universe? In his final book, Stephen Hawking says no. 3 days
Why Haven't We Found Aliens? Because We're Just Not Looking Hard Enough.
SPACE.COM We still have a long way to go in the search for intelligent aliens. 3 days
China May Soon Have a Second (Artificial) Moon
SPACE.COM Moonlit skies over the Chinese city of Chengdu may get a boost from a second moon. 3 days
How to Get to Mars: 'Trailblazing' Experts Talk Red Planet Exploration
SPACE.COM Spaceflight experts talked about the romance and danger of someday traveling to Mars during a panel at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. 3 days
Look Up! Former Astronaut Mae Jemison Co-Launches Campaign to Contemplate the Cosmos
SPACE.COM To help humans really connect with one another, former astronaut Mae Jemison has a simple request — just look up. The campaign runs all... 3 days
Would a Space Force Mean the End of NASA?
SPACE.COM The United States already has a space agency: NASA. So why do we need a Space Force, and what would it do? Could a Space Force strain diplomatic relationships, reigniting... 3 days
Fisher Space Pen Celebrates 50 Years in Space with Apollo 7 Pen Set
SPACE.COM Fifty years ago, Walt Cunningham became one of NASA's first Apollo astronauts to fly into space and, aboard the same mission, one... 3 days
On This Day in Space! Félicette Becomes the 1st Cat in Space! >^..^
SPACE.COM On Oct. 18, 1963, a cat went to space! Félicette was a French "catstronaut" who became the first and only feline to... 3 days
When Will We Find Planet Nine?
SPACE.COM Evidence of a big, unseen world in the extreme outer solar system continues to mount, giving astronomers more and more confidence that "Planet Nine" is real. 3 days
X-37B Military Space Plane Wings Past 400 Days on Latest Mystery Mission
SPACE.COM The latest mystery mission of the U.S. Air Force's robotic X-37B space plane has now passed the 400-day mark. 3 days
Bringing Dark Energy Out into the Light
SPACE.COM We've known for about 20 years that the expansion of our universe is accelerating, but how does the dark energy that causes it work? 3 days
BepiColombo Launches This Weekend to Crack Mysteries of Mercury — and Beyond
SPACE.COM Mercury is a tiny, shrinking greyish ball of metal, an unassuming neighbor that's easy to overlook — but don't laugh off the possibility that... 3 days
Ask a Spaceman: The Weird Physics of Quark Stars (If They Exist)
SPACE.COM Space is an amazing physics laboratory, because we can see stars and other objects behaving under extreme conditions. 3 days
Saturn V Rockets & Apollo Spacecraft
SPACE.COM To get astronauts to the moon, scientists built the largest rocket ever. 3 days
Meet Hyperion: Colossal Supercluster in the Early Universe
SPACE.COM Scientists recently uncovered the largest known structure from the ancient universe. 3 days
On This Day in Space! Oct. 17, 2016: Antares Rocket Returns to Flight
SPACE.COM On Oct. 17, 2016, Orbital ATK returned to flight, successfully launching a cargo shipment to the International Space Station after its previous... 4 days
Stephen Hawking's Children and Colleagues Discuss Physicist's Final Book, Legacy
SPACE.COM In his final book, released Oct. 16, Stephen Hawking tackles big questions about the universe, delving into physics, cosmology, the existence of God and the future direction of... 4 days
What It Felt Like to Be Aboard the Failed Rocket Launch to the Space Station
SPACE.COM Everything was going smoothly — until NASA astronaut Nick Hague felt a sudden tremor. "The first thing I... 4 days
Hawking's Children and Colleagues Discuss Physicist's Final Book and Continuing Legacy
SPACE.COM In his final book, released Oct. 16, Stephen Hawking tackles big questions about the universe, delving into physics, cosmology, the existence of God and the future... 4 days
'Starstruck' Tells Kids the Story of Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson
SPACE.COM What do you do when you're a self-described "fierce fan" of famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson? Write a children's book about him, of course. 4 days
New study may provide clues to how birds began to fly
From peaceful coexistence to potential peril: The bacteria that live in and on us
Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster
Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster
New data tool can help scientists use limited funds to protect the greatest number of endangered species
Breast Cancer as a Dynamic Disease
A revolutionary treatment for allergies to peanuts and other foods is going mainstream—but do the benefits outweigh the risks?
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New material, manufacturing process use sun's heat for cheaper renewable electricity
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