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trump s fcc plans to abandon net neutrality regulations allowing paid internet fast lanes u Trump’s FCC plans to abandon net neutrality regulations, allowing paid Internet fast lanes [U]
9to5Mac [Update: The FCC today has released a Fact Sheet along... 18 minutes
For Thanksgiving Travelers, Stormy Weather Ahead on US Coasts (Satellite Photo)
SPACE.COM Foul weather could make Thanksgiving travel rough for a lot of folks, a new satellite photo shows. 38 minutes
EasySMX Wireless Headset is an affordable semi-wireless headset for Xbox One
Windows Central This headset delivers semi-wireless comfort, and it won't break the bank. Where headsets are concerned, a bulky wire can make a big difference in comfort. The... 38 minutes
Good News: ‘Justice League’ Looks To Win This Weekend’s Box Office; Bad News: It Also Looks To Cost WB $50 Million
How to make Windows Defender Antivirus scan external drives for malware
Windows Central Windows Defender Antivirus doesn't scan removable drives during full scans by default, but there are ways to enable the functionality. Here's how. Although Windows Defender Antivirus... 2 hours
Engineers model the California reservoir network
PHYS.ORG For the first time, engineers at Caltech have developed an empirical statewide model of the California reservoir network. The model was built from data gathered over a 13-year period that includes the latest drought, allowing researchers... 4 hours
apple s latest ai research explores the problem of mapping systems for self driving cars Apple’s latest AI research explores the problem of mapping systems for self-driving cars
THE VERGE Apple’s ambitions to build a self-driving car have reportedly shifted... 5 hours
A look at the evolution of Xbox One, four years after launch
Windows Central We take a look at the past four years, with a deeper dive into the growth of Xbox One, and how Microsoft evolved around... 5 hours
OpEd: What Will Happen To Warner Brothers’ DC Film Lineup After ‘Justice League”s Weak Opening?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s hard to believe that a... 5 hours
fcc releases final proposal to end net neutrality FCC releases final proposal to end net neutrality
THE VERGE The FCC has released the final draft of its proposal to destroy net neutrality. The order removes nearly every net... 5 hours
Antibiotics resistance: Researchers succeed to block genes of resistance
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have design better molecules that make it harder for plasmids to move between bacteria. 5 hours
Should Uber users be worried about data hack?
PHYS.ORG The theft of the personal data of 57 million Uber riders and drivers highlights how vulnerable we make ourselves when we install apps on our mobile phones and tablet computers. 4 hours
WATCH: Nearly half of cancer deaths linked to preventable risk factors: Study
ABC NEWS A new study suggests that nearly half the country's cancers may be preventable through decisions we make every day. 4 hours
Win a Surface Book 2 from Windows Central!
Windows Central Microsoft's Surface vision is coming into focus and with the Surface Book 2 13 it has again set the bar for the ultimate PC laptop. They always say wait for version two... 4 hours
EA reportedly fired Plants vs. Zombies creator after his refusal to make sequel pay-to-win [Updated]
Windows Central EA has been surrounded by a string of controversies regarding loot crates recently. Star Wars Battlefront II featured... 5 hours
Yet Another Justice League Collaborator Calls For Zack Snyder’s Cut Of The Film
CINEMA BLEND Since Justice League's release, tens of thousands of fans have... 6 hours
How Much Money Star Wars: The Last Jedi Could Make On Opening Weekend
CINEMA BLEND As we inch closer and closer to the release of... 6 hours
Leica CL pictures and full-resolution photo samples - CNET
CNET Innovative controls plus form-over-function omissions make the CL a great but occasionally frustrating mirrorless to use. 7 hours
android wear v2 6 adds a recent app button alongside network status indicators and more Android Wear v2.6 adds a Recent App button alongside network status indicators and more
9to5Google Android Wear 2.0 has a lot of great... 7 hours
Havit I18 is an affordable wireless headset that looks expensive
Windows Central There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of headphones available today at low or affordable prices. The Havit I18 is one of these budget wearables, but they look... 8 hours
WATCH: Nearly half of all cancer deaths linked to preventable risk factors: study
ABC NEWS A new study suggests that nearly half of the country's cancers may be preventable through decisions we make every day. 9 hours
vivaldi web browser 1 13 for power users gains new multi tab management features Vivaldi Web Browser 1.13 for Power Users Gains New Multi-Tab Management Features
MacRumors Vivaldi web browser, the spiritual successor to Opera 12, released version 1.13 on Wednesday, introducing an easier way of managing multiple tabs, as well... 10 hours
This Is Who Was Removed From John F. Kennedy File Release
DISCLOSE.TV After 54 years, STILL not all the data in the JFK files has been released. To make it clear, there is one person who is still... 13 hours
AT&T suit may herald a new antitrust era - or Trumpian pique
PHYS.ORG The Trump administration's decision to oppose the $85 billion AT&T-Time Warner merger may be clouded by suspicions of political influence. But considered on its... 13 hours
Season of festivities can increase opportunities to overindulge in alcohol
NEWS MEDICAL With the end of the year approaching, it is the season of festivities. From work parties to friends and family gatherings, all of these celebrations can lead to... 14 hours
How Hulu’s Runaways took its fresh look at superheroes directly from the comics
See Ant-Man's New Suit In A Paul Rudd Video From The Ant-Man And The Wasp Set
This robot made of algae can swim through your body—thanks to magnets
Science Magazine
Apple Shares New 'Sway' Holiday Ad Featuring AirPods and iPhone X
New Rick And Morty Video Delivers A Sincerely Heartwarming Backstory For Fan Favorite Character
Watch these whales exfoliate their way to healthy skin—by rubbing on rocks
Science Magazine
Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?
Bowhead whales come to Cumberland Sound in Nunavut to exfoliate
Apple's Beats supports Kaepernick in pulsating new ad - CNET
Samsung Galaxy S9 w/ dual-camera only on ‘Plus’ model rumored for tease at CES
Elon Musk files permit to begin digging underground tunnel in LA
Watch JJ Abrams Try To Give Star Wars IX Spoilers To A Fan But Things Go Horribly
The Big Way Dancing With The Stars Is Changing Up Its Next Season
Netflix's She's Gotta Have It tells a familiar story in a new way
How drones are being used in Zanzibar's fight against malaria