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Anthem players are experiencing a rocky start to its early demo. Updated January 25, 2019: Electronic Arts has issued a formal statement following today's demo outage. While Xbox One players... more
Anthem Demo servers down? It's not just you.  Windows Central · 4 weeks
Anthem players are experiencing a rocky start to its early demo. Electronic Arts just kicked off the early access demo for Anthem, its upcoming shared-world role-playing shooter. Accessible to a limited pool... more
Anthem servers at maximum capacity? It’s not just you.  Windows Central · 4 weeks
Anthem players are experiencing a rocky start to its early demo. Electronic Arts just kicked off the early access demo for Anthem, its upcoming shared-world role-playing shooter. Accessible to a... more
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What to expect from the PlayStation 5
The Sony PlayStation Classic was a flop at $100. Now it's $40 at Walmart - CNET