Open access task force releases final recommendations  MIT · 2 days
Report urges MIT community to openly share the products of its research and teaching. more
Giving robots a faster grasp  MIT · 2 days
An algorithm speeds up the planning process robots use to adjust their grip on objects, for picking and sorting, or tool use. more
Scientists discover fractal patterns in a quantum material  MIT · 3 days
The X-ray-focusing lens used in the experiment is based on a design used in lighthouses for centuries. more
Controlling our internal world  MIT · 3 days
Design principles from robotics help researchers decipher elements controlling mental processes in the brain. more
Assembler robots make large structures from little pieces  MIT · 4 days
Systems of tiny robots may someday build high-performance structures, from airplanes to space settlements. more
Recovering “lost dimensions” of images and video  MIT · 4 days
Model could recreate video from motion-blurred images and “corner cameras,” may someday retrieve 3D data from 2D medical images. more
Study reveals how mucus tames microbes  MIT · 5 days
Specialized sugar molecules called glycans can disarm opportunistic pathogens and prevent infection. more
Astronomers use giant galaxy cluster as X-ray magnifying lens  MIT · 5 days
New lens technique spots tiny dwarf galaxy in the first, super-energetic stages of star formation. more
“Electroadhesive” stamp picks up and puts down microscopic structures  MIT · 1 week
New technique could enable assembly of circuit boards and displays with more minute components. more
Engineers put Leonardo da Vinci’s bridge design to the test  MIT · 1 week
Proposed bridge would have been the world’s longest at the time; new analysis shows it would have worked. more
New method visualizes groups of neurons as they compute  MIT · 1 week
Fluorescent probe could allow scientists to watch circuits within the brain and link their activity to specific behaviors. more
Using machine learning to hunt down cybercriminals  MIT · 2 weeks
Model from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory identifies “serial hijackers” of internet IP addresses. more
Alzheimer’s plaque emerges early and deep in the brain  MIT · 2 weeks
Clumps of amyloid protein emerge early in deep regions, such as the mammillary body, and march outward in the brain along specific circuits. more
A look at Japan’s evolving intelligence efforts  MIT · 2 weeks
New book examines the past and future of Japanese intelligence services in a rapidly shifting world. more
A new mathematical approach to understanding zeolites  MIT · 2 weeks
Study of minerals widely used in industrial processes could lead to discovery of new materials for catalysis and filtering. more
New capsule can orally deliver drugs that usually have to be injected  MIT · 2 weeks
Coated pill carries microneedles that deliver insulin and other drugs to the lining of the small intestine. more
Scientists observe a single quantum vibration under ordinary conditions  MIT · 2 weeks
Studying a common material at room temperature, researchers bring quantum behavior “closer to our daily life.” more
Oobleck’s weird behavior is now predictable  MIT · 2 weeks
MIT engineers develop a model that predicts how the cornstarch-water mixture turns from liquid to solid, and back again. more
A new way to corrosion-proof thin atomic sheets  MIT · 2 weeks
Ultrathin coating could protect 2D materials from corrosion, enabling their use in optics and electronics. more
3 Questions: How artificial intelligence is supercharging materials science  MIT · 2 weeks
Associate Professor Juejun Hu shines a light on the impact machine learning and AI are having on materials science and engineering. more
SMART develops a way to commercially manufacture integrated silicon III-V chips  MIT · 2 weeks
New method from MIT’s research enterprise in Singapore paves the way for improved optoelectronic and 5G devices. more
Artificial gut aims to expose the elusive microbiome  MIT · 2 weeks
Testing platform will allow the research community to explore the human microbiome in new ways. more
This is how a “fuzzy” universe may have looked  MIT · 2 weeks
Scientists simulate early galaxy formation in a universe of dark matter that is ultralight, or “fuzzy,” rather than cold or warm. more
Engineered viruses could fight drug resistance  MIT · 2 weeks
By tweaking bacteriophage genomes, MIT team creates a new weapon to combat infection. more
System helps smart devices find their position  MIT · 2 weeks
Connected devices can now share position information, even in noisy, GPS-denied areas. more
Using algorithms to build a map of the placenta  MIT · 2 weeks
New technique stretches out MRI scans of placentas so they can be more accurately analyzed, and shows the potential of MRI for pregnancy monitoring. more
Study: Better sleep habits lead to better college grades  MIT · 3 weeks
Data on MIT students underscore the importance of getting enough sleep; bedtime also matters. more
Tracing the origins of air pollutants in India  MIT · 3 weeks
MIT researchers employ low-cost sensors to detect and track the origins of air pollutants in India. more
MIT.nano awards inaugural NCSOFT seed grants for gaming technologies  MIT · 3 weeks
Five software and hardware projects will launch the MIT.nano Immersion Lab Gaming Program. more
This flat structure morphs into shape of a human face when temperature changes  MIT · 3 weeks
New structural design could lead to self-deploying tents or adaptive robotic fins. more
Delivery system can make RNA vaccines more powerful  MIT · 3 weeks
Vaccines packaged in novel nanoparticles could offer a new way to fight cancer and infectious diseases. more
How to dismantle a nuclear bomb  MIT · 3 weeks
MIT team successfully tests a new method for verification of weapons reduction. more
Using math to blend musical notes seamlessly  MIT · 3 weeks
Algorithm enables one audio signal to glide into another, recreating the “portamento” effect of some musical instruments. more
Photovoltaic-powered sensors for the “internet of things”  MIT · 3 weeks
RFID-based devices work in indoor and outdoor lighting conditions, and communicate at greater distances. more
Technique can image individual proteins within synapses  MIT · 3 weeks
Rapid imaging method could help reveal how conditions such as autism affect brain cells. more
Greener and fairer: Balancing pollution, energy prices, and household income  MIT · 3 weeks
New research looks at how environmental taxes can work for everyone, in Spain and beyond. more
How cities can leverage citizen data while protecting privacy  MIT · 4 weeks
Study offers models for preserving the privacy of citizens while using their data to improve government services. more
Quantum sensing on a chip  MIT · 4 weeks
Researchers integrate diamond-based sensing components onto a chip to enable low-cost, high-performance quantum hardware. more
The permanent struggle for liberty  MIT · 4 weeks
Daron Acemoglu’s new book examines the battle between state and society, which occasionally produces liberal-democratic freedom. more
Computing and the search for new planets  MIT · 4 weeks
MIT planetary scientists partner with computer scientists to find exoplanets. more
3 Questions: Why sensing, why now, what next?  MIT · 4 weeks
Brian Anthony, co-leader of SENSE.nano, discusses sensing for augmented and virtual reality and for advanced manufacturing. more
Ruth Lehmann elected as director of Whitehead Institute  MIT · 1 month
Lehmann, a world-renowned developmental and cell biology researcher, is the institute’s fifth director. more
Study finds hub linking movement and motivation in the brain  MIT · 1 month
Detailed observations in the lateral septum indicate region processes movement and reward information to help direct behavior. more
Perception of musical pitch varies across cultures  MIT · 1 month
How people interpret musical notes depends on the types of music they have listened to, researchers find. more
Study: Even short-lived solar panels can be economically viable  MIT · 1 month
Research shows that, contrary to accepted rule of thumb, a 10- or 15-year lifetime can be good enough. more
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