Microgravity Changes Brain Connectivity: What Happens to the Human Brain in Weightlessness  ASTRO WATCH · 2 hours
An international team of Russian and Belgian researchers has found out that space travel has a significant impact on the brain: they discovered that... more
A Second Planet in the Beta Pictoris System  ASTRO WATCH · 1 day
A team of astronomers led by Anne-Marie Lagrange, a CNRS researcher at the Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble... more
6 Ways To Write Your Astronomy Research Paper  ASTRO WATCH · 4 days
Writing a technical paper about the deepest secrets of the universe isn't an easy task at all. That is why... more
How Many Earth-like Planets Are Around Sun-like Stars?  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
A new study provides the most accurate estimate of the frequency that planets that are similar to Earth in size... more
About The NASA Mars Rover 2020 Trip  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
One of the most exciting projects to be coming in only just a few short months is the NASA Mars Rover project... more
Critical Observation Made on Maunakea During First Night of Return to Operations  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
The existing astronomical observatories on Maunakea returned to operations this weekend, and it didn’t take long for a significant result to be achieved, not... more
MMS Finds First Interplanetary Shock  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
The Magnetospheric Multiscale mission — MMS — has spent the past four years using high-resolution instruments to see what no other spacecraft can. Recently, MMS made... more
Hubble's New Portrait of Jupiter  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
This new Hubble Space Telescope view of Jupiter, taken on June 27, 2019, reveals the giant planet's trademark Great Red Spot, and a more intense color... more
ALMA Dives into Black Hole’s ‘Sphere of Influence’  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
What happens inside a black hole stays inside a black hole, but what happens inside a black hole's "sphere of... more
VST Captures a Celestial Gull in Flight  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
Colorful and wispy, this intriguing collection of objects is known as the Seagull Nebula, named for its resemblance to a gull in... more
Revealing Quasars’ True Colors  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
Astronomers have identified a rare moment in the life of some of the universe's most energetic objects. Quasars were first observed 60 years ago, but their origins still... more
Astronomers Discover Vast Ancient Galaxies, Which Could Shed Light on Dark Matter  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
Astronomers used the combined power of multiple astronomical observatories around the world and in space to discover a treasure-trove of previously unknown ancient massive... more
Dead Planets Can ‘Broadcast’ for Up to a Billion Years  ASTRO WATCH · 2 weeks
Astronomers are planning to hunt for cores of exoplanets around white dwarf stars by 'tuning in'... more
New Voyage to the Universe from DESHIMA  ASTRO WATCH · 3 weeks
Researchers in Japan and the Netherlands jointly developed an originative radio receiver DESHIMA (Deep Spectroscopic High-redshift Mapper) and successfully obtained the first... more
How Deep Space Travel Could Affect the Brain  ASTRO WATCH · 3 weeks
Exposure to chronic, low dose radiation -- the conditions present in deep space -- causes neural and behavioral impairments in... more
TESS Uncovers Its ‘First Nearby Super-Earth’  ASTRO WATCH · 3 weeks
An international team of astronomers led by Cornell’s Lisa Kaltenegger has characterized the first potentially habitable world outside of our solar system discovered by... more
At the Edge of Chaos: New Method for Exoplanet Stability Analysis  ASTRO WATCH · 3 weeks
Exoplanets revolving around distant stars are coming quickly into focus with advanced technology like... more
TESS Discovers Three New Planets Nearby, Including Temperate 'Sub-Neptune'  ASTRO WATCH · 3 weeks
NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, has discovered three new worlds that are among the smallest, nearest... more
New Space Discovery Sheds Light on How Planets Form  ASTRO WATCH · 4 weeks
Researchers at Dartmouth College have discovered a planet orbiting one of the brightest young stars known, according to... more
Production Sites of Stars are Rare  ASTRO WATCH · 4 weeks
Astronomers using the Nobeyama Radio Obeservatory (NRO) 45-m telescope found that high-density gas, the material for stars, accounts for only 3% of the total... more
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