Satellites key to addressing water scarcity  ESA · 2 days
Today is World Water Day, but with millions of people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe struggling to cope in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai,... more
Lake Chad  ESA · 2 days
Earth observation image of the week: marking World Water Day, these images show the receding waters of Lake Chad more
European link to NASA spacewalk  ESA · 2 days
ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet is gearing up to guide NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Nick Hague from his post at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston,... more
Water for life  ESA · 3 days
UN SDG6 targets ‘Water for all by 2030’. For World Water Day we take a look at ways that space can help this global challenge. more
Bangkok’s green lung  ESA · 3 days
On the International Day of Forests, we bring you this Copernicus Sentinel-2 image of Bangkok and its oasis of green, Bang Kachao more
ExoMars landing platform arrives in Europe with a name  ESA · 3 days
The platform destined to land on the Red Planet as part of the next ExoMars mission has arrived... more
Land-cover dynamics unveiled  ESA · 3 days
Billions of image pixels recorded by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission have been used to generate a high-resolution map of land-cover dynamics across Earth’s landmasses. This map also depicts the month... more
Innovation at ESOC  ESA · 3 days
The 7th European Ground System Architecture Workshop, 21-22 May, will showcase the newest and most innovative work being done in the area of mission control. more
Giant ‘chimneys’ vent X-rays from Milky Way’s core  ESA · 3 days
By surveying the centre of our Galaxy, ESA’s XMM-Newton has discovered two colossal ‘chimneys’ funneling material from the vicinity of... more
Grande oil spill  ESA · 4 days
Copernicus Sentinel-1 has imaged the oil spill from the Grande America ship that sank in the Atlantic, 300 km off the coast of France more
Jupiter arm out  ESA · 4 days
Technology image of the week: Extending a 10.5-m long magnetometer boom held up by balloons for ESA’s Jupiter mission at the Agency’s Netherlands-based Test Centre more
Copernicus Sentinel-1 maps floods in wake of Idai  ESA · 4 days
As millions of people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe struggle to cope with the aftermath of what could be the... more
Taking gravity from strength to strength  ESA · 4 days
Ten years ago, ESA launched one of its most innovative satellites. GOCE spent four years measuring a fundamental force of nature: gravity. This extraordinary... more
BioRock and roll  ESA · 5 days
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Microbial experiment ‘dry run’ yields gorgeous results more
Much to do for new Space Station crew  ESA · 5 days
The crew on board the International Space Station has doubled in size. For the first time since NASA astronauts Drew... more
Climate change  ESA · 5 days
With the issue of climate change high on the global agenda, satellites provide key information to understand and to respond to environmental change more
Saturn at equinox  ESA · 6 days
Space Science Image of the Week: Earth’s annual March equinox occurs this week, but this outer Solar System equivalent only takes place once every 15 years more
ESA’s Hera asteroid mission borrows eyes of NASA’s Dawn  ESA · 6 days
The mission to the smallest asteroid ever explored will employ the same main camera as the mission to... more
Nairobi  ESA · 1 week
Earth observation image of the week: a Copernicus Sentinel-2 view over Kenya’s capital more
Bering in dire straits  ESA · 1 week
The Bering Strait is usually covered by sea ice at this time of the year, but the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission shows a different story more
ESA green light for UK's air-breathing rocket engine  ESA · 1 week
The development programme of the world’s first air-breathing rocket engine has taken an additional significant step forward, which will lead... more
Mars image bounty  ESA · 1 week
Showcase of the ExoMars orbiter’s imaging capabilities more
InSight lander among latest ExoMars image bounty  ESA · 1 week
Curious surface features, water-formed minerals, 3D stereo views, and even a sighting of the InSight lander showcase the impressive range of imaging... more
ESA greenlight for UK's air-breathing rocket engine  ESA · 1 week
The development programme of the world’s first air-breathing rocket engine has taken an additional significant step forward, which will lead to major... more
Sentinels monitor converging ice cracks  ESA · 1 week
The Copernicus Sentinel-1 radar mission shows how cracks cutting across Antarctica’s Brunt ice shelf are on course to truncate the shelf and release an iceberg about... more
Do the locomotion  ESA · 2 weeks
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Slope test for ExoMars more
Cleaning Mars parachute  ESA · 2 weeks
Technology image of the week: A test version of the main ExoMars 2020 parachute being heat treated in an ESA oven to make it sterile enough for the Red Planet more
ESA lays down the law  ESA · 2 weeks
ESA and the European Centre for Space Law will soon hold a workshop all about space debris – including debris mitigation, legislation, standards and tools –... more
Nitrogen dioxide pollution mapped  ESA · 2 weeks
New maps that use information from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite reveal nitrogen dioxide emission being released into the atmosphere in cities and towns across the globe. more
Testing space batteries to destruction for cleaner skies  ESA · 2 weeks
Engineers descended into bunkers to test space batteries to destruction – through overheating, overcharging, short circuits and even by shooting... more
Gateway to the Moon  ESA · 2 weeks
The International Space Station partners have endorsed plans to continue the development of the Gateway, an outpost around the Moon that will act as a base to support... more
Exoplanet watcher  ESA · 2 weeks
Space Science Image of the Week: After completing final tests, our exoplanet satellite Cheops is ready for flight more
Working towards AI and Earth observation  ESA · 2 weeks
Satellites observing and measuring our planet deliver a huge amount of data that not only helps understand how our world is changing, but also... more
Microlaunchers to grow Europe’s economy  ESA · 2 weeks
A flourishing small satellites market is driving demand for new ways to access space. Recent industry feasibility studies backed by ESA for new microlauncher services, are... more
ESA helps business fly in space  ESA · 2 weeks
New ‘cubesat’ technology and falling launch costs mean that businesses, universities and other organisations are increasingly able to launch their own small satellites. Now... more
Space radiation detector can help to spot fake masterpieces  ESA · 2 weeks
Technology originally developed for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and then flown in space by ESA is now being... more
Business with human and robotic exploration  ESA · 2 weeks
Space is profitable – each euro spent on the International Space Station produces €1.8 added value to European economies. Research in low Earth orbit... more
New observations for the new economy  ESA · 2 weeks
We all listen to weather forecasts and know they rely on satellite data. What may not be so obvious is that many other aspects... more
Space workshops to power urban innovation  ESA · 2 weeks
In May, two workshops organised with the help of ESA, will foster industrial collaboration between space and non-space-based industry to boost urban innovation. more
New Zealand  ESA · 2 weeks
Earth observation image of the week: Copernicus Sentinel-3 takes us over New Zealand more
Weighing the Milky Way  ESA · 2 weeks
Measurements from Hubble and Gaia improve our estimate of the mass of our Galaxy: 1.5 trillion solar masses more
The power of satellites  ESA · 2 weeks
ESA's Business Applications programme turns space data into benefits on Earth more
End of an aurora  ESA · 2 weeks
After three days chasing the elusive aurora and learning about space weather and its impact on our lives, we say good-bye – and thankyou! – to the #AuroraHunters more
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Satellites key to addressing water scarcity
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Galactic center visualization delivers star power
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