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Effective containment explains subexponential growth in recent confirmed COVID-19 cases in China  Science Magazine · 40 minutes
The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Mainland China was characterized by a distinctive subexponential increase of confirmed cases during the early phase of the... more
Susceptibility of ferrets, cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals to SARS-coronavirus 2  Science Magazine · 40 minutes
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) causes the infectious disease COVID-19, which was first reported in Wuhan, China in December, 2019. Despite the... more
NIH’s process for removing reviewers remains a mystery, watchdog finds  Science Magazine · 2 days
NIH should do “more” to reduce undue foreign influence on grantsmaking, HHS Office of Inspector General says more
Fluctuation-induced force in homogeneous isotropic turbulence  Science Magazine · 5 days
Understanding force generation in nonequilibrium systems is a notable challenge in statistical physics. We uncover a fluctuation-induced force between two plates immersed in homogeneous isotropic turbulence using direct numerical simulations. The force is a nonmonotonic function... more
Vaporizable endoskeletal droplets via tunable interfacial melting transitions  Science Magazine · 5 days
Liquid emulsion droplet evaporation is of importance for various sensing and imaging applications. The liquid-to-gas phase transformation is typically triggered thermally or acoustically by low–boiling point liquids, or by inclusion of solid... more
Massive generation of metastable bulk nanobubbles in water by external electric fields  Science Magazine · 5 days
Nanobubbles (NBs) are nanoscopic gaseous domains than can exist on solid surfaces or in bulk liquids. They have attracted substantial attention due to their... more
Goldilocks conditions required for earthquakes to trigger basaltic eruptions: Evidence from the 2015 Ambrym eruption  Science Magazine · 5 days
Observations indicate a strong correlation between the occurrence of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. While increased volcanic activity has... more
Symmetry breaking in hydrodynamic forces drives meiotic spindle rotation in mammalian oocytes  Science Magazine · 5 days
Patterned cell divisions require a precisely oriented spindle that segregates chromosomes and determines the cytokinetic plane. In this study, we investigated how the meiotic... more
Lubricated friction around nanodefects  Science Magazine · 5 days
The lubrication properties of nanoconfined liquids underpin countless natural and industrial processes. However, our current understanding of lubricated friction is still limited, especially for nonideal interfaces exhibiting nanoscale chemical and topographical defects. Here, we use atomic force microscopy to explore... more
Quantum biology revisited  Science Magazine · 5 days
Photosynthesis is a highly optimized process from which valuable lessons can be learned about the operating principles in nature. Its primary steps involve energy transport operating near theoretical quantum limits in efficiency. Recently, extensive research was motivated by the hypothesis... more
Scattering of adiabatically aligned molecules by nonresonant optical standing waves  Science Magazine · 5 days
We study the effect of rotational state–dependent alignment in the scattering of molecules by optical fields. CS2 molecules in their lowest few rotational states are adiabatically aligned and... more
Metal-free activation of molecular oxygen by covalent triazine frameworks for selective aerobic oxidation  Science Magazine · 5 days
Oxygen activation is a critical step in ubiquitous heterogeneous oxidative processes, most prominently in catalysis, electrolysis, and pharmaceutical applications. We present here... more
Genome elimination mediated by gene expression from a selfish chromosome  Science Magazine · 5 days
Numerous plants and animals harbor selfish B chromosomes that "drive" or transmit themselves at super-Mendelian frequencies, despite long-term fitness costs to the organism. Currently, it is unknown how... more
A metal-free blue chromophore derived from plant pigments  Science Magazine · 5 days
Blue natural pigments are rare, especially among plants. However, flowering species that evolved to attract Hymenoptera pollinators are colored by blue anthocyanin-metal complexes. Plants lacking anthocyanins are pigmented by betalains but are... more
"Skin-like" fabric for personal moisture management  Science Magazine · 5 days
Personal moisture management fabrics that facilitate sweat transport away from the skin are highly desirable for wearer’s comfort and performance. Here, we demonstrate a "skin-like" directional liquid transport fabric, which enables continuous one-way liquid flow through... more
Layer-resolved ultrafast extreme ultraviolet measurement of hole transport in a Ni-TiO2-Si photoanode  Science Magazine · 5 days
Metal oxide semiconductor junctions are central to most electronic and optoelectronic devices, but ultrafast measurements of carrier transport have been limited to device-average measurements.... more
Direct observation of minibands in a twisted graphene/WS2 bilayer  Science Magazine · 5 days
Stacking two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals materials with different interlayer atomic registry in a heterobilayer causes the formation of a long-range periodic superlattice that may bestow the heterostructure with properties... more
Role of allosteric switches and adaptor domains in long-distance cross-talk and transient tunnel formation  Science Magazine · 5 days
Transient tunnels that assemble and disassemble to facilitate passage of unstable intermediates in enzymes containing multiple reaction centers are controlled... more
Quantum computation solves a half-century-old enigma: Elusive vibrational states of magnesium dimer found  Science Magazine · 5 days
The high-lying vibrational states of the magnesium dimer (Mg2), which has been recognized as an important system in studies of ultracold and... more
Evaluating the fake news problem at the scale of the information ecosystem  Science Magazine · 5 days
"Fake news," broadly defined as false or misleading information masquerading as legitimate news, is frequently asserted to be pervasive online with serious consequences for... more
If you have to ask EPA for data, are they really public? Agency critics say no  Science Magazine · 5 days
Proposal to define studies available only by Freedom of Information Act request as “public” draws fire more
A highly conserved cryptic epitope in the receptor-binding domains of SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV  Science Magazine · 5 days
The outbreak of COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus has now become a pandemic, but there is currently very little understanding of the... more
If you have to ask EPA for data, is it really public? Agency critics say no  Science Magazine · 5 days
Proposal to define studies available only by freedom of information request as ‘public’ draws fire more
Organ-specific isoform selection of fatty acid-binding proteins in tissue-resident lymphocytes  Science Magazine · 5 days
Tissue-resident memory T (TRM) cells exist throughout the body, where they are poised to mediate local immune responses. Although studies have defined a common mechanism of residency independent... more
Salivary gland macrophages and tissue-resident CD8+ T cells cooperate for homeostatic organ surveillance  Science Magazine · 5 days
It is well established that tissue macrophages and tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells (TRM) play important roles for pathogen sensing and rapid... more
Sex drives Tregs into fat  Science Magazine · 5 days
Androgens promote inflammation in visceral adipose tissue (VAT), leading to the expansion of a distinct IL-33 producing stromal population and recruitment of Tregs. more
Learning from our immunological history: What can SARS-CoV teach us about SARS-CoV-2?  Science Magazine · 5 days
Many strategies are being deployed to rapidly uncover targetable mechanisms of infection for SARS-CoV-2, and Hoffman et al. exploit our understanding and immunological experience... more
National parks are no safe haven for West African lions  Science Magazine · 5 days
Hunger lures them into hunting reserves—where game is plentiful more
You may be able to spread coronavirus just by breathing, new report finds  Science Magazine · 6 days
National Academy of Sciences finding lends support to widespread use of masks more
Temporal integration of mitogen history in mother cells controls proliferation of daughter cells  Science Magazine · 6 days
Multi-cellular organisms use mitogens to regulate cell proliferation, yet how fluctuating mitogenic signals are converted into proliferation-quiescence decisions is poorly understood. Here... more
A slip law for glaciers on deformable beds  Science Magazine · 6 days
Slip of marine-terminating ice streams over beds of deformable till is responsible for most of the contribution of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to sea level rise. Flow models of the ice... more
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