Reddish-brown parts of Pluto 'indicate water'  Sky News · 2 weeks
Researchers believe it is likely that there is liquid water underground on Pluto after discovering frozen ammonia on the dwarf planet's surface. more
Ammonia detected on the surface of Pluto, hints at subterranean water  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S. and one in France has found evidence of ammonia on the surface of Pluto. In... more
Insulating Shell of Gas Hydrates May Prevent Pluto’s Subsurface Ocean from Freezing  SCI-NEWS.COM · 3 weeks
Many icy bodies in our Solar System have underground oceans. On the dwarf planet Pluto, an area called Sputnik Planitia suggests the presence of... more
On Icy Pluto, Volcanoes May Spout Liquid Water  SPACE.COM · 3 weeks
A whiff of ammonia in reddish ices on Pluto may be evidence of recent geological activity on the dwarf planet, with liquid water spewing out from Pluto's depths like molten lava would... more
Detection of ammonia on Plutos surface in a region of geologically recent tectonism  Science Magazine · 3 weeks
We report the detection of ammonia (NH3) on Pluto’s surface in spectral images obtained with the New Horizons spacecraft that show absorption... more
Icy volcanoes on Pluto may have spewed organic-rich water  SCIENCE-NEWS · 3 weeks
Planetary scientists found ammonia-rich ice near cracks on Pluto, suggesting the dwarf planet had recent icy volcanoes. more
Gas Insulation Could Be Protecting an Ocean Inside Pluto  ASTRO WATCH · 4 weeks
Computer simulations provide compelling evidence that an insulating layer of gas hydrates could keep a subsurface ocean from... more
Seven things we've learned about Ultima Thule, the farthest place visited by humans  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
About a billion miles more distant than Pluto is Ultima Thule, a peanut-shaped object in the outer solar system that's the farthest... more
Pluto Has a Buried Ocean — And So Might Many Other Worlds  SPACE.COM · 4 weeks
Buried oceans like the one sloshing beneath the icy surface of the Jupiter moon Europa may be far more common across the cosmos than... more
Gas insulation could be protecting an ocean inside Pluto  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 weeks
Computer simulations provide compelling evidence that an insulating layer of gas hydrates could keep a subsurface ocean from freezing beneath Pluto's icy exterior. more
Gas insulation could be protecting an ocean inside Pluto  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
A gassy insulating layer beneath the icy surfaces of distant celestial objects could mean there are more oceans in the universe than previously thought. Computer simulations provide compelling evidence that... more
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