Spatial senses  ESA · 8 hours
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano trains for a spacewalk for his upcoming Beyond mission more
Infrared Titan  ESA · 2 days
Space Science Image of the Week: How Saturn’s moon Titan looks in infrared more
Cape fires  ESA · 4 days
South Africa’s Western Cape often falls victim to fires during the dry summer months. This Copernicus Sentinel-2B image from 6 January shows blazes near Cape Town more
Uruguay River wetlands  ESA · 5 days
Earth observation image of the week: the Copernicus Sentinel-2B satellite takes us along the lower reaches of the brown, sediment-rich Uruguay River more
Team of telescopes finds X-ray engine inside mysterious supernova  ESA · 5 days
ESA’s high-energy space telescopes Integral and XMM-Newton have helped to find a source of powerful X-rays at the... more
Cold Turkey  ESA · 5 days
While snow continues to cause chaos in Austria and Germany, the cold snap has also reached Turkey as shown in this Copernicus Sentinel-3 image more
Copernicus Sentinel-1 maps Norway in motion  ESA · 5 days
Images acquired every six days by the European Union’s Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites are being used to map ground movement across two billion measurement sites... more
Martian chronicles  ESA · 6 days
Stunning scenes captured by Mars Express during its 15 years imaging the Red Planet more
Cool running  ESA · 6 days
Operations image of the week: New cryogenically cooled hardware promises to improve data return from ESA's current and future deep-space missions more
Galilean Moons  ESA · 6 days
Galileo found Jupiter's four biggest moons 409 years ago. Take a closer look at his discovery with the new collection in the ESAshop and get a cosmic deal. more
XMM-Newton captures final cries of star shredded by black hole  ESA · 6 days
Astronomers using ESA's XMM-Newton space observatory have studied a black hole devouring a star and discovered... more
World-first chameleon satellite leaving native British shores  ESA · 6 days
The last component of British-built chameleon satellite, Eutelsat Quantum, is getting ready to leave home for good. more
The desert that ate a sea  ESA · 7 days
Technology image of the week: ESA’s Proba-V minisatellite views efforts to stabilise a newly formed desert and salvage the fast-shrinking Aral Sea more
Storm hunter in action  ESA · 1 week
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: A typical day for electrical thunderstorm observer more
Sentinel calendar  ESA · 1 week
Download the 2019 Copernicus Sentinel calendar. Each month offers a spectacular view of our home planet captured by one of the Sentinel satellites more
Galactic neighbour  ESA · 1 week
This Hubble image is the most detailed view ever of the Triangulum Galaxy, a close neighbour of the Milky Way more
CubeSats joining Hera mission to asteroid system  ESA · 1 week
When ESA’s planned Hera mission journeys to its target binary asteroid system, it will not be alone. The spacecraft will carry two... more
Space sparkle  ESA · 1 week
Space Science Image of the Week: The glowing remnants of stellar fireworks more
2019 preview  ESA · 2 weeks
Take a look at what's coming up for the European Space Agency this year more
Our year in space  ESA · 3 weeks
A look back at the highlights of 2018 for Europe in space more
Living in space  ESA · 3 weeks
Research laying the groundwork for living and working in space to stay more
Mission accomplished for ESA’s butane-propelled CubeSat  ESA · 3 weeks
The cereal-box sized GomX-4B – ESA’s biggest small CubeSat yet flown – has completed its mission for the Agency, testing out new miniaturised technologies... more
Mission accomplished for ESA’s GomX-4B butane-propelled CubeSat  ESA · 3 weeks
The cereal-box sized GomX-4B – ESA’s biggest small CubeSat yet flown – has completed its mission for the Agency, testing out new... more
ESA sets clock by distant spinning stars  ESA · 3 weeks
ESA’s technical centre in the Netherlands has begun running a pulsar-based clock. The ‘PulChron’ system measures the passing of time using millisecond-frequency... more
ESA’s e.Deorbit debris removal mission reborn as servicing vehicle  ESA · 4 weeks
ESA’s proposed e.Deorbit mission to take down a derelict satellite is being reborn in a wider role, as... more
Reflecting on Earthrise: 50 years on  ESA · 4 weeks
Monday 24 December marks 50 years since Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders snapped an iconic image of Earth rising above the lunar surface. more
Year in images  ESA · 4 weeks
Our year through the lens: 2018 more
South Georgia  ESA · 4 weeks
Earth observation image of the week: the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over South Georgia Island more
Back on Earth  ESA · 4 weeks
Watch ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst's first short interview, recorded just hours after he returned to Earth from his six-month Horizons mission more
Mars Express gets festive: A winter wonderland on Mars  ESA · 4 weeks
This image shows what appears to be a large patch of fresh, untrodden snow – a dream for... more
Feeding a giant  ESA · 4 weeks
ESA's deep-space antenna in New Norcia, Western Australia, has now been powered by solar energy for over a year, in the first step towards creating a green network of eyes... more
ESAshop: beyond horizons  ESA · 4 weeks
Celebrate ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s return to Earth and land your own great deal with a Horizons mission goodie from the ESAshop and free shipping all day more
ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst returns to Earth – for the second time  ESA · 4 weeks
ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst returned to Earth today alongside NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor and Roscosmos cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev. more
Self-driving rovers tested in Mars-like Morocco  ESA · 4 weeks
Robots invaded the Sahara Desert for Europe’s largest rover field test, taking place in a Mars-like part of Morocco. For two weeks three rovers... more
Where missions start  ESA · 4 weeks
Technology image of the week: ESA’s Concurrent Design Facility, the cradle of future space missions, is celebrating its 20th birthday more
It's cold inside  ESA · 4 weeks
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Space Station freezer features in a holiday tradition more
Fake plastic atoms  ESA · 4 weeks
Our world is made of atoms and molecules, but even with the most powerful microscopes we can only see snapshots, never how they move and interact with each other. To... more
BepiColombo’s first routine firing in space  ESA · 4 weeks
On Monday this week, BepiColombo began its very first routine electric propulsion firing. more
Technology strategy  ESA · 4 weeks
30% faster mission development, 30% faster harnessing of new technologies, boosting cost efficiency and cutting space debris: ESA's Technology Strategy for Space19+ more
Winning ideas for new space transport services  ESA · 4 weeks
Imagine moving satellites to higher orbits, collecting space debris, and dedicated launches for small satellites. These are the winning entries of ESA’s... more
Schoolkids invited to ESA’s Living Planet Symposium 2019  ESA · 4 weeks
School classes can come on a journey around the planet, by attending the Open Days of ESA’s Living Planet Symposium... more
ESA’s 25 years of telecom: looking to the horizon  ESA · 4 weeks
As ESA’s umbrella programme for telecom, ARTES, celebrates its 25th year, we have examined why it was set... more
ESA paves way for new space transport services  ESA · 4 weeks
Imagine moving satellites to higher orbits, collecting space debris, and dedicated launches for small satellites. These are the winning entries... more
Gaming with Galileo: new Android smartphone apps published  ESA · 4 weeks
Use Europe’s satellite navigation system to seek treasure in virtual mazes or ‘see’ Galileos as they cross the sky above... more
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