Harnessing artificial intelligence for climate science  ESA · 16 hours
Over 700 Earth observation satellites are orbiting our planet, transmitting hundreds of terabytes of data to downlink stations every day. Processing and extracting useful... more
Comet’s collapsing cliffs and bouncing boulders  ESA · 18 hours
Scientists analysing the treasure trove of images taken by ESA’s Rosetta mission have turned up more evidence for curious bouncing boulders and dramatic cliff... more
Overseeing ISS's third arm  ESA · 21 hours
Technology image of the week: this control panel will be used by spacewalking cosmonauts to oversee the European Robotic Arm on the Russian section of the ISS more
Planning the future  ESA · 2 days
Updates on mission concepts for planetary defence, Solar System science and Mars exploration live from the European Planetary Science Congress Wednesday 12:15-13:15 CEST more
Aurora now  ESA · 2 days
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Aurora display at Concordia research station in Antarctica more
'Space data' conference  ESA · 2 days
Twice a year since 1982, space agencies around the world have met to develop standards for space communication & data systems. Find out more about the CCSDS 2019 meeting in... more
Landing site flyover  ESA · 2 days
New 3D models of Rosalind Franklin’s landing site aid preparations for the rover’s mission on Mars more
Space Station science: learning from Luca  ESA · 3 days
There is plenty of science on the boil at the International Space Station – including an experiment literally designed to expand our knowledge of... more
ESA Open Day: Fully booked  ESA · 3 days
Opening ceremony 09:45; doors open 10:00; last admission 16:00; doors close 17:00. Registration for waiting list here: more
Using a data cube to assess changes in the Earth system  ESA · 3 days
Researchers all over the world have a wealth of satellite data at their fingertips... more
First day of camp  ESA · 3 days
This week, 24 app developers are at ESA’s site in Italy for the Space App Camp, where they will be creating mobile applications using satellite data more
Defrosting dunes  ESA · 3 days
Space Science Image of the Week: Bursts of gas from defrosting ice create the dark patches in this martian dune field more
Explore with AstroGnat  ESA · 6 days
Meet AstroGnat our new crew member! She’s on a voyage of discovery in space and you too can explore this new AstroGnat collection for kids in the ESA Space Shop. more
Relive ɸ-week  ESA · 6 days
Replay the livestream of ESA’s ɸ-week, which explored how open science and innovation can benefit from the latest digital technologies to shape the future of Earth observation more
Cheops mission update  ESA · 6 days
Watch a media briefing on our Cheops exoplanet mission Monday 12:15–13:15 CEST live from the European Planetary Science Congress more
Winning bootcamp ideas at Φ-week  ESA · 6 days
On the sidelines of ESA’s Φ-week, a five-day app-development bootcamp took place where young developers came together to solve big industry challenges using Earth observation data.... more
Baja California  ESA · 6 days
Earth observation image of the week: Copernicus Sentinel-1 takes us over Baja California, in northern Mexico more
Interstellar 2.0  ESA · 7 days
Astronomers have spotted an object that looks likely to be a very rare visitor from outside our Solar System. If confirmed, this unusual body would be only the second interstellar object ever... more
Exciting exoplanet  ESA · 7 days
Hubble finds water vapour on habitable-zone exoplanet for the first time, paving the way for future discoveries by the James Webb Space Telescope and the Ariel mission more
First Earth observation satellite with AI ready for launch  ESA · 7 days
A few months from now will see the launch of the first European satellite to demonstrate how onboard... more
Tracing the environmental impacts of supply chains  ESA · 1 week
Globalisation and international trade allow us to consume produce from all over the world. But this comes at a cost to the... more
Destination Mars  ESA · 1 week
Technology image of the week: Models of ESA’s current ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and forthcoming ExoMars Rover will be on show during our 6 October Open Day more
A new journey into Earth for space exploration  ESA · 1 week
Six astronauts, five space agencies and a fresh start into underground worlds to help prepare for living on other planets.... more
Space bubble  ESA · 1 week
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: The Multiscale Boiling experiment on the International Space Station starts generating bubbles more
