No assembly required: Researchers automate microrobotic designs  nanowerk · 6 hours
Assembling a microrobot used to require a pair of needle-nosed tweezers, a microscope, steady hands and at least eight hours. But now researchers have developed a method that requires only a 3D printer and... more
Graphene nanomaterial to replace mercury in LEDs  nanowerk · 6 hours
Researchers succeeded in creating light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, from a graphene nanomaterial that emits ultraviolet light. more
Graphene quantum dots could yield treatment for traumatic injuries  nanowerk · 6 hours
Graphene quantum dots drawn from common coal may be the basis for an effective antioxidant for people who suffer traumatic brain injuries, strokes or heart attacks. more
Nano-imaging system helps surgeons remove tiny ovarian tumors  nanowerk · 9 hours
Real-time carbon nanotube based fluorescent imaging could boost survival rates for ovarian cancer. more
Study shows the potential of carbon nanotubes to cool electronic circuits  nanowerk · 10 hours
Mechanically stretched carbon nanotubes extract heat efficiently and could be used to cool flexible electronic devices. more
How would you survive on Mars? (w/video)  nanowerk · 12 hours
The Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitats Institute is working to ensure that the first long-term settlement on other planetary bodies are safe from hazards such as a meteoroid colliding with the moon or violent sandstorms on... more
Polymers to give early warning signs  nanowerk · 13 hours
Scientists have developed a method to tailor the properties of stress-indicating molecules that can be integrated into polymers and signal damages or excessive mechanical loads with an optical signal. more
'Nanofiber yarn' makes for stretchy, protective artificial tissue  nanowerk · 13 hours
Twisted fibers coated with living cells could assist healing of injured muscles and tendons. more
Printed organic electronics you can eat  nanowerk · 16 hours
Researchers report that organic transistors composed mainly of ingestible materials can be easily transferred on edible substrates by means of untreated commercial tattoo-paper. more
New nanomedicine slips through the cracks  nanowerk · 17 hours
Nanomachines aim to deliver cancer drugs to hard-to-reach areas like the brain. more
Quantum distillery for light  nanowerk · 17 hours
The distillation of spirits increases the content of alcohol relative to the water content. A similar method works on light quanta - photons. It extracts individual photons from a light source, reduces the unwanted vacuum component, and heralds this event. more
Highly fire retardant coating developed from nanocellulose  nanowerk · 18 hours
A spray- or brush-applied fire retardant coating made from nanocellulose is well suited for improving the fire properties of wood-based materials. It reduces the access of oxygen to the surface, thus significantly inhibiting combustion. more
Watching molecules split in real time  nanowerk · 21 hours
A new method could be used to look at chemical reactions that other techniques can?t catch, for instance in catalysis, photovoltaics, peptide and combustion research. more
Perfectly-absorbing photoconductive metasurface significantly improves THz detection  nanowerk · 21 hours
Terahertz (THz) frequencies, which occupy a middle ground between microwaves and infrared light, are seen as the future of wireless communications because they offer a higher bandwidth capacity for data transmission than currently used... more
Scientists explore the unknown behaviour of gold nanoparticles with neutrons  nanowerk · 1 day
Scientists investigated the physical and chemical influences when gold nanoparticles interact with a model biological membrane, in order to identify the behavioural mechanisms taking place. more
Researchers create artificial mother-of-pearl using bacteria  nanowerk · 1 day
A biologist invented an inexpensive and environmentally friendly method for making artificial nacre using an innovative component: bacteria. The artificial nacre is made of biologically produced materials and has the toughness of natural nacre, while also... more
Nanomechanical router is a quantum leap for physicists  nanowerk · 2 days
Physicists have developed a nanocomponent that emits light particles carrying quantum information. more
New thirty-minute blood test to reduce sepsis deaths  nanowerk · 2 days
A new detector using photonics to identify E. coli bacteria from a tiny drop of blood, and produce a while-you-wait diagnosis in less than thirty minutes is making a bold bid to... more
Nanocasting platinum in MOFs  nanowerk · 2 days
Researchers demonstrate that metallic platinum structures can be effectively casted into zirconium-based MOFs by a two-step infiltration/reduction process. more
Estimating the occurrence of nanomaterials in the environment  nanowerk · 2 days
To perform a risk assessment of nanomaterials in the environment, information on the exposure, i.e. the amounts that are present in the environment, is essential. In contrast to many other known pollutants,... more
Atomic beams shoot straighter via cascading silicon peashooters  nanowerk · 2 days
To a non-physicist, an 'atomic beam collimator' may sound like a phaser firing mystical particles. That might not be the worst metaphor to introduce a technology that researchers have now miniaturized, making... more
Researchers discover perfectly imperfect twist on nanowire growth  nanowerk · 2 days
For years, researchers have been trying to find ways to grow an optimal nanowire, using crystals with perfectly aligned layers all along the wire. A team of engineering researchers sees an advantage... more
Quantum gas turns supersolid  nanowerk · 2 days
Scientists report on the observation of supersolid behavior in dipolar quantum gases of erbium and dysprosium. In the dysprosium gas these properties are unprecedentedly long-lived. This sets the stage for future investigations into the nature of this exotic phase of... more
