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Raging debate: Does culling wolves curb poaching?
PHYS.ORG A researcher in Norway launched the latest salvo Wednesday in a fierce, sometimes caustic debate on how legal hunting impacts the poaching of large predators. 38 seconds
trump s fcc plans to abandon net neutrality regulations allowing paid internet fast lanes u Trump’s FCC plans to abandon net neutrality regulations, allowing paid Internet fast lanes [U]
9to5Mac [Update: The FCC today has released a Fact Sheet along... 18 minutes
Which Walking Dead Star Convinced David Morrissey To Play The Governor
CINEMA BLEND David Morrissey wasn't sure if he wanted to join the cast of The Walking... 46 minutes
Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Adds Jude Law In A Key Lead Role
CINEMA BLEND Marvel has set its sights on Jude Law to join Captain Marvel in a important lead role. 2 hours
AutoComplete: GMC Sierra All Mountain concept tackles the white stuff with ease video - Roadshow
CNET Plus: Bosch tries to reinvent the brake disc, and Aston Martin shows off its latest racecar. 3 hours
Artificially lit surface of Earth at night increasing in radiance and extent
Science Magazine A central aim of the "lighting revolution" (the transition to solid-state lighting technology) is decreased energy consumption. This could be undermined by a rebound... 3 hours
Elgato's Stream Deck gets built-in Mixer integration
Windows Central Elgato's Stream Deck is making it easier for Mixer streamers to deploy ridiculous GIFs and chat messages at a touch with its latest update. Elgato makes some of the most popular tools for game... 3 hours
call our circuit breaker live hotline to get emotional gadget support on cyber monday Call our Circuit Breaker Live hotline to get emotional gadget support on Cyber Monday
THE VERGE Hey there. How you feeling? Ready to regret... 3 hours
Andy Serkis talks about the evolution of motion capture video - CNET
CNET The job of acting hasn't changed for Andy Serkis, he tells us, but the technology has. 3 hours
The Pixar Veteran Who Might Take Over For John Lasseter
CINEMA BLEND Pixar's John Lasseter is the latest in a long line of entertainment executives who is stepping... 3 hours
Engineers model the California reservoir network
PHYS.ORG For the first time, engineers at Caltech have developed an empirical statewide model of the California reservoir network. The model was built from data gathered over a 13-year period that includes the latest drought, allowing researchers... 4 hours
Ribbed mussels could help improve urban water quality
PHYS.ORG Ribbed mussels can remove nitrogen and other excess nutrients from an urban estuary and could help improve water quality in other urban and coastal locations, according to a study in New York... 3 hours
ASUS ROG Zephyrus review: A glimpse at the future of gaming laptops
Windows Central The ASUS ROG Zephyrus is an early peek at the future of gaming laptops. And it's a future we like the look of very... 4 hours
Tencent, China's technology giant, is now worth more than Facebook
ABC NEWS Tencent is the fifth most valuable company in the world. 5 hours
Energy from electric cars could power our lives—but only if we improve the system
PHYS.ORG Power stored in electric cars could be sent back to the grid - thereby supporting the grid and acting as... 5 hours
Win a Surface Book 2 from Windows Central!
Windows Central Microsoft's Surface vision is coming into focus and with the Surface Book 2 13 it has again set the bar for the ultimate PC laptop. They always say wait for version two... 4 hours
apple s latest ai research explores the problem of mapping systems for self driving cars Apple’s latest AI research explores the problem of mapping systems for self-driving cars
THE VERGE Apple’s ambitions to build a self-driving car have reportedly shifted... 5 hours
7 DC Villains Who Are Most Likely To Join Lex Luthor's New Team
CINEMA BLEND Lex Luthor is assembling his own team of DCEU villains... 6 hours
lyft receives permission to test self driving cars in california Lyft receives permission to test self-driving cars in California
THE VERGE The latest company to receive a permit to test self-driving cars on public roads in California only just... 6 hours
macy s launches apple watch series 1 black friday discount 38mm for 180 and 42mm for 210 Macy's Launches Apple Watch Series 1 Black Friday Discount: 38mm for $180 and 42mm for $210
MacRumors The latest Black Friday... 7 hours
lyft gets approval to test self driving cars on public roads in california Lyft gets approval to test self-driving cars on public roads in California
TechCrunch  Lyft is the latest company to be added to the ever-growing list of those permitted to test their self-driving technology on California state public... 8 hours
New technology will help blind people 'see' at the cinema
PHYS.ORG Sight loss affects around two million people in the UK, a number that is likely to increase to four million by 2050. 8 hours
Havit I18 is an affordable wireless headset that looks expensive
Windows Central There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of headphones available today at low or affordable prices. The Havit I18 is one of these budget wearables, but they look... 8 hours
android wear v2 6 adds a recent app button alongside network status indicators and more Android Wear v2.6 adds a Recent App button alongside network status indicators and more
9to5Google Android Wear 2.0 has a lot of great... 7 hours
Microsoft's embrace of iOS and Android is not a new mobile strategy
Windows Central With Windows 10 Mobile's imminent demise, Microsoft's iOS and Android investments are the company's new mobile strategy, right? Wrong. Many have presumed Microsoft's progress... 9 hours
How Hulu’s Runaways took its fresh look at superheroes directly from the comics
See Ant-Man's New Suit In A Paul Rudd Video From The Ant-Man And The Wasp Set
This robot made of algae can swim through your body—thanks to magnets
Science Magazine
Apple Shares New 'Sway' Holiday Ad Featuring AirPods and iPhone X
New Rick And Morty Video Delivers A Sincerely Heartwarming Backstory For Fan Favorite Character
Watch these whales exfoliate their way to healthy skin—by rubbing on rocks
Science Magazine
Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?
Bowhead whales come to Cumberland Sound in Nunavut to exfoliate
Apple's Beats supports Kaepernick in pulsating new ad - CNET
Samsung Galaxy S9 w/ dual-camera only on ‘Plus’ model rumored for tease at CES
Elon Musk files permit to begin digging underground tunnel in LA
Watch JJ Abrams Try To Give Star Wars IX Spoilers To A Fan But Things Go Horribly
The Big Way Dancing With The Stars Is Changing Up Its Next Season
Netflix's She's Gotta Have It tells a familiar story in a new way
How drones are being used in Zanzibar's fight against malaria