A team of UBC researchers is creating a video game where Vancouver students experience the impact of their choices on climate change in a virtual reality setting. They hope to introduce the game into classrooms this fall.... CBC · 5 months
What is climate change?  CBC · 1 week
What's the difference between climate change and global warming? How do greenhouse gases and volcanoes affect the climate? CBC answers common questions about climate change. more
Alberta wildfires linked to climate change, scientist says  CBC · 2 weeks
The Fort McMurray fire and record-breaking wildfire season in B.C. in 2017 have been connected to climate change in two... more
Is climate change actually a 'climate crisis'? Some think so  CBC · 2 weeks
A movement to change the language used to describe climate change is triggering a debate over... more
Lawyers spar over case blaming US policy for climate change  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
Federal judges are wrestling over whether climate change violates the rights of young people who have sued the U.S. government over the use of fossil fuels more
'It's a problem for society': Climate change is making some homes uninsurable  CBC · 1 week
Climate change has fundamentally changed the nature of the risk for homeowners and insurance companies alike, Peter Armstrong writes. more
More energy needed to cope with climate change  nanowerk · 2 days
A new study found that by mid-century climate change will increase the demand for energy globally, even with modest warming. more
Climate change linked to thousands of puffin deaths  Sky News · 4 weeks
Climate change could be the reason why thousands of tufted puffins have starved to death in the Bering Sea, according to a new study.  more
Britain to intensify fight against climate change  ABC NEWS · 2 weeks
Britain's prime minister has announced plans to eliminate the country's net contribution to climate change by 2050 more
Leftovers from logging and wildfires can benefit wildlife habitats, says UBC researcher  CBC · 1 week
A UBC biology professor says forest management practices in B.C. should consider the benefits of leaving wood debris from forest harvesting, insect outbreaks, and wildfires due to... more
Climate change solutions mean revolution for our daily lives  Sky News · 2 weeks
Climate change will affect all of us in the coming years, and so will the solutions. more
How documentaries seek to bring climate change stories to life  CBC · 5 days
From heartbreaking footage of struggling wildlife to music videos designed to go viral, some filmmakers and... more
How debris from logging and wildfires can benefit wildlife: UBC researcher  CBC · 1 week
A UBC biology professor says forest management practices in B.C. should consider the benefits of leaving wood... more
US court weighs if climate change violates children's rights  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
Federal judges are wrestling over whether climate change violates the rights of young people who have sued the U.S. government over the use of fossil fuels more
Climate change lawsuit vs. US government faces court test  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
An appeals court will hear arguments about whether a lawsuit saying U.S. energy policies are causing climate change should move forward more
Why CBC News is doing a series on climate change  CBC · 1 week
Climate change is a critical issue for our readers, viewers and listeners, and recent polling suggests... more
Emails: Trump official consulting climate-change rejecters  ABC NEWS · 2 weeks
Emails show a Trump administration national security official seeking help crafting challenges to climate change science from advisers with a controversial think tank more
Spain honors research of plants' role against climate change  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
A Spanish foundation says two prominent biologists working separately on how plants can help fight climate change have won Spain's Princess of Asturias award for scientific research more
Why environmentalists are taking their climate fight to Canadian courtrooms  CBC · 5 days
A growing wave of climate litigation worldwide is led by environmentalists and communities aiming to force... more
UN expert: Millions face dire poverty from climate change  ABC NEWS · 13 hours
A United Nations expert on poverty says hundreds of millions of people around the world face hunger, displacement, disease and death because of climate change more
Young Americans' lawsuit on climate change faces big hurdle  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
A lawsuit by a group of young people who say U.S. energy policies are causing climate change and hurting their future faces a major hurdle more
Medical groups warn climate change is a 'health emergency'  ABC NEWS · 2 days
As Democrats prepare for their 1st 2020 presidential debate, medical groups call climate change a 'health emergency' more
Esports player Ninja fails to qualify for Fortnite World Cup - CNET  CNET · 3 days
Video game's biggest name won't be playing at the massive video game tournament next month. more
Feeling helpless about climate change? There's lots you can do  CBC · 5 days
In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we speak to a psychologist and author about... more
Could Canada be a safe haven for climate refugees?  CBC · 6 days
Climate change is expected to raise sea levels by two metres by 2100, which could force millions from... more
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