CNET Remember the death-obsessed med students of 1990? They're back, with Ellen Page leading the leap into the underworld. 2 months
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Why NASA's Cassini spacecraft has to die at Saturn - CNET
CNET Cassini will soon destroy itself in Saturn's atmosphere, but its dramatic death plunge is all for the good of science. 3 days
f1 2017 arrives aug 25 for mac check out the new gameplay trailer video F1 2017 arrives Aug 25 for Mac, check out the new gameplay trailer [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO It is always good news when the macOS... 1 day
Moviepass: Is $10 a good deal for near-unlimited movie tickets? - CNET
CNET For $10 monthly, you can hit the movie theater as often as once per day. Worth it? The Cheapskate weighs in. 3 days
doctor strange advises thor in new ragnarok trailer cnet Doctor Strange advises Thor in new 'Ragnarok' trailer - CNET
CNET VIDEO A new international Marvel trailer shows the two superheroes talking about what destiny has in store for Thor. Hint: the Goddess of Death. 3 days
Star Wars tweet leaves fans dreaming of 'Last Jedi' trailer - CNET
CNET Are these the droids Star Wars fans are looking for, or is "Good Morning America" just teasing millions of movie buffs? 5 days
Is Samsung sneakily snorting at Apple again? - CNET
CNET Commentary: Analyze some of the words in Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8 teaser and you might conclude that Samsung thinks Apple isn't, oh, innovative. 5 days
45 million people send birthday wishes on facebook each day 45 million people send birthday wishes on Facebook each day
TechCrunch  Roughly 1 in 30 Facebook users tells someone Happy Birthday each day, showing Facebook’s first major... 3 days
netflix s new trailer for the punisher depicts a concrete killer Netflix’s new trailer for ‘The Punisher’ depicts a concrete killer
TechCrunch  With the release of ‘The Defenders’ today, Netflix has also released a new trailer for ‘The... 1 day
how facebook prioritizes privacy when you die How Facebook prioritizes privacy when you die
TechCrunch  Should your parents be able to read your Facebook messages if you die? Facebook explained why it won’t let them in a... 1 day
German Chancellor Merkel's favorite emoji is a smiley
ABC NEWS German Chancellor Angela Merkel's favorite emoji is a smiley _ and on a good day it's one with a heart 4 days
watch the new trailer for the defenders before it hits netflix on friday Watch the new trailer for The Defenders before it hits Netflix on Friday
TechCrunch  If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Netflix television universe, you’ve... 2 days
Say good-bye to those fake clickbait videos on Facebook - CNET
CNET Facebook announced that it’s putting a pause on crappy videos that are really just pictures with a play button. 2 days
'The Punisher' is coming to collect in first trailer - CNET
CNET Netflix tucks a brief look at Frank Castle and his new Marvel series at the end of the final episode of "The Defenders." 1 day
watch the latest it trailer in vr and never sleep again cnet Watch the latest 'It' trailer in VR and never sleep again - CNET
CNET VIDEO Do you hate yourself? Is sleep less of a necessity and more of an exercise in night terrors and clown visions? Time... 4 days
watch the final trailer for netflix s the defenders Watch the final trailer for Netflix’s The Defenders
THE VERGE VIDEO Marvel’s The Defenders begins streaming tomorrow on Netflix, but a new trailer has just hit the web, showing off plenty... 2 days
'Terminator 2' is still a blast, even in 3D - CNET
CNET VIDEO James Cameron's update of his sci-fi action classic is a great night at the movies. Just don't expect it to change your mind about 3D. 3 days
target acquires transportation company grand junction to expand same day delivery services Target acquires transportation company Grand Junction to expand same-day delivery services
TechCrunch  Target has acquired San Francisco-based transportation technology company Grand Junction, in order to help... 5 days
Celebrate National Dog Day with 'new dog smell' air fresheners - Roadshow
CNET National Dog Day is August 26, and you can mark the occasion by helping a pup in need. 6 days
See the future of Firefox now video - CNET
CNET Mozilla is working on a major overhaul of its web browser. It's official release is still months away, but you can take Firefox 57 for a spin today. 3 days
samsung s new portable ssd t5 is fast and mostly affordable Samsung's new Portable SSD T5 is fast and mostly affordable
THE VERGE It's a portable SSD golden age right now. The drives themselves are getting faster and cheaper,... 4 days
Target buys tech company to help it offer same-day delivery
ABC NEWS Target buying delivery software maker Grand Junction to help it offer same-day delivery service to in-store shoppers 5 days
baby driver is better when it stars the snapchat hot dog Baby Driver is better when it stars the Snapchat hot dog
THE VERGE VIDEO In Baby Driver, Ansel Elgort stars as a getaway car driver with an arsenal... 4 days
Ring Video Doorbell Pro review: A smart doorbell for Windows 10
Windows Central Is the Ring video doorbell system still worth it in 2017? I take a look at the latest Ring Video Doorbell Pro and how well it... 2 days
6 places to find free and discounted e-books - CNET
CNET If your book budget is limited, fear not: You can score a surprising amount of good stuff for free or cheap. 7 days
The iPhone 8 name game: What will Apple call its new phone? - CNET
CNET From "iPhone X" to "iPhone Pro," the actual name of Apple's next big handset is still one of its biggest... 7 days
apple shares new carpool karaoke trailer with game of thrones stars Apple Shares New 'Carpool Karaoke' Trailer With 'Game of Thrones' Stars
MacRumors VIDEO As the second and third "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" episodes premiere on Apple Music... 4 days
kano s motion sensor kit gesture controls for kids Kano's Motion Sensor Kit: gesture controls, for kids!
THE VERGE VIDEO Gesture-controlled gadgets were all the rage at CES back in January. I'm still not convinced it's a good way to... 1 day
moviepass threatened with lawsuit after slashing subscription fees to 10 a month MoviePass threatened with lawsuit after slashing subscription fees to $10 a month
THE VERGE AMC Theatres has threatened MoviePass with a lawsuit, less than a day after the subscription cinema service dropped its subscription fees to $9.95 a... 4 days
what product are you most excited for apple to release before the end of 2017 poll What product are you most excited for Apple to release before the end of 2017? [Poll]
9to5Mac Earlier this week, we... 6 days
AltSpace might not be dead, but there are still great alternatives for Social VR
Windows Central After its early demise was announced earlier this summer, Altspace appears to be back for good. However, there are still... 1 day
New trailers: Molly's Game, Thor: Ragnarok, and more
Solar eclipse: Desperate brands leap on the sunny side - CNET
Technology allows visually impaired, blind to experience solar eclipse
What Happened to Monday is a familiar gimmick in a sci-fi story we’ve seen before
How to photograph the eclipse with your phone - CNET
A photographer shows what happens if you try and shoot the eclipse without a filter
F1 2017 arrives Aug 25 for Mac, check out the new gameplay trailer [Video]
Kano's Motion Sensor Kit: gesture controls, for kids!
Some official Apple accessory colors seemingly being quietly discontinued in run-up to new models
How to help Google with its total solar eclipse movie project - CNET
One Video: Awful Things by Lil Peep
Watch the latest teaser trailer for The Punisher
Apple hypes iOS 11 with new iPad Pro videos
LG V30: Behind the scenes on the creation of the handset’s wallpapers [Video]
Galaxy Note 8: Release reportedly set for September 15, pre-orders start August 24