The newly established U.S. Space Force launched its first national security satellite Thursday with a leaner staff because of the coronavirus pandemic.... PHYS.ORG · 5 days
RAND study: U.S. Space Force has to define its mission  SPACE NEWS · 2 weeks
RAND says most space operational units and space acquisition organizations in DoD should be moved to... more
NJIT researchers ready follow-up investigation bound for International Space Station  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
NJIT researchers will look to continue a successful string of space-bound studies at the International Space Station (ISS) when a new payload of experimental samples launches to the... more
Space Force’s 2021 budget plan is heavy on satellites and launch  SPACE NEWS · 4 weeks
Here’s an analysis of the proposed U.S. Space Force budget’s high points. more
Space Force, Air Force key tasks not being derailed by coronavirus  SPACE NEWS · 2 weeks
Goldfein: "We're still flying global mobility missions and conducting global space operations.” more
Space Force to deliver report to Congress on proposed changes to acquisitions  SPACE NEWS · 2 weeks
Congress in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act directed the Secretary of the Air Force to propose an “alternative space acquisition system.” more
Axiom to fly Crew Dragon mission to the space station  SPACE NEWS · 4 weeks
Axiom Space, a company with ambitions to develop a private space station, announced March 5 that... more
The mission to build a reusable launcher for Europe  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
The race is on to develop a European reusable rocket that can ensure Europe's autonomous and cost-effective access to space while increasing the sustainability of launches. more
Improving shoes, showers, 3-D printing: Research launching to the space station  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
A variety of science investigations, along with supplies and equipment, launch to the International Space Station on the 20th SpaceX commercial resupply services mission. The Dragon... more
45th Space Wing: Launches to go on as scheduled  SPACE NEWS · 7 days
The wing has implemented telework but people are needed on site to support launches. more
Russian crew swap should not impact next ISS mission  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
As Russian officials give their final approval for the crew of the next Soyuz mission to the International... more
U.S. Air Force to transfer 23 units to the Space Force  SPACE NEWS · 59 minutes
The plan is to transfer 23 units and 1,840 Air Force billets within the... more
NASA selects mission to study causes of giant solar particle storms  PHYS.ORG · 5 hours
NASA has selected a new mission to study how the Sun generates and releases giant space weather storms—known as solar particle storms—into planetary space. Not only... more
Air Force to restart base selection process for U.S. Space Command headquarters  SPACE NEWS · 4 weeks
Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett said the selection criteria will be announced this spring. more
How will clouds obscure the view of exoplanet surfaces?  PHYS.ORG · 1 day
In 2021, NASA's next-generation observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), will take to space. Once operational, this flagship mission will pick up where other space telescopes—like Hubble, Kepler and... more
U.S. Space Force declares ‘offensive’ communications jammer ready for deployment  SPACE NEWS · 2 weeks
The Counter Communications System Block 10.2 was declared operational by the Space and Missile Systems Center’s... more
Mission Control adjusts to coronavirus conditions  ESA · 2 weeks
Responsible for spacecraft orbiting Earth, the Sun and exploring the Solar System, teams at ESA’s mission control deal with in-flight challenges every day, from... more
Printing a telescope for space  ESA · 3 weeks
This weirdly organic item is the answer to an engineering question: how to take the maximum benefit from 3D printing to produce a highly demanding item... more
NASA selects finalists for next small astrophysics mission  SPACE NEWS · 2 weeks
NASA has selected four finalists for the agency’s next small astrophysics mission, including both spacecraft and International Space Station experiments... more
How cities have blunted the subversive force of counterculture  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
An unprecedented study by EPFL researchers spanning three cities—Geneva, Lisbon and Ljubljana—has revealed how, over the past 40 years, urban cultural policy has blunted the subversive force of counterculture. The... more
ESA Mission Control adjusts to coronavirus conditions  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Responsible for spacecraft orbiting Earth, the Sun and exploring the Solar System, teams at ESA's ESOC mission control deal with in-flight challenges every day, from faulty hardware, problematic software and hazardous space debris to... more
Earth from Space: Kuwait  ESA · 2 weeks
Video: 00:03:36 In this week's edition of the Earth from Space programme, the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over Kuwait in the Middle East.See also Kuwait to download the image. more
ExoMars parachute tests delayed, mission faces review  SPACE NEWS · 4 weeks
The European and Russian space agencies have delayed crucial ExoMars 2020 parachute tests to late March, with the mission also set to... more
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Earth from Space: Kuwait
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