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Nintendo of America president to retire, Bowser to take the helm  Global News · 11 hours
Reggie Fils-Aimé has been with Nintendo of America for 15 years and has served as president and COO of the company for 13 years. more
New camera technology, current laws make fight against peeping Toms difficult: experts  Global News · 1 day
For victims, the fight against voyeurism is made more difficult with a court system that hasn't yet caught up with advances in hidden camera... more
U.K. approval of Huawei 5G networks would give Canada breathing room, expert says  Global News · 3 days
British media reports say the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre has concluded that with care and safeguards, Huawei equipment can be used... more
Website uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic human faces from scratch  Global News · 5 days
Every time a visitor to the website, ThisPersonDoesNotExist, reloads the page, an algorithm generates a lifelike human that doesn't actually belong to anyone.  more
Sephora causes uproar after cancelling orders that used $88-off promo code  Global News · 5 days
The beauty boutique has notified customers that online purchases using the promotional code have been cancelled, posts shared to Twitter on Saturday show. more
Are shadowy agents targeting Canadians who criticize an Israeli spyware firm?  Global News · 6 days
NSO Group is fighting three lawsuits that allege its spyware was used to monitor journalists, activists and a friend of Jamal Khashoggi in Canada. more
Can a coding boot camp reboot your career?  Global News · 6 days
Coding boot camps bill themselves as a shortcut to well-paying, high-tech jobs. more
Telus says ban on Huawei over national security concerns could set back 5G network plan  Global News · 1 week
The company acknowledged Thursday that the deployment of its fifth-generation wireless network could be delayed and be more... more
Oilpatch AI keeps a wary eye on remote wells after human officials go home  Global News · 1 week
Artificial intelligence is helping Alberta's Oilpatch by keeping a wary eye on remote wells after human officials go home. more
Calls for Apple, Google to remove app that monitors, restricts Saudi women’s travel  Global News · 1 week
The free app, created by the Saudi government, allows men to update or withdraw permissions for their wives and female relatives to... more
Twitter CEO says he’d give his own company a ‘C’ grade on fighting abuse  Global News · 1 week
Jack Dorsey tweeted that he would give himself a 'C' grade for what Swisher termed "tech responsibility." more
How Canada allowed Quadriga’s CEO to manage $180M from his laptop with no backup  Global News · 1 week
Customers of Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX stand to lose millions. Where were regulators? more
Russia Rising, part 3: Hackers targeting Canadian elections, banks and institutions  Global News · 2 weeks
Jeff Semple visits the front-lines of a growing cyberwar in the third episode of the Russia Rising podcast more
Undercover spies caught fishing for anti-Israel remarks following Canadian sting  Global News · 2 weeks
Undercover operatives have targeted at least six people who have raised questions about spyware from NSO Group, an Israeli software firm. more
Researchers find little trace of Quadriga’s stuck millions on the blockchain  Global News · 2 weeks
Experts say there's little evidence of the virtual safes where Quadriga says millions of its customers' money is locked up. more
Prosecutors looking into National Enquirer after Jeff Bezos blackmail allegations: sources  Global News · 2 weeks
Bezos' investigators have suggested the Enquirer's coverage of his affair — which included the release of risque texts — was driven by dirty politics. more
National Enquirer to investigate Jeff Bezos’s claim of blackmail over nude photo  Global News · 2 weeks
Bezos' investigators have suggested the Enquirer's coverage of his affair — which included the release of risque texts — was driven by dirty politics. more
Teen builds his own robotic prosthetic arm using Lego  Global News · 2 weeks
David Aguilar has built himself a robotic prosthetic arm using Lego pieces after being born without a right forearm due to a rare genetic condition. more
Air Canada app records your personal information — and you may have no clue  Global News · 2 weeks
Air Canada's mobile app records your phone screen when you book flights, change your password and enter your credit card... more
Teen builds his own robotic prosthetic arm using Legos  Global News · 2 weeks
David Aguilar has built himself a robotic prosthetic arm using Lego pieces after being born without a right forearm due to a rare genetic condition. more
Late Quadriga CEO’s laptop may hold key to accessing $180M in missing cryptocurrency  Global News · 2 weeks
Gerald Cotten, a Nova Scotia resident and CEO of QuadrigaCX, was travelling in India on Dec. 9 when he died suddenly. more
Foreign hackers targeting Canadian banks and government, cyber-security expert tells MPs  Global News · 2 weeks
Foreign hackers have targeted Canadian banks, mining companies and government institutions in recent years to steal valuable secrets and spread malware, a leading cybersecurity analyst warns. more
Why a new blood drop emoji could help smash period stigmas  Global News · 2 weeks
Coding consortium Unicode, which distributes emojis across mobile devices, said it will include the "period emoji" in March. more
Regret sending that Facebook message? Now you can delete it  Global News · 2 weeks
Facebook has finally promised the feature that internet users have been pining for — the ability to delete a regretful message from their chat history. more
Apple vs. Facebook and Google: What has the tech superpowers feuding  Global News · 3 weeks
Apple took a bold stance this week as it removed access to their technology used internally at Facebook and Google – leaving them scrambling. more
Virtual Reality is making inroads into Canadian classrooms in ways never thought possible  Global News · 3 weeks
A team at McMaster University has developed programs for multiple platforms, including a full 3D rendering of the body that can be... more
In race to dominate artificial intelligence, China and U.S. are winning: UN  Global News · 3 weeks
China and the United States are ahead of the global competition to dominate artificial intelligence. more
Volunteers from Fredericton tech community create free software for local non-profits  Global News · 3 weeks
A volunteer IT team in Fredericton have developed a new website called the Caring Calendar to harmonize services offered in the city for people in need more
New York officials to investigate Apple FaceTime privacy bug  Global News · 3 weeks
In a statement on Wednesday, Attorney General Letitia James and Governor Andrew Cuomo announced there would be an investigation into the bug and Apple's "slow response" to fix it. more
U.S. charges Huawei, proceeding with Meng extradition from Canada  Global News · 3 weeks
The United States on Monday charged Chinese telecom giant Huawei and its chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou. more
U.S. charges Huawei officials with fraud, obstructing justice  Global News · 3 weeks
The U.S. Justice Department accuses Huawei of everything from bank and wire fraud to obstructing justice and conspiring to steal trade secrets. more
Facebook plans to deepen data sharing between Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp: report  Global News · 4 weeks
Following a turbulent year fraught with controversy, the news of Facebook's potential plans to unify the services under its umbrella has been alarming to many. more
Feds ink $40M research deal on 5G technology with Nokia — Huawei’s competitor  Global News · 4 weeks
The federal government will announce up to $40 million for Finnish telecom giant Nokia Thursday to conduct research on 5G wireless technology... more
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