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this is clickbait This is clickbait
THE VERGE VIDEO Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week, we’re rediscovering the art of Rickrolling. For good. As we... 5 hours
Scientists home in on landing site for the next Mars rover
Science Magazine Nonbinding vote seems to endorse ambitious traverse 22 hours
Uber tests 'Uber Works' to supply on-demand temporary workers - CNET
CNET The ride-hailing company could also become a temp agency. 23 hours
Amazon says it will add 1,000 more employees in the UK, bringing the total to 28,500, bucking the Brexit chill
TechCrunch A lot of uncertainty hangs over the UK... 23 hours
ula sends aehf 4 screaming through the atmosphere on powerful atlas v ULA Sends AEHF-4 Screaming Through the Atmosphere on Powerful Atlas V
ASTRO WATCH United Launch Alliance successfully completed another major milestone in the completion of the U.S.... 24 hours
New Microsoft Garage app aims to make expense reporting a breeze
Windows Central Built by the MileIQ team, "Spend" is an automatic expense tracker built for businesses and workers. A number of interesting apps have spawned out of Microsoft's... 24 hours
uber is testing an on demand staffing business called uber works Uber is testing an on-demand staffing business called Uber Works
THE VERGE Uber is testing an on-demand staffing business called Uber Works, according to the Financial Times. The... 1 day
What Caused This Man's Nail to Turn Brown and Striped?
LIVE SCIENCE Chemotherapy can have odd effects on a person's hair and nails, but in one man's case, the cancer treatment created a particularly striking pattern. 1 day
A ton of people don’t know that Facebook owns WhatsApp
TechCrunch Americans looking to reduce their reliance on products from tech’s most alarmingly megalithic companies might be surprised to learn just how far their reach extends. Privacy-minded browser company... 1 day
Manufacturers adopt robots that help human workers, not replace them. For now
PHYS.ORG During more than 25 years as a factory worker, David Young has seen a parade of robots take over tasks he and his colleagues... 1 day
some rockstar employees dispute the idea that they re overworked Some Rockstar employees dispute the idea that they’re overworked
THE VERGE Rockstar employees are speaking out against reports that the developer forces its workers into extreme crunch. The company... 1 day
Saint-Tropez cleans up after Mediterranean oil spill
PHYS.ORG French workers on Thursday scooped balls of tar off the beach in Saint-Tropez after oil that leaked from two ships which collided washed ashore in the Riviera resort. 1 day
15% of students admit to buying essays. What can universities do about it?
PHYS.ORG New research on plagiarism at university has revealed students are surprisingly unconcerned about a practice known as "contract cheating". 1 day
Proxxi saves workers from getting electrocuted
TechCrunch There are some gadgets that are nice to have – iPhones, sous vide wands – and some gadgets that you must have. Proxxi fits in the latter camp. Proxxi is an always-on sensor that buzzes when... 1 day
Most hand car wash workers are subject to some form of labour exploitation, says new report
PHYS.ORG Workers in most hand car washes in the UK are subject to some form of labour... 1 day
the new world s thinnest phone slots into a business card case The new ‘world’s thinnest phone’ slots into a business card case
THE VERGE VIDEO Business cards are still an inescapable part of life for most Japanese workers, so... 2 days
ula ceo bruno new competitors in military launch market good for the country ULA CEO Bruno: New competitors in military launch market ‘good for the country’
SPACE NEWS Between now and when the the Air Force starts buying... 2 days
first up satcom intelsat invests in amn iridium gets 44 million disa contract extension nsr finds slow growth in satellite operator revenues FIRST UP Satcom | Intelsat invests in AMN • Iridium gets $44 million DISA contract extension • NSR finds slow growth in satellite operator revenues
SPACE NEWS ... 2 days
telecom lobbyists investigated over fake net neutrality comments Telecom lobbyists investigated over fake net neutrality comments
THE VERGE The New York Attorney General’s Office subpoenaed over a dozen different telecommunications lobbying groups on Tuesday to help determine whether... 2 days
atlas 5 rocket lifts off from cape canaveral deploys air force satellite Atlas 5 rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral, deploys Air Force satellite
SPACE NEWS This was ULA’s eight launch this year, the 131st since the company was formed in 2006, and will be its 50th launch for the... 2 days
MTV’s Real World will be revived with interactivity on Facebook Watch
TechCrunch The world’s first hit reality show “The Real World” is being reimagined for Facebook Watch 26 years after it debuted on cable. Come Spring 2019, fans... 2 days
swedish firm buys falcon heavy launch Swedish firm buys Falcon Heavy launch
SPACE NEWS A Swedish company with plans for a geostationary communications satellite announced Oct. 16 a contract with SpaceX for a Falcon Heavy launch no earlier... 3 days
Women are less likely to be rewarded for innovations in the workplace
PHYS.ORG Organizations are eager to find innovative workers because of their ability to see opportunities for improvement in areas that might otherwise go overlooked. But... 3 days
Hackers, trolls and the fight over your vote in the 2018 midterm elections - CNET
CNET VIDEO What’s old is new again as Election Day draws near. Here’s what you need to know. 3 days
Bezos defends Amazon effort for Pentagon cloud project
PHYS.ORG Amazon chief Jeff Bezos on Monday defended the company's bid for a major Pentagon cloud computing contract, saying it was important to support US defense efforts even if unpopular. 4 days
What’s in your bag, Jess Glynne?
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the first to support Android Protected Confirmation in Pie
Tim Cook says Businessweek should retract China security story: ‘We turned the company upside down’
Luxury manufacturer Vertu returns with Aster P smartphones
Two spacecraft are embarking on a seven-year journey to decode Mercury’s mysteries
The new Halloween is a slasher movie with an actual message
This is clickbait
This is clickbait