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Throat clearing is a normal response to irritation inside the throat. However, frequent throat clearing can be a symptom of an underlying condition. Possible causes include nasal allergies, acid reflux,... more
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Asthma is a disease of the lungs that can lead to medical and lifestyle complications, including sleep problems, pneumonia, and respiratory failure. In severe cases, it can be life-threatening. Find out what can cause... more
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Diabetic shock occurs when a person’s blood sugar levels become dangerously low. Diabetic shock is not a medical term, but people sometimes use it to refer to severe hypoglycemia. This... more
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People who suspect that they or someone else has antifreeze poisoning should seek immediate medical care. Symptoms develop slowly, so it is important to seek help... more
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Symptoms of an infected wound can include increasing pain, redness, and swelling in the affected area. A person may be able to treat minor wound infections... more
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A new method for reshaping cartilage would be quicker, easier, and much less invasive than current procedures. Moreover, it could have many applications. more
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Newly published research explores the genetic variations that are associated with facial attractiveness and finds that they vary by sex. more
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A small clinical trial has shown that gene therapy can safely correct the immune systems of infants newly diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening inherited disorder in which infection-fighting... more
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We report on a talk at this year's Wired Health, the annual conference on technological developments and their applications in healthcare. more
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Differences in genes and structures of nerve cell that make and use serotonin could explain why some people with major depression do not respond to SSRIs. more
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New research has found a simple psychological technique that could reduce stress and anxiety and make people happier in just 12 minutes. more
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Do we only empathize with and mirror others' behaviors in contexts calling for social cooperation? New research suggests taking the question further. more
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A recent study concludes that acetaminophen might reduce our ability to empathize with someone who is having a positive experience. more
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Probiotic supplements could be having a detrimental effect on this particular form of cancer treatment, according to new research. more
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For the first time, researchers demonstrate that dogs can distinguish a distinct odor that the body produces during an epileptic seizure. more
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Tumor necrosis factor is a protein involved in inflammation. Excess tumor necrosis factor (TNF) in the blood has a role in inflammatory conditions, such as forms of arthritis... more
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An intriguing new study demonstrates that an oxytocin nasal spray can change the way that people's brains respond to images of unhealthful food. more
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A recent study concluded that 'regardless of age, sex, or starting fitness level,' increased physical activity of any type reduces overall mortality risk. more
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A compound called tert-butylhydroquinone (tBHQ) weakens the body's immune response to influenza infections, new research suggests. more
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