CNET Inactivity in the frontal lobe is linked with depression -- South Korean startup Ybrain hopes some light jolts can help those in need. 2 months
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rock down to electric avenue family makes road trip from ottawa to p e i using electric car Rock down to electric avenue: Family makes road trip from Ottawa to P.E.I. using electric car
CBC An electric car owner... 5 days
the huger tech racer electric skateboard proves fast doesn t mean first place The Huger Tech Racer electric skateboard proves fast doesn’t mean first place
TechCrunch  The pursuit of finding the best electric skateboard continues, with a startup based out of Orange County, California called Huger Tech. The board in... 9 hours
fisker picks ces for new electric car reveal Fisker picks CES for new electric car reveal
THE VERGE Henrik Fisker’s next electric car act is apparently imminent. The Fisker EMotion will be shown at CES 2018 in January,... 1 day
infiniti s prototype 9 is a modern electric car with 1940s retro racer roots Infiniti’s Prototype 9 is a modern electric car with 1940s retro racer roots
TechCrunch  Days of thunder future past? Infiniti’s newest race car prototype... 1 day
spacex successfully delivers experiments treats to space station SpaceX successfully delivers experiments, treats to space station
CBC A SpaceX shipment arrived at the International Space Station on Wednesday, delivering a bonanza of science experiments. 3 days
faraday future may cut its formula e team to save cash Faraday Future may cut its Formula E team to save cash
THE VERGE Faraday Future has gone through a lot lately. The electric car startup has struggled... 4 days
you could get up to 20 000 off the price of an electric car if you live in san diego You could get up to $20,000 off the price of an electric car — if you live in San Diego
THE VERGE ... 5 days
Smart will soon have fewer US dealers than Lamborghini - Roadshow
CNET You can thank the automaker's plan to go fully electric for that. 5 days
Infiniti goes back to the future with the Prototype 9 video - Roadshow
CNET The labor-of-love from the Japanese automaker is one part vintage open-wheel race car, one part modern electric vehicle. 3 days
volkswagen is finally putting an electric microbus into production Volkswagen is finally putting an electric Microbus into production
THE VERGE A staple of coastal California’s towns, the Volkswagen Microbus will be reincarnated as an electric vehicle. VW announced... 5 hours
the infiniti prototype 9 s racing body hides an electric heart The Infiniti Prototype 9’s racing body hides an electric heart
THE VERGE The 2018 Nissan Leaf’s motor is in that Continue reading… 5 days
Here's your first look at Ford's electric DHL delivery van - Roadshow
CNET Each truck could save about five tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. 3 days
gogoro s sleek electric scooters are now available to rent in paris Gogoro’s sleek electric scooters are now available to rent in Paris
THE VERGE The Gogoro scooter-sharing service, Coup, has launched today in Paris. Announced back in May,... 2 days
coup launches new electric scooter service in paris and faces off with cityscoot Coup launches new electric scooter service in Paris and faces off with Cityscoot
TechCrunch  Coup is launching its second city for its electronic scooter-sharing... 2 days
Camera maker Canary speaks up with new two-way talk feature - CNET
CNET The security startup has added a few new features to its DIY cameras. 6 days
Get to know the CNET family: Q&A with James Martin - CNET
CNET Get to know James Martin, the man who brings life to CNET through his camera lens. Find out how he sliced his wrist on... 3 days
'Inhumans' director talks shooting Imax and working fast video - CNET
CNET Director Roel Reiné tells CNET why his background in low-budget action made him the man to shoot Marvel's new Imax TV show. 7 days
snapchat now lets you pikachu yourself Snapchat now lets you Pikachu yourself
TechCrunch  Snapchat is teaming up with The Pokémon Company to introduce a new Pikachu filter to the app. The official Pikachu filter applies the electric... 6 days
Sylvania's colorful new smart bulb syncs with Siri - CNET
CNET Just screw this bulb in, turn it on, and sync with Siri for voice-activated color changes. Worth $45? 3 days
Apple set to spend $1 billion on new Hollywood shows - CNET
CNET The company is preparing a war chest for new content to compete with Amazon and Netflix, according to the Wall Street Journal. 3 days
Apple set to spend $1 billion on new Hollywood show - CNET
CNET The company is preparing a war chest for new content to compete with Amazon and Netflix, according to the Wall Street Journal. 3 days
fisker s emotion tesla competitor will make its official debut at ces 2018 Fisker’s EMotion Tesla competitor will make its official debut at CES 2018
TechCrunch  The first car from Henrik Fisker’s new electric vehicle company, the EMotion luxury sport sedan, will premiere at CES in January 2018. That’s according... 1 day
Robots the size of a human hair cure sick mice -- with bubbles - CNET
CNET A new breakthrough in tiny "micromotors" has scientists celebrating. 4 days
Become a Pikachu with Snapchat's new Pokemon filter - CNET
CNET A new Pokemon filter on Snapchat lets you transform into a Pikachu. 5 days
CNET UK podcast 527: Nokia's flagship and Andy's train-talking rage - CNET
CNET Andrew Hoyle is joined by Katie Collins to discuss Nokia's new flagship Android phone and why chatting on the tube is bad for Andy. 1 day
Roku streaming stick just got a price drop to $40 - CNET
CNET CNET's favorite streaming device is now an even better value. 5 days
Girl Scouts reach for stars with NASA space merit badges - CNET
CNET The Girl Scouts look beyond Earth with a set of new astronomy merit badges developed with NASA and the SETI Institute. 2 days
Amazon's 'Galaxy Quest' reboot has a new writer - CNET
CNET After being put on hold, this could get the new series rolling again. 1 day
Supervolcanoes: A key to America's electric future?
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers show that lake sediments preserved within ancient supervolcanoes can host large lithium-rich clay deposits. A domestic source of lithium would help meet the rising demand for this valuable metal, which is critical for... 3 days
iOS 11 adds ability to disable Touch ID with 'cop button' - CNET
CNET A new feature lets iPhone users quickly tap the power button to call 911 and prevent unwarranted logins. 2 days
New trailers: Molly's Game, Thor: Ragnarok, and more
How to photograph the eclipse with your phone - CNET
A photographer shows what happens if you try and shoot the eclipse without a filter
What Happened to Monday is a familiar gimmick in a sci-fi story we’ve seen before
Solar eclipse: Desperate brands leap on the sunny side - CNET
Google teases Android O announcement with countdown to Monday, August 21st event
Apple hypes iOS 11 with new iPad Pro videos
F1 2017 arrives Aug 25 for Mac, check out the new gameplay trailer [Video]
Apple takes on Netflix, HBO, Amazon with $1B budget (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 96) - CNET
How to help Google with its total solar eclipse movie project - CNET