China Launches New BeiDou Satellite  ASTRO WATCH · 2 days
China sent a new satellite of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province at 10:41 p.m.... more
'S.S. Roger Chaffee' Delivers Approximately 7,600 Pounds of Cargo to ISS  ASTRO WATCH · 2 days
Northrop Grumman Corporation announced that the “S.S. Roger Chaffee” Cygnus spacecraft successfully completed its... more
New Concept for Novel Fire Extinguisher in Space  ASTRO WATCH · 2 days
A research team in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Toyohashi University of Technology has developed new concept of fire... more
SpaceIL Reveals Preliminary Reasons Behind Beresheet Crash  ASTRO WATCH · 2 days
A command intended to correct a malfunction in one of the Beresheet spacecraft’s inertial measurement unit led to a chain of events... more
Intelsat Reports Intelsat 29e Satellite Failure  ASTRO WATCH · 3 days
Intelsat S.A. has announced that the anomaly previously disclosed on April 10, 2019 has resulted in the total loss of the Intelsat 29e spacecraft.... more
Debris of Satellite Destroyed by India May Threaten ISS - Russian MoD  ASTRO WATCH · 3 days
When India tested its anti-satellite weapons, more than 100 fragments of destroyed spacecraft were created; in the future, these fragments could pose a threat... more
Five Planets Revealed after 20 Years of Observation  ASTRO WATCH · 3 days
A team of astronomers led by the UNIGE has discovered five new planets with periods of revolution between 15 and... more
Powerful Particles and Tugging Tides May Affect Extraterrestrial Life  ASTRO WATCH · 4 days
Since its discovery in 2016, planetary scientists have been excited about TRAPPIST-1, a system where seven Earth-sized rocky... more
CubeSats Prove Their Worth for Scientific Missions  ASTRO WATCH · 4 days
Only a few years ago, the astronomy and heliophysics communities were skeptical about whether CubeSats could reliably obtain scientific data. But these... more
Scientists Find Evidence Mercury Has a Solid Inner Core  ASTRO WATCH · 4 days
Scientists have long known that Earth and Mercury have metallic cores. Like Earth, Mercury’s outer core is composed... more
NASA Announces First Flight, Record-Setting Mission  ASTRO WATCH · 4 days
NASA and its International Space Station partners have set a new schedule and new crew assignments that will include the first flight of NASA... more
China to Enhance International Space Cooperation  ASTRO WATCH · 5 days
China will promote aerospace development, strengthen international cooperation and contribute Chinese wisdom, plans and strength in man's peaceful utilization of outer space, said an... more
Pushing Boundaries: An Out-of-this-world Art Project  ASTRO WATCH · 5 days
A large-scale campus collaboration is underway to visually pay homage to the significant contributions CU Boulder has made to space exploration. The SpaceTime Underpass... more
Russia to Develop New Modular Spacesuit for Cosmonauts  ASTRO WATCH · 5 days
The Zvezda Research and Production Enterprise plans to start developing a new modular spacesuit for cosmonauts in 2019 after signing... more
Astronomers Discover Third Planet in the Kepler-47 Circumbinary System  ASTRO WATCH · 6 days
Astronomers have discovered a third planet in the Kepler-47 system, securing the system’s title as the most interesting... more
TESS Discovers Its First Earth-sized Planet  ASTRO WATCH · 6 days
NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, TESS, has discovered its first Earth-sized exoplanet. The planet, named HD 21749c, is the smallest world outside our solar... more
Putin Urges Heavy Upgrade of Russian Space Industry  ASTRO WATCH · 6 days
Russia needs to heavily upgrade its space industry and improve the sector’s management model, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at... more
What Earth's Gravity Reveals About Climate Change  ASTRO WATCH · 6 days
On March 17, 2002, the German-US satellite duo GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) were launched to map the global gravitational field... more
Astronomers Take First, High-Resolution Look at Huge Star-Forming Region of Milky Way  ASTRO WATCH · 7 days
Astronomers from the United States and South Korea have made the first high-resolution, radio telescope observations of the molecular clouds within a massive star-forming... more
NEOWISE Celebrates Five Years of Asteroid Data  ASTRO WATCH · 7 days
NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) mission released its fifth year of survey data on April 11, 2019. The five... more
Meteoroid Strikes Eject Precious Water From Moon  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
Researchers from NASA and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, report that streams of meteoroids striking the Moon... more
First Emirati Astronaut Confirmed for ISS Mission  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
The identity of the first-ever Emirati, and indeed Arabic, astronaut to embark on a mission to the ISS has been confirmed, following... more
Cassini Reveals Surprises with Titan's Lakes  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
On its final flyby of Saturn's largest moon in 2017, NASA's Cassini spacecraft gathered radar data revealing that the small liquid lakes in Titan's... more
Cometary Surprise Found Inside Meteorite  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
An ancient sliver of the building blocks from which comets formed was discovered encased inside a meteorite like an insect in amber by a Carnegie-led research... more
'Snowball Chamber' Helps Researchers Use Supercooled Water to Search for Dark Matter  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
After watching YouTube videos of people supercooling water in a bottle and then triggering it to freeze by banging it, something about this concept... more
Understanding the Egg Nebula  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
The Egg Nebula is a preplanetary nebula, created by a dying star in the process of becoming a planetary nebula. Planetary nebulas have nothing to do with planets... more
Moon’s South Pole in NASA’s Landing Sites  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
NASA is working right now to send American astronauts to the surface of the Moon in five years, and the agency has... more
Travel Through Wormholes Is Possible, But Slow  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
A Harvard physicist has shown that wormholes can exist: tunnels in curved space-time, connecting two distant places, through which travel is possible.... more
DIY Gravitational Waves with 'BlackHoles@Home'  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
Researchers hoping to better interpret data from the detection of gravitational waves generated by the collision of binary black holes are turning to the public for... more
Stratolaunch Completes Historic First Flight of Aircraft  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, founded by Paul G. Allen, on Saturday successfully completed the first flight of the world’s largest all-composite aircraft, the Stratolaunch. With... more
NASA Chooses SpaceX to Launch Asteroid Redirect Test Mission  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
NASA has selected SpaceX in Hawthorne, California, to provide launch services for the agency’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test... more
Beresheet Spacecraft Fails to Land Safely on the Moon  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
Israel almost succeeded in rewriting lunar history on Thursday evening but fell short after spacecraft Beresheet (Hebrew for... more
Curiosity Rover Tastes First Sample in 'Clay-Bearing Unit'  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
Scientists working with NASA's Curiosity Mars rover have been excited to explore a region called "the clay-bearing unit" since before... more
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