India Successfully Launches RISAT-2B Earth-Observation Satellite  SPACE.COM · 1 hour
India's space agency successfully launched a new Earth-observation satellite today (May 21), boosting the nation's space-based surveillance capabilities. more
Watch India Launch a New Earth-Watching Satellite Tonight!  SPACE.COM · 6 hours
India is launching a new Earth-observation satellite today (May 21), and you can watch it lift off live online! more
NASA Puts Mars 2020 Rover's Space Ride to the Test (Photo)  SPACE.COM · 7 hours
Earlier this month, engineers put the Mars 2020 rover's fully assembled spacecraft through some tests at the Space Simulator Facility at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in... more
Space Launch Calendar 2019: Sky Events, Missions & More  SPACE.COM · 9 hours
Here's a guide to SpaceX's launch schedule, other rocket missions, astronomical events of the next year, as well as milestones for spacecraft already in travel. more
'Finding Our Place in the Universe' Details Quest for Earth's Supercluster: Author Q&A  SPACE.COM · 10 hours
The newly translated book "Finding Our Place in the Universe" details how scientists discovered the vast supercluster of galaxies that contains the... more
Why Is the Pentagon Interested in UFOs?  SPACE.COM · 11 hours
New rules encourage U.S. Navy pilots and sailors to report UFO sightings. Here's why. more
On This Day in Space! May 21, 2010: Japan Launches 1st Deep-Space Solar Sail 'Ikaros'  SPACE.COM · 14 hours
On May 21, 2010, Japan launched the first successful solar sail Ikaros into space. See how it happened... more
Scientists Reveal New Details of Dwarf Planet Haumea's Elusive Ring  SPACE.COM · 14 hours
Haumea's ring is too faint to be seen from planet Earth, so astronomers have turned to context clues to find out more about these particles. more
Space Tourism Is About to Push Civilian Astronaut Medicine Into the Final Frontier  SPACE.COM · 14 hours
For decades, access to space has been limited based on a set of preconceived beliefs about human bodies — but capitalism is... more
There's a Brand-New Kilogram, And It's Based on Quantum Physics  SPACE.COM · 14 hours
The kilogram isn't a thing anymore. Instead, it's an abstract idea about light and energy and fundamental universal constants. more
The Moon Has Two Faces. This Cosmic Crash May Be Why  SPACE.COM · 14 hours
Ours is a moon with two faces: The nearside boasts a thinner and smoother crust, the farside is dotted by impact craters left nearly undisturbed by... more
SpaceX to Launch 60 'Starlink' Internet Satellites Thursday  SPACE.COM · 1 day
This week, SpaceX will again try to loft the first 60 members of its Starlink internet-satellite megaconstellation. more
Pluto Has a Buried Ocean — And So Might Many Other Worlds  SPACE.COM · 1 day
Buried oceans like the one sloshing beneath the icy surface of the Jupiter moon Europa may be far more common across the cosmos than... more
NASA's Moon Return Among Key Topics at 2019 International Space Development Conference  SPACE.COM · 1 day
The National Space Society's International Space Development Conference will take place next month amid a large policy shift for NASA: sending humans to the... more
Omega Celebrates 'Iconic Hours' of Apollo 11 With New Speedmaster Moonwatch  SPACE.COM · 1 day
A new chronograph captures the time, 50 years ago, when the first wristwatch was worn on the surface of the moon. more
How to Make Moon Water: Add Solar Wind, Tiny Meteorites, and Then Heat  SPACE.COM · 1 day
Scientists may be one step closer to solving the mystery of water on the moon; the secret may lie in a synergistic... more
'Rehearsal' Dinner: Gala Celebrates Apollo 10 Moon Mission's 50th Anniversary  SPACE.COM · 1 day
Fifty years to the day after the "dress rehearsal" for the first moon landing lifted off into history, astronauts and NASA leaders celebrated Apollo 10. more
Ariana Grande Loves Space, So NASA Took Her to Mission Control  SPACE.COM · 1 day
Ariana Grande wrote an entire song about her love for space, literal and metaphorical, and this weekend she got the ultimate space-fan tour experience, visiting NASA's... more
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Feed and inspire a kid's thirst for space with these book picks by's writers and editors. more
