Predicting sequence from structure  MIT · 3 days
Researchers have devised a faster, more efficient way to design custom peptides and perturb protein-protein interactions. more
From summer research program to PhD dissertation  MIT · 3 days
Graduate student Raspberry Simpson’s scientific journey approaches fruition. more
Giving keener “electric eyesight” to autonomous vehicles  MIT · 4 days
On-chip system that detects signals at sub-terahertz wavelengths could help steer driverless cars through fog and dust. more
Turning desalination waste into a useful resource  MIT · 5 days
Process developed at MIT could turn concentrated brine into useful chemicals, making desalination more efficient. more
3Q: Machine learning and climate modeling  MIT · 5 days
As machine learning expands into climate modeling, EAPS Associate Professor Paul O’Gorman answers what that looks like and why it's important now. more
Mathematician finds balance and beauty in math  MIT · 5 days
Zhiwei Yun seeks to connect seemingly disparate fields in mathematics. more
Why too much DNA repair can injure tissue  MIT · 6 days
Overactive repair system promotes cell death following DNA damage by certain toxins, study shows. more
Local rocks can yield more crops  MIT · 6 days
J-WAFS-funded MIT research team shows a new method of fertilizer production can better suit the needs of farms in Africa and around the globe. more
Using artificial intelligence to engineer materials’ properties  MIT · 7 days
New system of “strain engineering” can change a material’s optical, electrical, and thermal properties. more
Bose grants for 2018 fund research at the frontier of discovery  MIT · 7 days
The prestigious awards are supporting five innovative projects that challenge established norms and have the potential to be world-changing. more
Acoustic waves can monitor stiffness of living cells  MIT · 7 days
Technique sheds light on cells’ health and development; may be useful for precision medicine. more
From the Marines to MIT  MIT · 1 week
Brent Minchew has flown presidents and foreign dignitaries on Marine One. Today he studies how ice sheets evolve and respond to changing climate. more
Unleashing perovskites’ potential for solar cells  MIT · 2 weeks
New results show how varying the recipe could bring these materials closer to commercialization. more
New pill can deliver insulin  MIT · 2 weeks
Capsule that releases insulin in the stomach could replace injections for patients with type 2 diabetes. more
Biologists answer fundamental question about cell size  MIT · 2 weeks
The need to produce just the right amount of protein is behind the striking uniformity of sizes. more
How plants expand their capacity to use solar energy  MIT · 2 weeks
Research from the lab of assistant professor of chemistry Gabriela Schlau-Cohen advances the understanding of plants' photosynthetic machinery. more
Peering under the hood of fake-news detectors  MIT · 2 weeks
Study uncovers language patterns that AI models link to factual and false articles; underscores need for further testing. more
A better way to measure cell survival  MIT · 2 weeks
New test rapidly evaluates the effect of drugs and potentially toxic compounds on cells. more
Observing hydrogen’s effects in metal  MIT · 2 weeks
Microscopy technique could help researchers design safer reactor vessels or hydrogen storage tanks. more
Study: Much of the surface ocean will shift in color by end of 21st century  MIT · 2 weeks
Climate-driven changes in phytoplankton communities will intensify the blue and green regions of the world’s oceans. more
MIMIC Chest X-Ray database to provide researchers access to over 350,000 patient radiographs  MIT · 2 weeks
A new database of images could pave a path for algorithmic models that ensure accurate diagnoses of conditions like pneumonia. more
Study evaluates China’s progress in establishing accounting measures to reinforce its Paris pledge  MIT · 2 weeks
Firms learn from experience in the measurement, reporting, and verification of carbon emissions under China’s emissions trading systems. more
MIMIC chest X-ray database to provide researchers access to over 350,000 radiographs  MIT · 2 weeks
A new database of images could pave a path for algorithmic models that ensure accurate diagnoses of conditions like pneumonia. more
Biologist Adam Martin studies the mechanics of tissue folding  MIT · 2 weeks
The dynamic process is critical to embryonic development and other cellular phenomena. more
Putting neural networks under the microscope  MIT · 2 weeks
Researchers pinpoint the “neurons” in machine-learning systems that capture specific linguistic features during translation tasks. more
Technique could boost resolution of tissue imaging as much as tenfold  MIT · 3 weeks
Approach developed by MIT engineers surmounts longstanding problem of light scattering within biological tissue and other complex materials. more
SuperUROP: Showcasing students' research work in progress  MIT · 3 weeks
Undergraduate researchers discussed their projects at a well-attended poster session. more
MIT robot combines vision and touch to learn the game of Jenga  MIT · 3 weeks
Machine-learning approach could help robots assemble cellphones and other small parts in a manufacturing line. more
Eruption spurs creation of real-time air pollution network  MIT · 3 weeks
Low-cost sensors on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano provide an educational resource and give insight into air quality across Big Island. more
Ingestible, expanding pill monitors the stomach for up to a month  MIT · 3 weeks
Soft, squishy device could potentially track ulcers, cancers, and other GI conditions over the long term. more
Engineers program marine robots to take calculated risks  MIT · 3 weeks
Algorithm could help autonomous underwater vehicles explore risky but scientifically-rewarding environments. more
MIT’s REXIS and Bennu’s watery surface  MIT · 3 weeks
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx sample-return spacecraft, carrying MIT instrument, arrived at asteroid in December; now begins the science to select a sampling location. more
Learning to teach to speed up learning  MIT · 3 weeks
An algorithm that teaches robot agents how to exchange advice to complete a task helps them learn faster. more
Surprising electronic disorder in a copper oxide-based ceramic  MIT · 3 weeks
MIT researchers use resonant X-ray scattering measurements to reveal unexpected “Wigner glass” in desirable superconducting material. more
Converting Wi-Fi signals to electricity with new 2-D materials  MIT · 3 weeks
Device made from flexible, inexpensive materials could power large-area electronics, wearables, medical devices, and more. more
The gift of light, through science and service  MIT · 3 weeks
Professor Pawan Sinha addresses a humanitarian need — treatable blindness — and advances our understanding of visual development in the brain. more
Filling the gaps in a patient’s medical data  MIT · 3 weeks
Neural network assimilates multiple types of health data to help doctors make decisions with incomplete information. more
Identifying artificial intelligence “blind spots”  MIT · 4 weeks
Model identifies instances when autonomous systems have learned from examples that may cause dangerous errors in the real world. more
A faster, more efficient cryptocurrency  MIT · 4 weeks
Design reduces by 99 percent the data users need to join the network and verify transactions. more
3Q: On the significance of Ultima Thule  MIT · 4 weeks
New Horizons Mission Team members Alissa Earle and Richard Binzel discuss the revelations the icy world provides about the formation of our solar system. more
Scientists engineer new CRISPR platform for DNA targeting  MIT · 4 weeks
CRISPR team harnesses new Cas12b enzyme for use in eukaryotic cells, adding to the CRISPR toolbox. more
In China, a link between happiness and air quality  MIT · 4 weeks
Moods expressed on social media tend to decline when air pollution gets worse, study finds. more
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Science Magazine
The winner of this year’s ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest turned physics into art
Science Magazine
The winner of this year’s ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest turned physics into art
Science Magazine
The winner of this year’s ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest turned physics into art
Science Magazine
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