Emotion-sensing robot launches to assist space station astronauts  REUTERS · 23 hours
An intelligent robot equipped with emotion-sensing voice detectors was headed to the International Space Station after launching from Florida on... more
In New York lab, centuries-old corals hold clues to climate shifts  REUTERS · 1 day
Some 20 miles north of New York City, a team of scientists is searching for... more
Bye-bye, birdie: Study finds North American birds getting smaller  REUTERS · 2 days
Since 1978, researchers have scooped up and measured tens of thousands of birds that died after crashing into... more
North America's bird shrinkage documented, with a crash and a splat  REUTERS · 2 days
Since 1978, researchers have scooped up and measured tens of thousands of birds that... more
"Indiana Jones" scientists collect seeds in wild for climate change fight  REUTERS · 3 days
Braving perils from blood-sucking leeches to tigers and using transport as basic as elephants,... more
Earth's temperature likely marks hottest decade on record: report  REUTERS · 3 days
The past decade is almost certain to be the hottest on record, weather experts warned on Tuesday, painting... more
With suction cups and lots of luck, scientists measure blue whale's heart rate  REUTERS · 2 weeks
Using a bright orange electrocardiogram machine attached with suction cups... more
Study reveals music's universal patterns across societies worldwide  REUTERS · 2 weeks
From love songs to dance tunes to lullabies, music made in disparate cultures worldwide displays certain universal patterns, according to... more
Egypt to send its first communication satellite into orbit on Friday  REUTERS · 2 weeks
Egypt will launch its first communication satellite into orbit on Friday, a move it... more
High-tech Japan uses AI in song to welcome pope  REUTERS · 2 weeks
Few aspects of life escape the touch of high tech in cutting-edge Japan, including an official song written... more
'Possibility of life': scientists map Saturn's exotic moon Titan  REUTERS · 3 weeks
Scientists on Monday unveiled the first global geological map of Saturn's moon Titan including vast plains and dunes... more
Spacecom's Amos-17 satellite completes test, reaches final orbit  REUTERS · 3 weeks
Israel's Space Communications said on Monday its Amos-17 communication satellite, which was launched into space in August, has completed its... more
Boeing received 'unnecessary' contract boost for astronaut capsule, watchdog says  REUTERS · 3 weeks
Boeing's multibillion dollar contract to build U.S. astronaut capsules received an "unnecessary" extension from NASA, a... more
China completes crucial landing test for first Mars mission in 2020  REUTERS · 3 weeks
China on Thursday successfully completed a crucial landing test in northern Hebei province ahead... more
China completes lander test for first Mars mission in 2020  REUTERS · 3 weeks
China on Thursday successfully completed a lander test in northern Hebei province ahead of an unmanned... more
China's huge mysterious extinct ape 'Giganto' was an orangutan cousin  REUTERS · 3 weeks
Genetic material extracted from a 1.9 million-year-old fossil tooth from southern China shows that the world's... more
Membrane in a minute: Singapore scientists produce in-vitro human skin  REUTERS · 3 weeks
A piece of skin about the size of your thumbnail can be printed in less than... more
NASA unveils its first electric airplane - a work in progress  REUTERS · 4 weeks
NASA, most prominent for its many Florida-launched exploits into space, showcased an early version... more
Prehistoric ape from Germany was a pioneer of two-legged walking  REUTERS · 4 weeks
Fossils unearthed in southern Germany of a remarkable ape that lived about 11.6 million years ago... more
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