Voyager 2 spacecraft enters interstellar space  SCIENCE-NEWS · 16 hours
Voyager 2 just became the second probe ever to enter interstellar space, and the first with a working plasma instrument. more
These are our favorite science books of 2018  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 days
Science News writers and editors pick which science books were this year’s must-reads. more
Magnets make a new soft metamaterial stiffen up in a flash  SCIENCE-NEWS · 4 days
Scientists can dial the stiffness of a bizarre new type of synthetic material up or down using magnets. more
A gut-brain link for Parkinson’s gets a closer look  SCIENCE-NEWS · 4 days
Early evidence suggests that Parkinson’s may be a gut disease that affects the brain. more
Two new books explore the science and history of the 1918 flu pandemic  SCIENCE-NEWS · 4 days
One-hundred years after the Spanish flu, ‘Pandemic 1918’ and ‘Influenza’ provide a new look at the global outbreak. more
Global carbon dioxide emissions will hit a record high in 2018  SCIENCE-NEWS · 4 days
Carbon dioxide emissions from China, the United States and India all rose this year, a new report finds. more
Volcanic eruptions that depleted ocean oxygen may have set off the Great Dying  SCIENCE-NEWS · 5 days
Massive eruptions from volcanoes spewing greenhouse gases 252 million years ago may have triggered Earth’s biggest mass extinction. more
The uterus may play a role in memory  SCIENCE-NEWS · 5 days
In lab tests, rats that underwent hysterectomies had worse spatial memories. more
Here’s how geckos (almost) walk on water  SCIENCE-NEWS · 5 days
New high-speed video reveals how geckos use a hybrid walking-swimming gait in water to reach speeds similar to those on land. more
Pea aphid youngsters use piggyback rides to escape a crisis  SCIENCE-NEWS · 5 days
When some mammal is about to munch their plant, aphids drop to the ground and youngsters want a ride to safety. more
Baboons survive 6 months after getting a pig heart transplant  SCIENCE-NEWS · 6 days
A team of German scientists used new methods to successfully transplant genetically modified and fully functioning pig hearts into baboons. more
A controversial sighting of dark matter is looking even shakier  SCIENCE-NEWS · 6 days
Two dark matter experiments disagree despite using the same type of detector material. more
Astronomers find far-flung wind from a black hole in the universe’s first light  SCIENCE-NEWS · 6 days
The detection of black hole winds far from their host galaxy could reveal details of how galaxies and black holes grow up... more
In a first, a woman with a uterus transplanted from a deceased donor gives birth  SCIENCE-NEWS · 6 days
After receiving a uterus from a deceased donor, a woman gave birth to a healthy girl in December... more
Rebel honeybee workers lay eggs when their queen is away  SCIENCE-NEWS · 7 days
A honeybee queen’s absence in the colony triggers some workers to turn queen-like and lay eggs, sometimes in other colonies. more
How some sap-sucking insects fling their pee  SCIENCE-NEWS · 7 days
Sharpshooters hurl their pee with structure called a stylus, which sends droplets flying at 20 times the acceleration of Earth’s gravity. more
These new tweezers let scientists do biopsies on living cells  SCIENCE-NEWS · 1 week
Nanotweezers that can pluck molecules from cells without killing them could enable real-time analysis of the insides of healthy and diseased cells. more
Dads, not just moms, can pass along mitochondrial DNA  SCIENCE-NEWS · 1 week
Data from three families suggest that in rare cases children can inherit mitochondria from their fathers. more
Half the world’s annual rain falls in just 12 days  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
Climate change could shorten the time it talks for the world’s to receive half its annual precipitation from 12 days to 11 by 2100. more
Stone Age people conquered the Tibetan Plateau’s thin air  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
Stone tools that are at least 30,000 years old suggest that people settled the high-altitude Tibetan Plateau earlier than scientists thought. more
Around the world, reported measles cases jumped 31 percent in 2017  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
While the number of reported measles cases has dropped 80 percent from 2000 to 2017, high profile outbreaks pushed the 2017 total up from 2016. more
An acid found in soil may make a disease killing deer less infectious  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
An incurable neurodegenerative disease crippling North American deer, elk and moose may be thwarted by an organic soil compound. more
A jumping spider mom nurses her brood for weeks on milk  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
Even after spiderlings start hunting for themselves, they come to mom for milk. more
Zaps to a certain spot in the brain may ease depression  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
When implanted electrodes stimulated a brain region just behind the eyes, people’s spirits were raised immediately. more
Do you know how your drinking water is treated?  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
Editor in Chief Nancy Shute discusses drinking water quality in the United States and the latest research on water treatment technology. more
Kids born in August are diagnosed with ADHD more than kids born in September  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
August-born kids have higher rates of ADHD diagnosis than kids born in September in U.S. states with a September 1... more
The researcher who created CRISPR twins defends his work but fails to quell controversy  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
After getting a glimpse of data behind the birth of the first gene-edited babies, many scientists question the study’s ethics... more
A patch studded with tiny needles may help heart attack survivors recover  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
A bandage that sticks to the surface of the heart exudes proteins and other molecules that help muscle cells grow. more
Here’s how much climate change could cost the U.S.  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
A report by hundreds of scientists from 13 federal agencies starkly outlines the economic impacts of climate change on the United States. more
Beavers are engineering a new Alaskan tundra  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
Climate change has enabled the recent expansion of beavers into northwestern Alaska, a trend that could have major ecological consequences for the region in the coming decades. more
Chinese scientists raise ethical questions with first gene-edited babies  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
Scientists say gene editing of human embryos isn’t yet safe, and creating babies was unethical. more
Mosquitoes may surf winds above Africa more than we realized  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
More than 40 meters up, balloon traps in Mali caught females of malaria-spreading mosquito species. more
A new algorithm could help protect planes from damaging volcanic ash  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
A computer program that tracks the temperature and height of clouds in the atmosphere could keep planes away from volcanic ash. more
Cactus spine shapes determine how they stab victims  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
The shapes of cactus spines influence how they poke passersby. more
NASA’s InSight lander has touched down safely on Mars  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
NASA’s InSight lander just touched down on Mars for a years-long study of the Red Planet’s insides. more
How locust ecology inspired an opera  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
When an entomologist decides to write a libretto, you get an operatic elegy to locusts. more
Why a chemistry teacher started a science board game company  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
Subatomic is the latest game from John Coveyou, whose company Genius Games wants people to find the joy in science. more
Engineers are plugging holes in drinking water treatment  SCIENCE-NEWS · 2 weeks
Drinking water quality has come a long way in the past hundred years — but challenges remain. more
50 years ago, screwworm flies inspired a new approach to insect control  SCIENCE-NEWS · 3 weeks
The United States has wiped out screwworm flies repeatedly since 1966 using the sterile male eradication technique. more
An orbiter glitch may mean some signs of liquid water on Mars aren’t real  SCIENCE-NEWS · 3 weeks
The way that scientists process data from a Mars orbiter creates what look like signs of saltwater, but may actually... more
Water found on asteroid, confirming Bennu as excellent mission target
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NASA provides new look at Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria
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InSight lander 'hears' Martian winds
InSight lander 'hears' Martian winds
InSight lander 'hears' Martian winds
NASA's InSight Mars Lander 'Hears' Martian Wind, a Cosmic First
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