How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide  nanowerk · 2 days
Engineered surface treatment can reduce waste and improve efficiency in many processes. more
Snake-inspired robot slithers even better than predecessor (w/video)  nanowerk · 2 days
Programmable kirigami metamaterials enable responsive surfaces and smart skins. more
Semiconductor scientists discover effect that was thought impossible  nanowerk · 2 days
A physical effect known as superinjection underlies modern light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers. For decades this effect was believed to occur only in semiconductor heterostructures. Researchers now have found superinjection to be... more
Printing self-powered sensor systems on plastic  nanowerk · 2 days
New research demonstrates the concept of a printable and wearable self-powered sensor system for ethanol/acetone detection. more
Building a printing press for atomically thin 2D materials  nanowerk · 3 days
Researchers are developing an automated system to synthesize entirely new materials made from stacked atomically thin two-dimensional sheets and to characterize their exotic quantum properties. more
Modified 'white graphene' for eco-friendly energy  nanowerk · 3 days
Scientists found a way how to use 2D material for hydrogen energy. more
Precision-guided nanoparticles help improve treatment of peritoneal tumors  nanowerk · 3 days
Tests showed that precision-guided anticancer nanoparticles have improved efficacy and reduced side effects. more
Quantum-material-based proton-irradiation-immune electronics for space travel  nanowerk · 3 days
Proton radiation damage is an important failure mechanism for electronic devices in near-Earth orbits and deep space. The future of space exploration depends crucially on the development of new electronic technologies that are immune to space... more
Biomimetics: Artificial receptor distinguishes between male and female hormones  nanowerk · 3 days
Study opens the door to developing ultrasensitive analytical devices for medical and sports applications. more
Counting antigens with gold nanoparticles  nanowerk · 6 days
Researchers propose a gold nanoparticle (GNP) probe-assisted sandwich-counting strategy in vitro that relies on a GNP probe, an antibody-functionalized chip to 'count' antigen molecules using a scanning electron microscope. more
Flies smell through a gore-tex system  nanowerk · 6 days
New insights into the formation of surface nanostructures. more
Electric skyrmions charge ahead for next-generation data storage  nanowerk · 6 days
Research team makes a chiral skyrmion crystal with electric properties; puts new spin on future information storage applications. more
Bioengineers program cells as digital signal processors  nanowerk · 6 days
Synthetic biologists add tunable, analog-to-digital converter to their toolkit. more
Researchers use 3D printer to print glass  nanowerk · 6 days
3D printing of chalcogenide glass could enable low-cost manufacturing of complex optical components for telecom and sensing applications. more
From nata de coco to computer screens: Cellulose gets a chance to shine  nanowerk · 6 days
Researchers meticulously measured the optical birefringence of highly aligned cellulose nanofibers, paving the way for sharper television, computer, and smartphone screens. more
A hole in one for holographic display  nanowerk · 7 days
Scientists have designed an ultrathin display that can project dynamic, multi-colored, 3D holographic images. more
Optical tweezers achieve new feats of capturing atoms  nanowerk · 7 days
In a new study, scientists showed that it could load groups of individual atoms into large grids with an efficiency unmatched by existing methods. more
Lasers make magnets behave like fluids  nanowerk · 7 days
Researchers have discovered how magnets recover after being blasted by a laser. It turns out, they act a bit like oil and water in a jar. more
Graphene foam material harvests water from air  nanowerk · 7 days
A newly developed graphene nanocomposite foam realizes water harvesting through a capture-release cycle. more
Researchers improve method to recycle and renew used cathodes from lithium-ion batteries  nanowerk · 7 days
Researchers have improved their recycling process that regenerates degraded cathodes from spent lithium-ion batteries. The new process is safer and uses less energy than... more
Faster Active Alignment with NanoCube XYZ Piezo Flexure Scanning Stage  nanowerk · 7 days
A more compact XYZ nanopositioning system for faster active alignment and higher scanning speed, with integrated sensors for nanometer precise closed-loop control is now available. more
3D printing complete energy storage architectures  nanowerk · 7 days
Researcher have demonstrated the first freestanding sodium-ion (full cell) battery formed entirely of components that have been fabricated via 3D printing. more
First astrophysical detection of the first molecule that formed in the universe  nanowerk · 7 days
Operating the GREAT far-infrared spectrometer onboard the flying observatory SOFIA, an international research team reports the unambiguous detection of the helium hydride ion towards... more
Neuron and synapse-mimetic spintronics devices developed  nanowerk · 1 week
A research group has developed spintronics devices which are promising for future energy-efficient and adoptive computing systems, as they behave like neurons and synapses in the human brain. more
ARIEL Data Challenge Series launched to build global community for exoplanet data solutions  nanowerk · 1 week
ARIEL, a mission to make the first large-scale survey of exoplanet atmospheres, has launched a global competition series to find innovative solutions... more
Biosensor 'bandage' collects and analyzes sweat  nanowerk · 1 week
Researchers have developed a bandage-like biosensor that both collects and -- in conjunction with a smart phone -- analyzes sweat. more
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