Since the discovery of insulin nearly 100 years ago, scientists have explored how it interacts with its receptor with the goal of improving the ability of therapeutic insulins to mimic the way insulin works in the body.... NEWS MEDICAL · 2 months
Take heart: Study reveals how relaxin targets cardiovascular disease  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
As a healthy heart ages, it becomes more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. Though researchers have discovered that relaxin, an insulin-like hormone, suppresses atrial fibrillation (AF), inflammation, and fibrosis in aged... more
Non-fibrillating form of human insulin could improve treatment for diabetes patients  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
In a promising discovery that could improve the clinical delivery of insulin for people living with diabetes, scientists have developed a non-fibrillating form of human insulin. more
High cost of insulin has life-threatening implications for patients with Type 1 diabetes  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
The most commonly used forms of insulin cost 10 times more in the U.S. than in any other developed country, according to... more
mDia1/3-dependent actin polymerization spatiotemporally controls LAT phosphorylation by Zap70 at the immune synapse  Science Magazine · 4 weeks
The mechanism by which the cytosolic protein Zap70 physically interacts with and phosphorylates its substrate, the transmembrane protein LAT, upon T cell... more
Specific insulin-like peptide regulates how beetle 'weapons' grow  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
A scientist from Tokyo Metropolitan University and coworkers have discovered that a specific insulin-like peptide called ILP2 regulates the size of the mandibles in Gnatocerus cornutus beetles in different nutritional environments. They... more
Study unravels new insights into a Parkinson's disease protein  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
The new study explores alpha-synuclein's basic properties, with a focus on a section of the protein known as the non-amyloidal component (NAC). The research was done on fruit fly larvae... more
Modulation of lymphocyte-mediated tissue repair by rational design of heterocyclic aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonists  Science Magazine · 2 weeks
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) is an essential regulator of gut immunity and a promising therapeutic target for inflammatory bowel disease... more
Structure-guided discovery of a single-domain antibody agonist against human apelin receptor  Science Magazine · 2 weeks
Developing antibody agonists targeting the human apelin receptor (APJ) is a promising therapeutic approach for the treatment of chronic heart failure. Here, we report the structure-guided... more
In a nearby galaxy, a fast radio burst unravels more questions than answers  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
For more than a decade, astronomers across the globe have wrestled with the perplexities of fast radio bursts—intense, unexplained cosmic flashes of... more
Decreased nonspecific adhesivity, receptor-targeted therapeutic nanoparticles for primary and metastatic breast cancer  Science Magazine · 2 weeks
Development of effective tumor cell–targeted nanodrug formulations has been quite challenging, as many nanocarriers and targeting moieties exhibit nonspecific binding to cellular, extracellular, and... more
Improving the manipulation of microparticles by sound  PHYS.ORG · 4 days
A simple but accurate theory of how sound interacts with small particles has been developed by theoretical physicists at RIKEN. This advance will help to improve the manipulation of microparticles by sound. more
Research unravels consequences of Zika virus attack on neural cells  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 day
Previous studies regarding the damage of the Zika virus on the brain had already pointed out the virus's predilection for a certain neural cell: the astrocyte. However, few... more
Interplay between relaxin and Wnt signaling has positive effects on aging heart  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
As a healthy heart ages, it becomes more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. Though researchers have discovered that relaxin, an insulin-like hormone, suppresses atrial fibrillation... more
The mysterious movement of water molecules  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
Water is all around us and essential for life. Nevertheless, research into its behavior at the atomic level -- above all how it interacts with surfaces -- is thin on the ground. Thanks to a new... more
The mysterious movement of water molecules  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Water is ubiquitous and essential for life. Nevertheless, experimental information about its behaviour on the atomic level—above all how it interacts with surfaces—is scarce. Thanks to a new experimental method, TU Graz researchers have now delivered... more
Cell growth: Intricate network of potential new regulatory mechanisms has been decoded  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Whether a cell grows, divides or dies is controlled, among other things, by receptors that messenger substances bind to externally. A research team from... more
Blocking AHR receptor can reverse obesity, study finds  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
Obesity, a global epidemic, is a known contributor to several cancers, including breast, colon, and pancreatic. Stopping the obesity epidemic could be a critical aid in preventing and treating numerous cancers. Researchers... more
Beyond mass spectrometry, the next step in proteomics  Science Magazine · 3 weeks
Proteins can be the root cause of a disease, and they can be used to cure it. The need to identify these critical actors was recognized early (1951) by Sanger; the first... more
Researchers visualize molecular organization of TNFα receptor molecules  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
Whether a sick cell dies, divides, or travels through the body is regulated by a sophisticat-ed interplay of signal molecules and receptors on the cell membrane. more
Researchers obtain 'high-definition' view of diabetes-related proteins  PHYS.ORG · 4 days
Scientists have examined a key receptor for the first time at high resolution—broadening understanding of how it might function, and opening the door to future improvements in treating conditions such as type 2 diabetes. more
Lab tests reveal that newly discovered T-cell can kill various types of cancer  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Scientists have discovered a T-cell receptor that has proven effective in targeting a variety of cancers in mice and in human cells... more
Taking high dose of vitamin D linked lower blood pressure in overweight children  NEWS MEDICAL · 7 days
Overweight and obese vitamin D-deficient children who took a relatively high dose of vitamin D every day for six months had lower... more
"B"-fing up immune-mediated diseases  Science Magazine · 4 weeks
Extensive characterization of B cell receptor repertoires across six immune-mediated diseases reveals novel insights into disease pathogenesis. more
'Super' simulations offer fresh insight into serotonin receptors  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
Scientists at the University of Maryland (UMD) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have discovered a way to detect the molecular mechanism by which 5HT3A, a serotonin receptor located... more
Mechanism for how common gene therapy vectors enter cells  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 days
Researchers have identified a novel cellular entry factor for adeno-associated virus vector (AAV) types -- the most commonly used viral vectors for in vivo gene therapy. The researchers identified that... more
Updated breast cancer guideline offers recommendations for handling cases with low ER expression  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
The updated guideline for estrogen and progesterone receptor (ER/PgR) testing in breast cancer, published jointly today by the College of American Pathologists... more
A two-way molecular dialogue between embryo and endosperm is required for seed development  Science Magazine · 5 days
The plant embryonic cuticle is a hydrophobic barrier deposited de novo by the embryo during seed development. At germination, it protects the... more
Reduction of AMPA receptor activity on mature oligodendrocytes attenuates loss of myelinated axons in autoimmune neuroinflammation  Science Magazine · 3 weeks
Glutamate dysregulation occurs in multiple sclerosis (MS), but whether excitotoxic mechanisms in mature oligodendrocytes contribute to... more
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