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Pre-coating liposomes with an artificial protein corona reduces capture by immune system  nanowerk · 3 hours
Despite considerable, decade-long efforts in the field of nanomedicine, fewer nanoparticle technologies than expected have made it to clinical trials. Understanding the role of... more
New study provides a better understanding of Merkel cell carcinoma  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 hours
Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare and aggressive type of skin cancer. Also called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin, it is much less common than most other types... more
Move to single-patient rooms reduced rates of hospital-acquired infections  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 hours
The move to single-patient rooms at the McGill University Health Centre's Glen site in 2015 resulted in significantly reduced rates of hospital-acquired infections, suggests a study published today in the... more
Study finds increase in Medicaid-covered preemptive kidney transplants after Medicaid expansion  NEWS MEDICAL · 8 hours
Medicaid expansion has helped more young, low-income adults with advanced kidney disease to avoid the costs and poor quality-of-life associated with dialysis, reports a study in... more
Rise of dinosaurs linked to increasing oxygen levels  PHYS.ORG · 13 hours
Scientists have found that increasing oxygen levels are linked to the rise of North American dinosaurs around 215 M years ago. A new technique for measuring oxygen levels in ancient rocks shows... more
Largest genomic analysis could help improve treatment for Merkel cell carcinoma patients  NEWS MEDICAL · 18 hours
Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare, aggressive skin tumor that is diagnosed in approximately 2,000 people each year in the United States. more
All-in-one: New microbe degrades oil to gas  PHYS.ORG · 21 hours
Crude oil and gas naturally escape from the seabed in many places known as "seeps." There, these hydrocarbons move up from source rocks through fractures and sediments toward the surface, where they leak out... more
Stardust in the Antarctic snow  SCIENCE DAILY · 21 hours
The rare isotope iron-60 is created in massive stellar explosions. Only a very small amount of this isotope reaches the earth from distant stars. Now, a research team has discovered iron-60 in Antarctic snow for the first time.... more
Albumedix ground-breaking ceremony  NEWS MEDICAL · 23 hours
May 8th marked a big day in Albumedix’s history. Holding a traditional ground-breaking ceremony; our workforce, builders and contractors all gathered to watch Peter Rosholm (Chief Executive Officer) and Stuart Woodward (Chief Manufacturing Officer) take the first official step towards... more
Physicists design an experiment to pin down the origin of the elements  PHYS.ORG · 23 hours
Nearly all of the oxygen in our universe is forged in the bellies of massive stars like our sun. As these stars contract and... more
FAA launch office, with mounting workload, prioritizing reorganization over expansion  SPACE NEWS · 1 day
The Federal Aviation Administration’s space-related workload is growing faster than its workforce, but the agency wants... more
HCI unveils new mobile outreach vehicle to offer education, cancer screening services  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 day
Today Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah unveiled the Cancer Screening and Education bus. more
Regulating blood supply to limbs improves stroke recovery  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 days
Cutting off and then restoring blood supply to a limb following a stroke reduces tissue damage and swelling and improves functional recovery, according to a new study. more
New planet discovered in orbit of young Milky Way star  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
A second planet has been discovered circling Beta Pictoris, a fledgling star in our own galaxy offering astronomers a rare glimpse of a planetary system in the making,... more
Should doctors accept unvaccinated children as patients?  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 days
Four in 10 parents say they are very or somewhat likely to move their child to a different provider if their doctor sees families who refuse all childhood vaccines, according to a new national... more
Ocean warming has fisheries on the move, helping some but hurting more  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
Climate change has been steadily warming the ocean, which absorbs most of the heat trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, for 100 years.... more
Video: Moving on Mars  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
The ExoMars mission will see Rosalind Franklin the rover and its surface platform Kazachok land on the Red Planet in 2021. From fine-grained soil to large boulders and slopes, the rover has to be able to move across many types... more
Eerie 'Fire Cloud' Floats Like Alien Structure Over Washington  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
A photographer on a NASA airplane captured a rare and spectacular shot when flying through a fire cloud, a type of thunderhead that forms above a wildfire's smoke plume. more
Discover the latest advances in neuromuscular therapeutics at NMD 2019  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
The 2nd Neuromuscular Drug Development Summit, or NMD, will be held in Boston, MA, from October 23-25,2019. This event is aimed at drug developers looking to develop truly... more
Ban on sending wild elephants to zoos a step closer  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
The regulator of global wildlife trade will likely ban sending African elephants captured from the wild to zoos after countries supported the move Sunday, in what conservationists hailed... more
MS: Paleo diet may reduce fatigue by improving cholesterol  MNT · 4 days
New research finds that improving cholesterol levels by adopting a diet high in vegetables reduces exhaustion in people with multiple sclerosis. more
Medical News Today: MS: Paleo diet may reduce fatigue by improving cholesterol  MNT · 4 days
New research finds that improving cholesterol levels by adopting a diet high in vegetables reduces exhaustion in people with multiple sclerosis. more
Unraveling the stripe order mystery  PHYS.ORG · 5 days
One of the greatest mysteries in condensed matter physics is the exact relationship between charge order and superconductivity in cuprate superconductors. In superconductors, electrons move freely through the material—there is zero resistance when it's cooled below its critical... more
Enhanced tree trimming reduces storm-related power outages, study finds  PHYS.ORG · 5 days
Enhanced tree trimming reduces the number of power outages during storms by 16 to 48 percent, according to a study from UConn researchers recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Electric... more
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