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How to make organ transplants last
SCIENCE-NEWS New strategies aim to help transplant recipients keep their organs healthy with fewer (or no) immune suppressing drugs. 13 hours
DNA differences are linked to having same-sex sexual partners
SCIENCE-NEWS Genetic differences are associated with choosing same-sex partners in both men and women. 1 day
New therapies pack a triple-drug punch to treat cystic fibrosis
SCIENCE-NEWS In testing, a triple-drug therapy significantly improved lung function in cystic fibrosis patients with the most common disease-causing mutation. 2 days
In a first, scientists spot what may be lungs in an ancient bird fossil
SCIENCE-NEWS Possible traces of lungs preserved with a 120-million-year-old bird fossil could represent a respiratory system similar to that of modern... 2 days
50 years ago, the safety of artificial sweeteners was fiercely debated
SCIENCE-NEWS Scientists are still learning more about the health effects of chemical sweeteners 2 days
Artificial intelligence crowdsources data to speed up drug discovery
SCIENCE-NEWS A new AI that judges whether drugs will interact with certain proteins can train on data from multiple sources while keeping that info secret. 3 days
More tornadoes are popping up east of the Mississippi
SCIENCE-NEWS Tornadoes are becoming slightly less frequent in Tornado Alley, while more are touching down further east in the United States, a study suggests. 3 days
The water system that helped Angkor rise may have also brought its fall
SCIENCE-NEWS A complex water system magnified flooding’s disruption of the medieval Cambodian city of Angkor. 4 days
Dandelion seeds create a bizarre whirlpool in the air to fly
SCIENCE-NEWS Researchers have deciphered the physics underlying dandelion flight. 4 days
These ancient mounds may not be the earliest fossils on Earth after all
SCIENCE-NEWS A new analysis suggests that tectonics, not microbes, formed cone-shaped structures in 3.7-billion-year-old rock. 4 days
What the electron’s near-perfect roundness means for new physics
SCIENCE-NEWS The electron remains stubbornly round, meaning we may need to build beyond the Large Hadron Collider to find physics outside of the standard model. 4 days
A mysterious polio-like disease has sickened as many as 127 people in the U.S.
SCIENCE-NEWS Medical experts are trying to trace the cause of 62 confirmed cases of acute flaccid myelitis this year. 5 days
An ancient child’s ‘vampire burial’ included steps to prevent resurrection
SCIENCE-NEWS A 10-year-old skeleton in a Roman cemetery had a stone placed in its mouth to prevent the youngster from rising from the dead, a study finds. 5 days
To unravel autism’s mysteries, one neuroscientist looks at the developing brain
SCIENCE-NEWS Autism researcher Kevin Pelphrey focuses on understanding signs of the disorder in the developing brain, which could shed light on the condition. 5 days
People who have a good sense of smell are also good navigators
SCIENCE-NEWS A sense of smell and a sense of direction are tangled in the brain, a new study finds. 5 days
Explore the history of blood from vampires to the ‘Menstrual Man’
SCIENCE-NEWS Rose George’s book ‘Nine Pints’ offers readers an engaging and insightful cultural and scientific history of blood. 5 days
In cadaver caves, baby beetles grow better with parental goo
SCIENCE-NEWS A dead mouse — with the right microbial treatment from beetle parents — becomes a much better nursery than your average carcass. 6 days
Add beer to the list of foods threatened by climate change
SCIENCE-NEWS Barley crops around the world will be threatened by drought and heat 6 days
How nectar bats fly nowhere
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO Exquisitely sensitive tech makes first direct measurements of the forces of bat wingbeats. 6 days
We’re probably undervaluing healthy lakes and rivers
SCIENCE-NEWS Clean water legislation often doesn’t seem like a good deal on paper. Here’s why that may be misleading. 1 week
Genealogy databases could reveal the identity of most Americans
SCIENCE-NEWS Keeping your DNA private is getting harder. 1 week
The Neil Armstrong biopic ‘First Man’ captures early spaceflight's terror
SCIENCE-NEWS At a time when NASA is considering how to return astronauts to the moon, ‘First Man’ is a sobering reminder of how risky the first giant leap was. 1 week
