Huawei hit with security questions as it unveils high-speed rural internet project  CBC · 21 minutes
Huawei Canada was hounded by questions about national security concerns and its ties to the Chinese government today as it announced that it will bring high-speed... more
This tiny shark squirts glow-in-the-dark ink from its pockets  CBC · 2 hours
A pocket-sized pocket shark found in the Gulf of Mexico has turned out to be a new species... more
N.L. fossils star in Oxford University exhibit documenting Earth's earliest animal life  CBC · 3 hours
Fossils from Bonavista and Mistaken Point tell 'the story of where we came from,' says Jack Matthews, a research fellow at the University of... more
9th North Atlantic right whale found dead in Canadian waters  CBC · 6 hours
Another North Atlantic right whale has been found dead, raising the total to nine in Canadian... more
India moon mission lifts off to send rover to lunar south pole  CBC · 6 hours
India's space agency says it has launched an unmanned spacecraft to the far side of the moon a week after aborting the mission due... more
Beef over Weather Network video needlessly pits agriculture against environment: researcher  CBC · 20 hours
The online uproar over a video about decreasing beef consumption is unnecessarily pitting agricultural... more
Vancouver teen develops app to help detect Alzheimer's disease in seniors  CBC · 21 hours
An eighteen-year-old Vancouver student has created a smartphone system that helps detect whether someone might... more
As Cambodia complains about trash exports, environmentalists urge Canada to ban practice  CBC · 1 day
With another country berating Canada for sending it its plastic waste, environmental groups are renewing calls for the Liberal government to ban the practice... more
How fireworks can affect your health and the ecosystem  CBC · 2 days
Environmentalists are questioning whether minutes-long sparkly spectacles are worth fireworks’ long-term effects on human health and wildlife.   more
Aspiring Saskatoon astronaut eyes private space travel as best bet  CBC · 3 days
Saskatoon biomedical engineer Doug Campbell is graduating from a citizen-astronaut academy that he hopes will help... more
Foreign tomato-killing virus detected in Ontario  CBC · 3 days
A virus that originated overseas has made its way to Ontario and is threatening tomato crops in greenhouses and fields. more
Parking lot tests asphalt made with plastic bags  CBC · 3 days
A parking lot in Burnside, N.S., was paved on Thursday with asphalt that included two tonnes of material made from plastic shopping... more
June 2019 was the hottest on record across the globe, says NOAA  CBC · 3 days
Last month was the hottest June in 140 years, setting a global record, according to the latest monthly global climate report released by the U.S. National... more
You can help save the world, even on vacation  CBC · 3 days
In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at the idea of "conservation vacations," as well... more
When you can't escape the heat, you're in a 'heat dome'  CBC · 3 days
During a heat wave, it can feel like you're being trapped by rising temperatures on all... more
'Brilliant': Artificial gravity isn't just science fiction  CBC · 3 days
In what sounds like something straight out of science fiction, researchers are testing out a form of artificial gravity to counter the... more
Ocean sanctuary proposed for captive orcas  CBC · 4 days
Whale Sanctuary Project wants to move killer whales kept in captivity into a penned-off area near the San Juan Islands where they can live... more
Rescue crews can't find entangled humpback whale  CBC · 4 days
Rescuers headed out Wednesday morning to free a whale tangled in fishing gear just outside St. John's Harbour, but they couldn't find... more
Ottawa unveils plan for safe disposal of mercury-filled light bulbs  CBC · 4 days
The federal government has unveiled its national plan for disposing of mercury-filled light bulbs in an environmentally responsible... more
India reschedules launch of its moon mission for Monday  CBC · 4 days
India's space agency said it will launch a spacecraft to the south pole of the moon on Monday... more
Cambodia says plastic waste shipments came from U.S., Canada  CBC · 5 days
Almost seven dozen shipping containers sitting in a Cambodian seaport that were found to be filled with plastic... more
EU probes Amazon over use of retailer data to gain competitive edge  CBC · 5 days
The European Union is opening an antitrust probe into U.S. online shopping giant Amazon to see whether it uses data from independent retailers to... more
Rescue crews can't find tangled humpback whale  CBC · 5 days
Rescuers headed out Wednesday to free a whale tangled in fishing gear just outside St. John's Harbour. more
Average weight of cats on the rise, Guelph study finds  CBC · 5 days
A new first-of-its-kind study from researchers at the University of Guelph has looked at when and... more
Whale tangled in fishing gear near St. John's harbour  CBC · 5 days
A rescue crew was heading out Wednesday to free a whale tangled in fishing gear just outside St.... more
One of Canmore's best-known caves is being remapped after new section found  CBC · 5 days
Rat's Nest Cave is a provincial historic site on the south slope of Grotto Mountain. more
Inside a Saskatoon student's effort to help save Tasmanian devils  CBC · 5 days
A University of Saskatchewan graduate student is joining an effort to save one of the feistiest... more
Hinterland Who's Who releases vignette on ravens in 6 Indigenous languages  CBC · 5 days
Since the 1960s, Hinterland Who’s Who has been featuring iconic Canadian wildlife. Now it... more
Companies look to cash in on out-of-this-world profits in new space economy  CBC · 5 days
The commercialization of space involves some staggering numbers, much as $1 trillion US per year by some estimates. Canada is finding lucrative off-earth business... more
The downside of giving app users too many superpowers  CBC · 5 days
The superhero with X-ray vision who can see through buildings is probably guilty of substantial privacy violations, and... more
What you need to know about rabies in Canada  CBC · 6 days
The death of a man in British Columbia who came into contact with a bat is a reminder... more
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