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Medical News Today: Your furniture may contain harmful chemicals  MNT · 16 seconds
Researchers found traces of toxins in the blood or urine of children living in homes with sofas containing flame-retardant chemicals or vinyl floors. more
Netflix Acquires Chinese Sci-Fi Blockbuster The Wandering Earth  Gadgets 360 · 2 hours
Netflix has acquired hit Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth, which has grossed over $600 million worldwide since its release on February 5, with a majority from China. more
News study reanalyzes the effects of noncaloric sweeteners on gut microbiota  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 hours
There is currently not enough evidence related to the effects of noncaloric sweeteners on appetite, short‑term intake, and risk of suffering from cancer or diabetes, as... more
Tesla's 'dog mode' keeps pets cool and other tech news  BBC · 9 hours
BBC Click’s Paul Carter looks at some of the best tech news stories of the week. more
Medical News Today: How to reduce your risk of asthma  MNT · 10 hours
Asthma risk factors include smoking, dust mites, and environmental pollutants, as well as many others. Steering clear of these risk factors can help people avoid developing the condition.... more
Medical News Today: What are the early signs of dementia?  MNT · 12 hours
There are 10 early signs and symptoms of dementia, including misplacing things, difficulty solving problems, and confusing times and places. Learn about the other signs in this article. more
Medical News Today: How to stop yourself or someone else from cutting  MNT · 13 hours
Cutting is a type of self-harm. Although it can be a challenging habit to break, there are many ways to prevent yourself or others... more
No, scientists didn't find a cure for HPV: Here’s what you need to know  ABC NEWS · 14 hours
A viral news story claimed a group of Mexican scientists found a cure for human papillomavirus and the cancers it... more
Medical News Today: How to tell if your baby has asthma  MNT · 14 hours
Potential signs of asthma in babies include flared nostrils, lethargy, and coughing. Learn more about the signs of asthma in babies and when to see a... more
Medical News Today: Why sleep is good for your arteries  MNT · 15 hours
A study of mice has uncovered an anti-inflammatory mechanism, involving a brain hormone through which good sleep can slow plaque buildup in arteries. more
Anthem has potential to be amazing, but it's packed with glaring problems  Windows Central · 16 hours
Anthem, BioWare's brand new sci-fi title, has finally arrived after a long wait. But was the wait worth it? Anthem, BioWare's latest in a... more
Medical News Today: Through my eyes: Opiate addiction  MNT · 16 hours
I remember my doctor telling me, 'Now, don’t get hooked on these sweetheart,' but it was too late. I already was. This is the story of my opiate addiction. more
How news coverage of terrorism may shape support for anti-Muslim policies  PHYS.ORG · 18 hours
Terrorist attacks committed by the so-called Islamic State are rising in Western countries. A new Political Psychology study indicates that how the news media portray these... more
Good news: Habitats worthy of protection in Germany are protected  PHYS.ORG · 19 hours
The world's largest coordinated network of protected areas is not located at the South Pole or in Australia, Africa, Asia or on the American continents – but in... more
Japanese spacecraft touches down on asteroid
Stanford University announces Tim Cook as its 2019 commencement speaker
Source: Google plans to announce long-rumored ‘Yeti’ hardware at GDC event
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American Airlines has cameras in some seat back screens, but says it won't use them - CNET
Want to help name a moon? You could name 5 of Jupiter's
Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart share Guinness record for Marvel X-Men roles - CNET
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Watch the first full trailer for Jordan Peele’s surreal Twilight Zone reboot
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Intel reportedly expects Apple to start the Mac’s transition to ARM next year
The world’s largest bee has been rediscovered after 38 years
Robin Hood director Otto Bathurst signed to Showtime’s Halo series
[Update: More details, new video] ‘Virtual Desks’ are coming soon to Chrome OS, here’s an early glimpse [Video]
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