Pushups are a beneficial exercise that people can do every day. Pushups can increase muscle mass and cardiovascular health. Risks include back pain. Learn more here.... MNT · 4 weeks
Medical News Today: Doctors more likely to prescribe opioids later in the day  MNT · 2 weeks
A new study finds that doctors are more likely to write opioid prescriptions during the last appointments of the day and if... more
Medical News Today: How to eat 1,200 calories a day  MNT · 4 days
People can eat 1,200 calories a day to lose weight safely by adding more filling foods, such as protein rich foods, to their diet. Learn more about how... more
Medical News Today: Memory boost: One-off exercise as effective as 12 weeks' training  MNT · 3 weeks
A new small trial suggests that a 'day by day' approach to aerobic exercise can offer a memory boost and other cognitive... more
Medical News Today: Alternate-day fasting has health benefits for healthy people  MNT · 2 weeks
New research highlights some of the overall health benefits that alternate-day fasting has for healthy individuals who do not have obesity. more
Medical News Today: Letter from the Editor: Collaborate and celebrate  MNT · 3 weeks
The Medical News Today team has a lot to celebrate this month, but, as Managing Editor Honor Whiteman discusses, it's all down to collaboration. more
Medical News Today: How to get more vitamin D from the sun  MNT · 3 weeks
Even a short time in the sun can provide all the vitamin D a person needs for the day. Learn how to get the... more
Medical News Today: Daytime napping 1–2 times a week may benefit heart health  MNT · 6 days
New research finds that napping during the day once or twice a week is associated with a much lower risk of heart... more
Medical News Today: Curiosities of medical history: Trepanation  MNT · 2 weeks
Trepanation is the historical practice of drilling holes into the skull. But why did our ancestors do it, and when did it start? We investigate. more
On an average day, only 1% of Australian news stories quoted a young person  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
On one unremarkable day in April this year, just over a third of news stories were about issues likely to... more
Medical News Today: What to do if someone has food stuck in their throat  MNT · 18 hours
Sometimes, food can become stuck in the esophagus or windpipe within the throat. Depending on the location of the blockage... more
Medical News Today: What is breast implant illness?  MNT · 3 weeks
Doctors do not currently recognize breast implant illness as a medical condition. However, many people report experiencing it. Learn more here. more
Medical News Today: What causes hard stool and how to treat it  MNT · 2 weeks
Hard stool, which is often difficult or painful to pass, is a common symptom of constipation. Causes include diet, medications, and certain medical conditions.... more
Medical News Today: Why do I fart so much?  MNT · 4 days
Some farting is normal, but excessive gas can signal a food intolerance or digestive disorder. Dietary changes can help. Learn about causes and prevention here. more
Medical News Today: What to know about leg cramps at night  MNT · 5 days
Leg cramps at night, or nocturnal leg cramps, are often linked with overuse or underuse of the muscles, but medical conditions may also be the cause.... more
Medical News Today: What to know about a foot infection  MNT · 3 weeks
Foot infections can be painful and may develop for several different reasons. We discuss what symptoms to expect and how to treat them. more
Medical News Today: Is there a cure for hepatitis C?  MNT · 4 days
Hepatitis C is a curable liver infection. With the appropriate treatment, it is possible to clear the virus within 12 weeks. Learn more here. more
Medical News Today: We follow the same old patterns in new romantic relationships  MNT · 3 weeks
Recent evidence suggests that relationship dynamics tend to remain unchanged across different intimate partnerships, despite our expectations of change. more
Medical News Today: How do superstitions affect our psychology and well-being?  MNT · 4 days
This Friday the 13th, we take a look at the psychological mechanisms of superstitions and their effect on mental health and well-being. more
Medical News Today: Simply being with someone you love can lessen physical pain  MNT · 3 weeks
According to a recent study, all it takes for us to feel less pain is to be in the presence of our... more
Medical News Today: Does poor oral health impact brain function?  MNT · 3 days
Two new studies suggest that there is an association between stress related tooth problems and cognitive decline among older populations. more
Medical News Today: More of any physical activity tied to longer life  MNT · 4 weeks
New research using motion sensor data has linked being more physically active at any intensity to a markedly lower risk of early death. more
Medical News Today: A simple text could help keep diabetes under control  MNT · 1 week
According to new research, receiving motivational texts a few times per week could help people with diabetes manage their condition. more
Medical News Today: Is 5G technology bad for our health?  MNT · 4 weeks
In this Spotlight, we look at the effects of electromagnetic fields on our bodies and explore why some think 5G tech may not be safe. more
Medical News Today: Controversial study links pollution with bipolar, depression  MNT · 3 weeks
New research has found a link between living in a polluted area and the incidence of some mental health conditions — but not everyone is convinced. more
Medical News Today: Can graphene help fight mosquito bites?  MNT · 3 weeks
Mosquitos transmit a significant number of serious diseases. Preventing them from biting is difficult, but some researchers think graphene may hold clues. more
Medical News Today: New moles and what to look out for  MNT · 3 weeks
Moles, or pigmented growths on the skin, are usually harmless. Most appear in childhood, but adults can develop moles, too, and some may turn into melanomas.... more
Medical News Today: What to know about hand pimples  MNT · 2 weeks
What seems like a pimple on the hand is likely to result from eczema, warts, or another health issue. Learn more about bumps and lesions that develop on the hand... more
Medical News Today: What to know about glycosuria  MNT · 3 weeks
Glycosuria is where the urine contains more blood sugar (glucose) than usual. Diabetes and kidney disease can cause glycosuria. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments here. more
Medical News Today: How do antidepressants affect gut bacteria?  MNT · 7 days
According to recent research in rodents, psychiatric drugs such as antidepressants increase the numbers of certain bacterial strains and decrease others. more
Medical News Today: Using a smartphone to detect a highly contagious virus  MNT · 2 weeks
'You don’t have to be a scientist or an engineer to run the device,' say the researchers who created an innovative method to detect... more
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