In new laboratory experiments conducted by researchers from the University of Maryland, the University of Hong Kong and Harvard School of Public Health, surgical masks significantly reduced the amounts of various airborne viruses coming from infected patients. Conducted prior to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the study does not address the question of whether surgical masks [...]... SCI-NEWS.COM · 2 months
Face masks essential in combating asymptomatic spread of SARS-CoV-2 aerosols and droplets  NEWS MEDICAL · 7 days
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) occurs through the transmission of droplets and aerosols from infected people through speaking, breathing, coughing, and sneezing. Wearing masks can... more
Face masks may reduce COVID-19 spread by 85%, WHO-backed study suggests  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
The WHO-backed study found that face masks and eye protection really do prevent spread of COVID-19. more
Research looks at best ways to disinfect N95 masks for reuse  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
The world is gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The health care personnel and those caring for... more
What happens to waste PPE during the coronavirus pandemic?  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
All over the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen more and more people admitted to hospital, where the high infection rate of the virus makes use of personal protection equipment... more
Distancing, masks and eye gear protects against spread of SARS-CoV-2 finds large study  NEWS MEDICAL · 22 hours
In a comprehensive systemic analysis of different studies, researchers have found that physical distancing, use of face masks, and eye protection were... more
The Latest: Egypt orders the wearing of face masks in public  ABC NEWS · 6 days
Egypt has ordered its people to wear face masks in public, when taking private transportation, and inside government offices as it eases the partial lockdown imposed... more
Cloth masks may reduce transmission of COVID-19  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
The evidence shows that cloth masks, particularly those with several layers of cotton cloth, block droplet and aerosol contamination of the environment, which may reduce transmission of COVID-19. more
Are masks the new face of our society? Science and the changing landscape of human expression  PHYS.ORG · 7 days
As masks become the norm in a post-COVID-19 world, experts discuss adapting to new social cues,... more
UK U-turns on masks as lockdown-easing steps spark confusion  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
The British government has performed an about-face on masks, telling people to cover their mouth and nose in shops, buses and subway trains more
New replaceable filter for N95 Masks potentially blocks more virus particles  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there's been a worldwide shortage of face masks -- particularly, the N95 ones worn by health care workers. more
Evidence supports physical distancing to prevent COVID-19 transmission  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
A comprehensive review of existing evidence supports physical distancing of two metres or more to prevent person-to-person transmission of COVID-19, says an international team led by McMaster University and St. Joseph's Healthcare... more
The Latest: Spain to consider requiring masks in public  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
Spain’s health minister says the government will consider making the use of face masks mandatory in public spaces more
A replaceable, more efficient filter for N95 masks  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there's been a worldwide shortage of face masks—particularly, the N95 ones worn by health care workers. Although these coverings provide the highest level of protection currently available,... more
Mitch McConnell stresses need to wear face masks in public  ABC NEWS · 1 week
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is stressing the importance of wearing masks in public as the nation's economy reopens more
California to get $247M refund as masks face delivery delay  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
California will get a $247 million refund because of delayed delivery of protective masks it ordered under a deal with a Chinese manufacturer more
Researchers collaboratively evaluate mask effectiveness to prevent coronavirus pandemic  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
In the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, masks were in such short supply they were nearly impossible to find. As a result, people began creating substitute masks out of... more
Aerosol transmission through new vs. reused N95 masks  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
The world is grappling with the worst pandemic in over 100 years. Caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), a novel coronavirus which emerged in China in December 2019... more
The Latest: South Korea sending masks to adoptees abroad  ABC NEWS · 2 weeks
South Korea says it plans to send 370,000 face masks to tens of thousands of South Korea-born adoptees living in the West to help them weather the coronavirus more
Reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2  Science Magazine · 1 week
Masks and testing are necessary to combat asymptomatic spread in aerosols and droplets more
Viral shedding among pre-symptomatic COVID-19 patients finds study  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
Researchers from Bangalore, India, have found that 68 percent of pre-symptomatic patients with COVID-19 may be shedding the virus and potentially infecting others. Their study titled, “Quantitative COVID-19 infectiousness estimate correlating with... more
Study shows broad geographic and evolutionary dispersal of betacoronaviruses from African bats  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
A research group from Nigeria found evidence of long-distance transmission and dispersal between bat coronaviruses isolated in Africa and the ones Europe and Asia,... more
Single Use Surgical donates 5p from every product sold in the UK to Cavell Nurses’ Trust  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
Single Use Surgical will donate 5p from the sale of every disposable surgical instrument sold in... more
Bat 'super immunity' may explain how bats carry coronaviruses, study finds  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 weeks
Researchers have uncovered how bats can carry the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus without getting sick -- research that could shed light on how coronaviruses... more
New tool could help prevent and reduce the number of coronavirus cases  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
One of the most effective measures for containing the transmission of a virus is to identify who an infected person has been in contact... more
Cross-neutralization of SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses by a monoclonal antibody  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
An antibody first identified in a blood sample from a patient who recovered from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2003 inhibits related coronaviruses, including the cause of COVID-19. more
The Latest: Face of Italy's virus deniers unmasked at rally  ABC NEWS · 2 days
Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered in Rome shunning masks to protest the Italian government's actions to slow the spread of the coronavirus more
Bat 'super immunity' may explain how bats carry coronaviruses  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
A University of Saskatchewan (USask) research team has uncovered how bats can carry the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus without getting sick—research that could shed light on how coronaviruses... more
Researchers to study the ability of optical radiation to disinfect surfaces  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Now and in the months to come, hospitals and commercial buildings will be tasked with sanitizing large indoor environments to prevent the transmission of viruses like... more
'No mask, no service' rule is OK for businesses, Cuomo says  ABC NEWS · 1 week
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he will give businesses the right to deny entry to people not wearing masks or face coverings more
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