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Role of climate in the rise and fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire  Science Magazine · 16 hours
Northern Iraq was the political and economic center of the Neo-Assyrian Empire (c. 912 to 609 BCE)—the largest and most powerful empire of its... more
Erythrocyte leveraged chemotherapy (ELeCt): Nanoparticle assembly on erythrocyte surface to combat lung metastasis  Science Magazine · 16 hours
Despite being the mainstay of cancer treatment, chemotherapy has shown limited efficacy for the treatment of lung metastasis due to ineffective targeting... more
In vivo changes of nanoapatite crystals during bone reconstruction and the differences with native bone apatite  Science Magazine · 16 hours
Hydroxyapatite (HA) plays an important role in clinical bone repair. However, it remains a challenge to... more
Fibrinogen-like protein 2 controls sepsis catabasis by interacting with resolvin Dp5  Science Magazine · 16 hours
The mechanisms that drive programmed resolution of inflammation remain elusive. Here, we report the temporal regulation of soluble (s) and transmembrane (m) fibrinogen-like protein 2 (Fgl2)... more
Pinpointing nitrogen oxide emissions from space  Science Magazine · 16 hours
Satellite observations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) provide valuable information on the location and strength of NOx emissions, but spatial resolution is limited by horizontal transport and smearing of temporal averages due to changing wind fields. In... more
The post-PAM interaction of RNA-guided spCas9 with DNA dictates its target binding and dissociation  Science Magazine · 16 hours
Cas9 is an RNA-guided endonuclease that targets complementary DNA for cleavage and has been repurposed for many biological usages. Cas9... more
Evolutionarily conserved regulation of sleep by epidermal growth factor receptor signaling  Science Magazine · 16 hours
The genetic bases for most human sleep disorders and for variation in human sleep quantity and quality are largely unknown. Using the zebrafish, a diurnal vertebrate,... more
[Editors' Choice] A whiff of change for dysbiosis treatment  Science Magazine · 16 hours
Vaginal microbiome transplantation might be a safe and effective treatment in patients with intractable bacterial vaginosis. more
[Editors' Choice] Recycling resected tonsils for lymphoma research  Science Magazine · 16 hours
Tonsillectomy samples can be used to generate in vitro models of high-grade B cell lymphoma. more
[Research Articles] Targeting redox heterogeneity to counteract drug tolerance in replicating Mycobacterium tuberculosis  Science Magazine · 16 hours
The capacity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) to tolerate multiple antibiotics represents a major problem in tuberculosis (TB) management. Heterogeneity in Mtb populations... more
[Research Articles] A heat-stable microparticle platform for oral micronutrient delivery  Science Magazine · 16 hours
Micronutrient deficiencies affect up to 2 billion people and are the leading cause of cognitive and physical disorders in the developing world. Food fortification is effective in treating... more
The next graphene? Shiny and magnetic, a new form of pure carbon dazzles with potential  Science Magazine · 2 days
U-carbon could be used in lightweight coatings, medical products, and novel electronic devices more
Why NIH is beefing up its data sharing rules after 16 years  Science Magazine · 3 days
Draft update to 2003 policy will require that all grantees make data sets freely available more
United States should make a massive investment in AI, top Senate Democrat says  Science Magazine · 3 days
Senator Charles Schumer (D–NY) says $100 billion more is needed to keep United States a global leader more
VEGF-A drives TOX-dependent T cell exhaustion in anti-PD-1-resistant microsatellite stable colorectal cancers  Science Magazine · 6 days
Although immune checkpoint blockade therapies have demonstrated clinical efficacy in cancer treatment, harnessing this strategy is largely encumbered by resistance in multiple cancer settings.... more
Neutrophils restrain allergic airway inflammation by limiting ILC2 function and monocyte-dendritic cell antigen presentation  Science Magazine · 6 days
Neutrophil mobilization, recruitment, and clearance must be tightly regulated as overexuberant neutrophilic inflammation is implicated in the pathology of chronic... more
Room temperature strain-induced Landau levels in graphene on a wafer-scale platform  Science Magazine · 6 days
Graphene is a powerful playground for studying a plethora of quantum phenomena. One of the remarkable properties of graphene arises when it is strained in particular... more
Integrated textile sensor patch for real-time and multiplex sweat analysis  Science Magazine · 6 days
Wearable sweat analysis devices for monitoring of multiple health-related biomarkers with high sensitivity are highly desired for noninvasive and real-time monitoring of human health. Here, we report a... more
Designing electromechanical metamaterial with full nonzero piezoelectric coefficients  Science Magazine · 6 days
Designing topological and geometrical structures with extended unnatural parameters (negative, near-zero, ultrahigh, or tunable) and counterintuitive properties is a big challenge in the field of metamaterials, especially for relatively unexplored materials with... more
Machine learning-assisted molecular design and efficiency prediction for high-performance organic photovoltaic materials  Science Magazine · 6 days
In the process of finding high-performance materials for organic photovoltaics (OPVs), it is meaningful if one can establish the relationship between chemical structures and... more
Thermionic transport across gold-graphene-WSe2 van der Waals heterostructures  Science Magazine · 6 days
Solid-state thermionic devices based on van der Waals structures were proposed for nanoscale thermal to electrical energy conversion and integrated electronic cooling applications. We study thermionic cooling across gold-graphene-WSe2-graphene-gold structures computationally and... more
MoS2 pixel arrays for real-time photoluminescence imaging of redox molecules  Science Magazine · 6 days
Measuring the behavior of redox-active molecules in space and time is crucial for understanding chemical and biological systems and for developing new technologies. Optical schemes are noninvasive and... more
Stretchable self-healable semiconducting polymer film for active-matrix strain-sensing array  Science Magazine · 6 days
Skin-like sensory devices should be stretchable and self-healable to meet the demands for future electronic skin applications. Despite recent notable advances in skin-inspired electronic materials, it remains challenging to confer... more
Unearthing slavery in the Caribbean, and the Catholic Church’s influence on modern psychology  Science Magazine · 7 days
Most historical accounts of slavery were written by colonists and planters. Researchers are now using the tools of archaeology to learn more... more
Caribbean excavation offers intimate look at the lives of enslaved Africans  Science Magazine · 7 days
“These stories are not going to be lost. They’re going to be remembered.” more
How the early Christian church gave birth to today’s WEIRD Europeans  Science Magazine · 7 days
Centuries-old incest ban made Westerners more independent and trusting of strangers, study argues more
Revamped cancer drug starves tumors in mice  Science Magazine · 7 days
Compound that robs tumors of essential amino acid headed for clinical trials more
Wafer-scale synthesis of monolayer two-dimensional porphyrin polymers for hybrid superlattices  Science Magazine · 7 days
The large-scale synthesis of high-quality thin films with extensive tunability derived from molecular building blocks will advance the development of artificial solids with designed functionalities. We report the... more
Glutamine blockade induces divergent metabolic programs to overcome tumor immune evasion  Science Magazine · 7 days
The metabolic characteristics of tumors present significant hurdles to immune cell function and cancer immunotherapy. Using a novel glutamine antagonist, we metabolically dismantled the immunosuppressive microenvironment... more
Adaptive mutability of colorectal cancers in response to targeted therapies  Science Magazine · 7 days
The emergence of drug resistance limits the efficacy of targeted therapies in human tumors. The prevalent view is that resistance is a fait accompli: when treatment is initiated,... more
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