On This Day in Space! May 20, 1978: NASA Launches Pioneer Venus Orbiter  SPACE.COM · 2 days
On May 20, 1978, NASA launched a spacecraft to Venus. The mission was called Pioneer-Venus 1. See how it happened in our... more
Next-Gen Megascope for Astronomy Taking Shape on Chilean Mountaintop  SPACE.COM · 2 days
The Giant Magellan Telescope has notched some important milestones on its path to 'first light' in the mid-2020s. more
Could Blockchain Tech Launch Spacefaring Nations Into a Data-Sharing Frontier  SPACE.COM · 2 days
Data sharing between entities in space will be easier and more secure using technologies such as blockchain, an industry participant argued at the Humans to Mars summit on... more
How Space Station and Moon Missions Will Prep Astronauts for Mars  SPACE.COM · 2 days
NASA's push to land humans on the moon in 2024, along with the agency's ongoing research on the International Space Station, could serve as excellent analog... more
Parachute Development a Challenge for Commercial Crew  SPACE.COM · 3 days
An incident involving a test of parachutes for one commercial crew vehicle has heightened awareness of the challenges involved in developing those systems. more
On This Day in Space! May 19, 2000: STS-101 Launches with 1st 'Glass Cockpit'  SPACE.COM · 3 days
On May 19, 2000, the space shuttle Atlantis launched with the very first "glass cockpit." See how it happened in... more
SpaceX vs. Drogon: Which Dragon Wins the 'Game of Thrones'?  SPACE.COM · 3 days
Chances are high that the "Game of Thrones" finale won't tackle our most pressing question: Which would win, one of these fire-breathing dragons or one of SpaceX's Dragon... more
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Caught Speeding: Illinois Patrol Cop Spies Blazing Fireball (Video)  SPACE.COM · 4 days
An Illinois police officer on a routine trip earlier this month saw a fireball suddenly light up the sky in front of the car's dashboard camera. more
Here's Three Free Posters Celebrate NASA's Apollo Anniversaries (and's, Too!)  SPACE.COM · 4 days
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of NASA's groundbreaking Apollo program — and the 20th anniversary of — with a set of three free posters! more
Watch the Blue Moon of May 2019 Rise Today in a Live Webcast!  SPACE.COM · 4 days
You can watch the "Blue Moon" rise live over Rome in a broadcast from the Virtual Telescope Project. Tune in today (May... more
This Yellow Egyptian Glass Was Forged by a Meteorite Impact 29 Million Years Ago  SPACE.COM · 4 days
Visit the right patch of desert along the border of Libya and Egypt, and you could stumble on pieces of... more
Oh the Places (on Mars) You'll Go! Here's Where NASA's Curiosity Rover Is Headed  SPACE.COM · 4 days
Curiosity will be coming 'round the Martian mountain when it comes — and a colorful new animation highlights where exactly... more
NASA's Prolific Mars Orbiter Completes 60,000th Lap of Red Planet  SPACE.COM · 4 days
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has clocked a total of 60,000 laps around Mars, during which time the probe has collected invaluable data about the planet's surface and atmosphere. more
'Star Trek' Picard Spinoff Series Gets Official Name and Logo  SPACE.COM · 4 days
More information about the new "Star Trek" spinoff series focusing on Jean-Luc Picard is beginning to find its way to the public. more
Kennedy Space Center Marks Apollo 50th With Mission Trading Cards  SPACE.COM · 4 days
For guests visiting Kennedy Space Center on May 18, Apollo history is in the cards. more
NASA Awards $45.5 Million for Private Moon Lander Work on Project Artemis  SPACE.COM · 4 days
The space agency is granting a total of $45.5 million to 11 U.S. companies, including Elon Musk's SpaceX and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, to... more
May's Full Flower Moon Saturday Is, Somehow, a Blue Moon. Here's Why  SPACE.COM · 5 days
We usually associate the term 'Blue Moon' with a month containing two full moons. Nothing of that sort happens this month, and yet May... more
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Safety last: Reckless behavior provides China with economic competitive advantages in space launch
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