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High-speed quantum encryption may help secure the future internet
PHYS.ORG Recent advances in quantum computers may soon give hackers access to machines powerful enough to crack even the toughest of standard internet security codes. With these codes broken, all of... 49 minutes
Get the real deals on Cyber Monday video - CNET
CNET Here's a few tips to tell if a deal is actually a good deal before you buy on Cyber Monday. 2 hours
Jimmy Fallon's Prince Cover For Macy's Parade Did Not Make The Internet Very Happy
CINEMA BLEND Jimmy Fallon is all about inspiring smiles, but... 2 hours
Firm becomes first in US to offer online virtual sport betting
PHYS.ORG The company behind internet gambling website became the first in the U.S. to let gamblers bet real money online on the outcome of virtual sports... 2 hours
on today s special live vergecast we re thankful for the internet On today’s special live Vergecast, we’re thankful for the internet
THE VERGE When I split the wishbone yesterday, I wished for a very special live Vergecast with my... 3 hours
this man wading into a huge wasps nest captures the spirit of black friday This man wading into a huge wasps’ nest captures the spirit of Black Friday
THE VERGE VIDEO Thanks to online shopping, Black Friday has become... 5 hours
Old, meet new: Drones, high-tech camera revamp archaeology
ABC NEWS Scientists from Dartmouth College are turning to several high-tech tools that could help their fellow archaeologists make discoveries by speeding up the search 4 hours
Former NASA Scientist Debunks all UFO Sightings, Blames Many on Mundane Space Dandruff - Newsweek
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Science writer Meghan Bartels uses a recent "cover-up" claim against the European Space Agency to bring up a... 6 hours
how repealing net neutrality in u s could hurt canadian pocketbooks How repealing net neutrality in U.S. could hurt Canadian pocketbooks
CBC If the U.S. repeals net neutrality rules, it will affect how Americans access the internet. But... 6 hours
Net neutrality could spur the next big political movement - CNET
CNET As the FCC tries to dismantle net neutrality rules, Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii says internet-savvy, young people could become a political force. 6 hours
Black Friday and Cyber Monday: top tips
BBC How to bag the best of the bargains. 8 hours
what s the last day to eat halloween candy What’s The Last Day To Eat Halloween Candy?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS By the enchanted edict of supernatural law, and those of luck itself, the last day to eat Halloween candy is... 19 hours
Microsoft wants to revamp gameplay social sharing on Xbox One
Windows Central Sharing gameplay and other memorable moments is an essential part of gaming nowadays. Players frequently post videos not only on YouTube, but also on Facebook and Twitter. Other... 20 hours
4 things to do with your nintendo switch on thanksgiving weekend 4 things to do with your Nintendo Switch on Thanksgiving weekend
THE VERGE Nintendo’s latest device, the Switch, is perhaps the most flexible gaming machine ever created.... 22 hours
The absolute best Xbox One Black Friday deals and discounts - CNET
CNET We scoured the depths of the internet to find all the best Black Friday deals for all your Xbox needs. 22 hours
Nanosponges show promise for potentially blinding eye infections
SCIENCE DAILY Using a mouse model that engineered nanosponges can be used to protect eyes from infections caused by Enterococcus faecalis, researchers demonstrate. Enterococcus faecalis contain a toxin called cytolysin, which is found in... 1 day
Quantum internet goes hybrid
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers report the first demonstration of an elementary link of a hybrid quantum information network, using a cold atomic cloud and a doped crystal as quantum nodes as well as single telecom photons as information carriers. The study demonstrates the... 1 day
americans are spending thanksgiving fighting for net neutrality Americans are spending Thanksgiving fighting for net neutrality
THE VERGE Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission released its final plan to kill off the net neutrality policies put in... 1 day
lyft raising additional 500 million on top of recent 1 billion round Lyft raising additional $500 million on top of recent $1 billion round
TechCrunch  Lyft is seeking to raise an additional $500 million, over and above the $1 billion it raised in a round led by Alphabet venture... 1 day
the us net neutrality fight affects the whole world The US net neutrality fight affects the whole world
THE VERGE The United States is a nation quarreling with itself right now. Most of the country’s population wants to... 1 day
Experiments in robotics could help Amazon beat Australia's slow delivery problem
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Amazon's launch in Australia today is likely to put fresh scrutiny on the speed of Australia Post's own deliveries. To that end, Australia Post is trialling... 1 day
What happens once 'net neutrality' rules bite the dust? (Update)
PHYS.ORG The Federal Communications Commission formally released a draft of its plan to kill net-neutrality rules , which equalized access to the internet and prevented broadband providers from favoring... 2 days
thanksgiving is the last day to remove halloween decor Thanksgiving Is The Last Day To Remove Halloween Decor!
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS In order to avoid the specter of bad luck that surrounds those obsessing over a particular holiday one... 2 days
Black Friday guide: How to score the best deals this year
ABC NEWS Here is a roundup of the best Black Friday shopping tips. 2 days
if portugal is a net neutrality nightmare we re already living in it If Portugal is a net neutrality nightmare, we’re already living in it
THE VERGE A few weeks ago, as it seemed more and more likely that FCC chairman Ajit Pai would successfully dismantle US net neutrality rules, California... 2 days
Pixel 2 XL proves less bendable than Pixel 2 in durability, torture test [Video]
Pixel 2 XL proves less bendable than Pixel 2 in durability, torture test [Video]
Unique moth species looks like a hummingbird
LONDON LOCKDOWN: Oxford Street & Circus swarmed by terror police
LONDON LOCKDOWN: Oxford Street & Circus swarmed by terror police
Best Friend from Heaven (2017)
Samsung is apparently adding a backlit keyboard to the Chromebook Pro
First Trailer for 'Journeyman' - Written & Directed by Paddy Considine
Face Unlock for the OnePlus 5T is designed for convenience but isn’t very secure, may be coming to OnePlus 5
First Teaser Trailer for Animated 'Smallfoot' About a Kind-Hearted Yeti
Review: Chocolate Hub 2 is a perfect desk companion and an even better stocking stuffer
This man wading into a huge wasps’ nest captures the spirit of Black Friday
We asked the editor of 'Downsizing' if he misses cutting film - CNET
Former NASA Scientist Debunks all UFO Sightings, Blames Many on Mundane Space Dandruff - Newsweek
Which Amazon Echo device should you buy? - CNET