Hundreds of dietary supplements are tainted with potentially harmful drugs
SCIENCE-NEWS Most dietary supplements tainted with pharmaceutical drugs were marketed for sexual enhancement, weight loss or muscle building. 1 week
Self-driving cars see better with cameras that mimic mantis shrimp vision
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO A new type of camera that sees in polarized light across a wide range of light intensities could help make self-driving cars safer on the road. 1 week
The first observed wimpy supernova may have birthed a neutron star duo
SCIENCE-NEWS Scientists have spotted a faint, fast supernova for the first time, possibly explaining how pairs of dense stellar corpses called neutron stars form. 1 week
Gene editing creates mice with two biological dads for the first time
SCIENCE-NEWS Scientists have used CRISPR/Cas9 to make mice with two biological fathers. 1 week
See these dazzling images of a growing mouse embryo
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO A new microscope creates intimate home movies of mice embryos taking shape, and could shed light on the mysterious process of mammalian development. 1 week
Here’s what’s unusual about Hurricane Michael
SCIENCE-NEWS Warm Gulf waters were the engine behind Hurricane Michael’s quick intensification. 2 weeks
If the past is a guide, Hubble’s new trouble won’t doom the space telescope
SCIENCE-NEWS Hubble is in safe mode, but astronomers are optimistic that the observatory will keep working. 2 weeks
What bees did during the Great American Eclipse
SCIENCE-NEWS A rare study of bees during a total solar eclipse finds that the insects buzzed around as usual — until totality. 2 weeks
50 years ago, a 550-year-old seed sprouted
SCIENCE-NEWS Old seeds can sprout new plants even after centuries of dormancy. 2 weeks
These light-loving bacteria may survive surprisingly deep underground
SCIENCE-NEWS Traces of cyanobacteria DNA suggest that the microbes live deep below Earth’s surface. 2 weeks
Nearly 2 million U.S. adult nonsmokers vape
SCIENCE-NEWS A new study finds that an estimated 1.9 million U.S. adult nonsmokers use e-cigarettes, highlighting worries that the devices are addictive. 2 weeks
‘Sawbones’ invites readers to laugh at the bizarre history of medicine
SCIENCE-NEWS ‘The Sawbones Book,’ based on the popular podcast by Dr. Sydnee and Justin McElroy, ties the strange history of modern medicine to modern pseudoscience. 2 weeks
How your brain is like a film editor
SCIENCE-NEWS A brain structure called the hippocampus may slice our continuous existence into discrete chunks that can be stored as memories. 2 weeks
The economics of climate change and tech innovation win U.S. pair a Nobel
SCIENCE-NEWS Climate change and tech innovations inspired the new Nobel Memorial Prize winners in Economic Sciences. 2 weeks
Spiky ice spires may stud the equator of Jupiter’s moon Europa
SCIENCE-NEWS Fields of jagged ice spires, if they exist, could affect where future spacecraft land on the Jovian moon. 2 weeks
Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees versus 2 has big benefits, the IPCC says
SCIENCE-NEWS A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change compares the impact of warming targets on extreme weather, sea... 2 weeks
New study may provide clues to how birds began to fly
From peaceful coexistence to potential peril: The bacteria that live in and on us
Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster
Chandra and ALMA measure speed of sloshing gas in galaxy cluster
New data tool can help scientists use limited funds to protect the greatest number of endangered species
Breast Cancer as a Dynamic Disease
A revolutionary treatment for allergies to peanuts and other foods is going mainstream—but do the benefits outweigh the risks?
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New material, manufacturing process use sun's heat for cheaper renewable electricity
Video: How to catch fruit flies
How a group of school students discovered the sounds of solar storms
How a group of school students discovered the sounds of solar storms
People don't automatically follow political party cues on every issue, study finds
VIDEO: 5,000 robots merge to map the universe in 3-D
Elucidating cuttlefish camouflage
Cases of Acute Flaccid Myelitis on the rise across U.S.