Using machine learning for rewilding  ESA · 1 week
There may not be an obvious connection between rewilding and machine learning, but as highlighted today at ESA’s ɸ-week, a project in the Netherlands uses satellite... more
Using artificial intelligence to automate sea-ice charting  ESA · 1 week
Reliable maps of sea-ice conditions and forecasts are of vital importance for maritime safety, safe navigation and planning. The continued retreating and... more
ESA offers insights on EU's regulations on chemicals  ESA · 1 week
ESA is offering space and non-space based industry the opportunity to learn more about the EU’s evolving environmental legislation such... more
Australian bushfires  ESA · 1 week
The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission captures the multiple blazes that have broken out in northern New South Wales, Australia more
A burst of asteroid activity in Europe  ESA · 1 week
The next few days will see a rare convergence of asteroid-related activity in Europe, as planetary defence and other experts meet in... more
ESA’s ɸ-week 2019 opens with a flourish  ESA · 1 week
Following the success of last year’s ɸ-week, this year’s event promises to be even more exciting. With the conference room packed to... more
AI for space  ESA · 1 week
ESA’s Josef Aschbacher and CLAIRE’s Holger Hoos introduce us the world’s first AI Special Interest Group dedicated to space more
ESA and ɸ  ESA · 1 week
As this week’s ɸ-week kicks off, ESA’s Josef Aschbacher reflects on progress made so far and looks to the future of Earth observation and the digital revolution more
Monitoring air pollution from fires  ESA · 1 week
The wildfires that have been devastating the Amazon rainforest have been international headline news over the last weeks. These fires are not only an environmental tragedy... more
Magnetic wonder  ESA · 1 week
Space Science Image of the Week: Plotting the surprising changes in Mercury’s magnetic history more
Shaken but not stirred: Konnect satellite completes vibration tests  ESA · 2 weeks
The first Spacebus Neo satellite – Konnect, a high-throughput satellite ordered by Eutelsat – has successfully completed its... more
Castelli Romani  ESA · 2 weeks
Earth observation image of the week: Copernicus Sentinel-2 takes us over the Castelli Romani, a volcanic area just outside of Rome in Italy more
Fellowship Call  ESA · 2 weeks
To support postdocs initiate a scientific career in Earth observation and Earth system science, ESA’s Living Planet Fellowship Call is open. Apply before 1 November 2019 more
Copernicus Sentinel-6A ready for testing  ESA · 2 weeks
Dedicated to measuring changes in global sea level, the Copernicus Sentinel-6A satellite is now equipped with some of its measuring instruments and ready to be tested... more
Lunar plant pot  ESA · 2 weeks
Technology image of the week: ESA's lunar 3D printing competition winner with a printed version of her design more
Plant pot for the Moon  ESA · 2 weeks
Technology image of the week: ESA's lunar 3D printing competition winner with a printed version of her design more
Subsea scouting  ESA · 2 weeks
Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Lunar exploration goes to the next level in the NEEMO NXT mission more
Space Station science return and spacecraft shuffle  ESA · 2 weeks
ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano had a busy two weeks on the International Space Station for his Beyond mission working on European science... more
Dorian destruction  ESA · 2 weeks
This Copernicus Sentinel-3 image features Hurricane Dorian as this devastating storm pummels the Bahamas on 2 September more
Europe and US teaming up for asteroid deflection  ESA · 2 weeks
Asteroid researchers and spacecraft engineers from the US, Europe and around the world will gather in Rome next week to... more
Night into day  ESA · 2 weeks
Space Science Image of the Week: Saturn's shadow draws a line between night and day across its rings more
Register now!  ESA · 3 weeks
ESA's 8th international workshop on tracking, telemetry and command systems for space will be held at the Agency's operations centre in Darmstadt, Germany from 24-27 September more
Track our spacecraft  ESA · 3 weeks
For the first time ever, you can follow ESA's fleet of spacecraft in Earth orbit and traversing deep space, using real-time data from the Agency's global network of tracking antennas.... more
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Planning the future
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