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NASA human spaceflight directorate reorganization on hold  SPACE NEWS · 4 hours
A planned reorganization of the NASA mission directorate responsible for human spaceflight programs has been put on hold after its leader abruptly... more
Space Force rescue units prepare for ‘new era’ of commercial human spaceflight  SPACE NEWS · 5 hours
The U.S. military’s rescue units have supported NASA for six decades but now for the first time astronauts are flying in commercial capsules. more
Webinar Replay | Defending the high ground (and rescuing astronauts)  SPACE NEWS · 7 hours
Maj. Gen. John Shaw and Brig. Gen. Doug Schiess join SpaceNews Staff Writer Sandra Erwin and... more
Nazi diary reveals secret location of WWII treasure under a palace in Poland  LIVE SCIENCE · 9 hours
A long-hidden diary written by a Nazi officer may point to the location of a treasure stash that includes more than 30... more
Detecting methane emissions during COVID-19  PHYS.ORG · 15 hours
While carbon dioxide is more abundant in the atmosphere and therefore more commonly associated with global warming, methane is around 30 times more potent as a heat-trapping gas. Given its importance, Canadian company GHGSat have worked in collaboration... more
Detecting methane emissions during COVID-19  ESA · 17 hours
While carbon dioxide is more abundant in the atmosphere and therefore more commonly associated with global warming, methane is around 30 times more potent as a... more
Demo-2 launch wins political praise, but future funding uncertain  SPACE NEWS · 19 hours
The successful return of human orbital spaceflight to the United States generated bipartisan praise, but it’s unclear if... more
The Latest: S. Korea pushes QR registration for risky venues  ABC NEWS · 1 day
South Korea is reporting a steady rise in cases around the capital, with 30 of the 35 latest cases in the densely populated Seoul area more
Elon Musk 'overcome with emotion' after SpaceX's 1st astronaut launch  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
SpaceX founder Elon Musk was choked up with emotion after his company successfully launched astronauts to space for the first time on Saturday (May 30). more
Trump takes victory lap after Crew Dragon launch  SPACE NEWS · 2 days
President Donald Trump used a speech after the successful SpaceX Crew Dragon launch May 30 to tout his administration’s accomplishments... more
University of Freiburg receives 30 million euros for excellent research  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
The German Research Foundation has approved a new proposal for a collaborative research center under the leadership of the Institute for Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine at the University Heart... more
SpaceX successfully launches two NASA astronauts into orbit for historic flight  LIVE SCIENCE · 2 days
Amid an uncertain weather forecast, SpaceX successfully launched two NASA astronauts toward the International Space Station today (May 30). more
Crew Dragon in orbit after historic launch  SPACE NEWS · 2 days
The first crewed orbital launch from the United States in nearly nine years took place May 30, placing a SpaceX Crew Dragon... more
Study charts developmental map of inner ear sound sensor in mice  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 days
A team of researchers has generated a developmental map of a key sound-sensing structure in the mouse inner ear. Scientists analyzed data from 30,000 cells from... more
The Latest: India keeps some areas shut down, others to open  ABC NEWS · 3 days
India is extending its ongoing lockdown in designated coronavirus containment zones until June 30 but will allow all economic activities to restart in a phased manner... more
Op-ed | Space Force should bring in expertise from other military services  SPACE NEWS · 3 days
The Space Force should leverage the infrastructure and accessions pipeline from the Army and the Navy. more
Italy's seas speak: No tourists or boats mean cleaner water  PHYS.ORG · 3 days
Pollution from human and agriculture waste spilling into the seas off Rome has decreased 30% during Italy's coronavirus lockdown, preliminary results from a nationwide survey of seawater quality... more
Forty-five years of the ESA Convention  ESA · 3 days
After celebrating the 50th anniversary of the European space cooperation in 2014, we now mark 45 years since the signing of the Convention for... more
C-DOCTOR receives $30-million grant from NIDCR for tissue and organ regeneration research  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
The initiative aims to propel USC forward as the epicenter of tissue and organ regeneration research. more
SpaceX's Starship SN4 prototype explodes after rocket engine test  LIVE SCIENCE · 3 days
SpaceX's latest Starship prototype exploded just after a rocket engine test Friday (May 30), erupting in a dramatic fireball at the spaceflight company's Texas proving grounds. more
DOJ blocks CPI’s acquisition of General Dynamics’ satellite antenna business  SPACE NEWS · 3 days
For the merger to go forward CPI must sell off its subsidiary ASC Signal Division. more
Intelsat asks bankruptcy to clear roadblock for Spaceflight launch business sale  SPACE NEWS · 3 days
Intelsat is asking its bankruptcy court for authorization to modify a $50 million loan... more
SpaceX Starship prototype destroyed after static-fire test  SPACE NEWS · 3 days
A SpaceX Starship prototype was destroyed in an explosion May 29 shortly after what initially appeared to be a successful static-fire test.... more
SES details LEO constellation and expanded MEO constellation to FCC  SPACE NEWS · 3 days
SES proposed a low Earth orbit constellation to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that, if built,... more
Space Force rescue units prepare for ‘new era’ of commercial human spaceflight
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Democratic super PAC uses familiar political play to hit Trump on Medicare
New stretchable, self-healing and illuminating electronic material for wearables and soft robots
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Theoretical breakthrough shows quantum fluids rotate by corkscrew mechanism
Hot stars are plagued by giant magnetic spots
Large droplet sorting now possible at high speeds
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