A new liquid biopsy test could detect microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB), indicating that it could help determine which patients are likely to respond to immune checkpoint inhibitors.... NEWS MEDICAL · 6 days
Liquid biopsies reveal genetic alterations linked to cancer drug resistance  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 week
New research shows that liquid biopsies taken from blood provide a more complete picture than traditional biopsy of both the genetic diversity of a patient's cancer and how... more
Simple genetic test may boost response rates in children with eosinophilic esophagitis  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 days
Personalized medicine - where the proper medicine and proper dose are used for the individual patient - moved a step closer to reality for... more
New biomarkers help predict response to treatment in common brain tumor  NEWS MEDICAL · 20 hours
Many scientists have noted that there is a link between inflammation or the immune response, and patient survival. One such possible relationship is the association of... more
Non-invasive accurate blood test for prostate cancer  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 days
For men, one of the most dreaded moments could be hearing, “We’re not yet sure, but your PSA is high; you’ll have to come for further tests.” This could start a chain of events... more
Mutations linked with sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy in mNSCLC  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
The relationship between gene alterations and response to anti-PD-L1 with and without anti-CTLA-4 are not well characterized. more
Developing a highly predictive genetic risk score for type 1 diabetes  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 day
Paul Tran is working to develop a highly predictive genetic risk score that will tell parents whether their baby is at significant risk for type 1... more
Researchers find diverse immune cell profiles, roles in breast cancer resistance to immunotherapy  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
In recent years it has been increasingly appreciated that immune cells within the tumor microenvironment contribute to tumor progression and, importantly, to... more
New peanut allergy treatment shows effectiveness and safety  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) trial participants tolerated between 10 and 20 times more peanut protein than it would take for someone to get sick. Researchers say SLIT provides a good cushion of protection... more
Knowing when patients with tibial fractures can bear weight  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 week
Until now, there's never been a tool that could determine how long it will take a patient to heal from a tibial fracture. But researchers have found that a virtual... more
New immunotherapy shows promise against brain tumors in mice  MNT · 2 weeks
Scientists have demonstrated a new immunotherapy that can deliver checkpoint inhibitors across the blood-brain barrier to fight glioblastoma in mice. more
Medical News Today: New immunotherapy shows promise against brain tumors in mice  MNT · 2 weeks
Scientists have demonstrated a new immunotherapy that can deliver checkpoint inhibitors across the blood-brain barrier to fight glioblastoma in mice. more
Removing cancer's protective barrier could boost immunotherapy treatments  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
Scientists may have found a way to pull down the protective wall that surrounds tumors, potentially re-exposing them to the killing power of the immune system and immunotherapy treatments. more
Exploiting mammalian low-complexity domains for liquid-liquid phase separation-driven underwater adhesive coatings  Science Magazine · 4 weeks
Many biological materials form via liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS), followed by maturation into a solid-like state. Here, using a biologically inspired assembly mechanism designed to recapitulate... more
Scientists harness bacteria to create 'living' liquid crystals  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
Liquid crystals are widely used in technologies such as displays, which manipulate their orientation to display colors across the spectrum. more
B cells linked to immunotherapy for melanoma  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 days
Immunotherapy uses our body's own immune system to fight cancer. Many current immunotherapies focus on T cells, but new research shows that another type of cell, B cells, might also play an important part... more
Age affects efficacy of immunotherapy treatment for breast cancer, preclinical study reveals  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Recent clinical trials have indicated that immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) therapy, which is designed to unleash a patient's immune system to attack cancer, has... more
[Focus] Applications of liquid biopsies for cancer  Science Magazine · 3 weeks
Liquid biopsies have the potential to detect, characterize, and monitor cancers earlier than is possible with conventional approaches. more
Protein mapping pinpoints why metastatic melanoma patients do not respond to immunotherapy  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 week
Researchers say they have discovered why more than half of patients with metastatic melanoma do not respond to immunotherapy cancer treatments. more
'Protein mapping' approach reveals why metastatic melanoma patients do not respond to immunotherapy  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Tel Aviv University and Sheba Medical Center researchers say they have discovered why more than half of patients with metastatic melanoma do... more
Addressing serious illness with a serious question to clinicians  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 days
A question: 'Would you be surprised if this patient died in the next month?' -- posed to elicit a clinician's overall impression of a patient -- produced a strong correlation.... more
Bone, not adrenaline, drives fight or flight response  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 days
Adrenaline is considered crucial in triggering a 'fight or flight' response, but new research shows the response can't get started without a hormone made in bone. more
B cells may play an important role in immunotherapy for melanoma  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 days
Researchers at EMBL's European Bioinformatics Institute and the Medical University of Vienna have found evidence that B cells might play an important role in immunotherapy for... more
Liquid biopsies provide complete picture of genetic alterations linked to cancer drug resistance  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Many patients see their tumors shrink in response to a drug, only to have them come back with a vengeance as they... more
The gift of longevity for a pancreatic cancer patient  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
While weeding in her north Seattle garden, Miggie Olsson discusses how she, as a patient, became a unicorn. more
Tree cover is not enough: Keeping cities cool calls for a commons-based climate response  PHYS.ORG · 7 hours
A recent report by the Greater Sydney Commission singles out urban heat as one of four priority areas given our... more
Novel immunotherapy method could overcome tumor immunity  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
Cancer immunotherapy is a form of treatment in which the body’s own immune cells are recruited to overcome the tumor. However, it is only useful in a few tumors, because of tumor immunity where... more
Researchers develop new gene editing system that could be used for anticancer immunotherapy  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Dr. Mihue Jang and her group at the Center for Theragnosis of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology announced that they... more
Fight or flight response may originate in our bones  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 days
A new study suggests that the main coordinator of the body’s fight-or-flight response is a hormone called osteocalcin, which is secreted by bone. more
Subgroup of colorectal cancer patients ID'd: Do poorly, could benefit from immunotherapy  SCIENCE DAILY · 22 hours
While the medical community agrees immune cells inside a tumor leads to improved health outcome, for a subset of colorectal cancer patients, having too... more
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