Apollo astronauts celebrate 50 years since first moon landing  REUTERS · 13 hours
Three astronauts instrumental in the groundbreaking U.S. space program of the 1960s and 70s gathered at the Paris... more
Prehistoric settlement in Turkey bears telltale signs of modern woes  REUTERS · 1 day
Overcrowding. Violence. Infectious diseases. Environmental degradation. It may sound like the worst of modern mega-cities. more
Ebola's spread shows how science needs societies to succeed  REUTERS · 2 days
LONDON - The persistence of Congo's Ebola outbreak and its deadly spread to Uganda in recent days show... more
Canada backs startup to boost data on space debris  REUTERS · 3 days
The Canadian government's contracting arm is backing a proposed new satellite system that will use big data analytics... more
Russia uncovers 40,000 year-old wolf head, preserved in ice  REUTERS · 5 days
About 40,000 years ago, a wolf died in what we know as Siberia. Now its severed head has... more
India plans to launch own space station: space agency  REUTERS · 6 days
India will look to create its own space station following the completion of the country's first manned mission... more
Hungarian scientists mull legal action over government controls  REUTERS · 7 days
The head of Hungary's oldest scientific institute said it was considering taking legal action to challenge government moves to take... more
India set to launch second lunar mission; land rover on the moon  REUTERS · 7 days
India said on Wednesday it will launch its second lunar mission in mid-July, as it moves to consolidate its status as a leader in... more
Ocado sows $22 million 'vertical farming' seed to diversify  REUTERS · 1 week
Britain's Ocado is plowing 17 million pounds ($22 million) into the emerging "vertical farming" industry, further diversifying the... more
Solar eclipse frenzy fuels astronomical tourism in Chile  REUTERS · 2 weeks
The total solar eclipse expected in northern Chile early next month is already drawing flocks of visitors eager to glimpse... more
California ladybug swarm dozens of miles wide shows up on radar  REUTERS · 2 weeks
A swarm of many millions of ladybugs taking to the sky in Southern California... more
Scientists solve the mystery of the dragon with transparent teeth  REUTERS · 2 weeks
Dwelling in the dark ocean depths, the dragonfish is a frightful marvel that would fit nicely... more
Hungarian government submits bill to tighten grip over scientists  REUTERS · 2 weeks
Hungary's government is moving to tighten its grip on the research institutions of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,... more
Rogue Chinese scientist made 'foolish' choice in gene-edited babies  REUTERS · 2 weeks
A rogue Chinese scientist who caused outrage last year when he said he had created the world's first... more
U.S. biologists probe deaths of 70 emaciated gray whales  REUTERS · 3 weeks
U.S. government biologists have launched a special investigation into the deaths of at least 70 gray whales washed... more
Exclusive: Space firm founded by billionaire Paul Allen closing operations - sources  REUTERS · 3 weeks
Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, the space company founded by late billionaire and Microsoft Corp co-founder Paul Allen, is closing operations, cutting short ambitious plans to... more
From sky farms to lab-grown shrimp, Singapore eyes food future  REUTERS · 3 weeks
Singapore, the tiny Southeast Asian city-state, is an unlikely place for a farming revolution. more
Hydrogen-powered flying vehicle touted as Southern California traffic tonic  REUTERS · 3 weeks
Developers of a multi-rotor hover craft billed as the first flying vehicle to be powered by hydrogen fuel... more
Defying scientists, Hungary will overhaul academic network, website reports  REUTERS · 3 weeks
Hungary is preparing legislation to strip the Hungarian Academy of Sciences of its research network, giving the government... more
NASA executive quits weeks after appointment to lead 2024 moon landing plan  REUTERS · 4 weeks
A top NASA executive hired in April to guide strategy for returning astronauts to the moon by 2024 has resigned, the space agency said... more
Procrastinating genius: did da Vinci have attention disorder?  REUTERS · 4 weeks
Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci's litany of exquisite but unfinished work shows he probably had an attention disorder common to... more
NASA chooses technology firm Maxar for lunar platform project  REUTERS · 4 weeks
NASA has picked space technology company Maxar Technologies Inc as the first contractor to help build its Gateway... more
Old mold: Fossil of world's earliest fungus unearthed in Canada  REUTERS · 4 weeks
Microfossils of a globular spore connected to a T-shaped filament excavated in an Arctic region of... more
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