A new review-based advisory has compared the benefits of two prescription omega-3 fatty acid medications for cardiovascular health.... MNT · 6 months
More people and dwindling fish stocks create supply gap in omega-3 fatty acids  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Everyone knows that eating fish is good for you, in part because of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids that it contains. more
Methylmercury exposure can attenuate the cardioprotective effects of fish  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
Higher serum long-chain omega-3 fatty acid concentration, a marker for fish consumption, was beneficially associated with cardiac performance in middle-aged and older men from eastern Finland. more
Medical News Today: Cancer: Using copper to boost immunotherapy  MNT · 4 weeks
Scientists have successfully destroyed cancer cells in mice by using copper-based nanoparticles and immunotherapy.  Importantly, the cancer did not return. more
Medical News Today: Heart health: Are women getting incorrect treatment?  MNT · 4 weeks
A new review investigates sex differences in cardiometabolic disorders. The authors conclude that women are more at risk of receiving the wrong treatment. more
Medical News Today: Could a probiotic prevent or reverse Parkinson's?  MNT · 4 weeks
Scientists recently tested probiotics in a roundworm model of Parkinson’s. A particular bacterium had a protective effect and improved symptoms. more
Medical News Today: Giving TB vaccine intravenously boosts efficacy  MNT · 4 weeks
New research in macaques finds that changing the delivery method of an existing tuberculosis vaccine can drastically improve its efficacy. more
Medical News Today: Catnip: What do we know about the feline drug?  MNT · 4 weeks
Catnip is the most famous stimulant for cats. How does it work, why does it not affect all cats, and are there any catnip... more
Medical News Today: Online information about probiotics often misleading  MNT · 4 weeks
The internet contains reams of information on probiotics. A new study tests the claims of popular websites and conclude that many are misleading. more
News aggregator websites play critical role in driving readers to media outlet websites  PHYS.ORG · 4 weeks
News aggregators help to simplify consumers' search for news stories by gathering content based on viewing history or other factors. Commonly used... more
EU health ministers boost preparations to fight new virus  ABC NEWS · 6 days
European Union health ministers have agreed to boost preparations and organize a coordinated response to prevent the virus that emerged in China from further spreading across Europe more
The Pre-Med’s Guide to Applying to Medical School  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
News-Medical speaks to Elisabeth Fassas about the process and struggles of getting into medical school, in which she has recently published in her book, Making Pre-Med Count. more
Green tea extract combined with exercise reduces fatty liver disease in mice  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 days
The combination of green tea extract and exercise reduced the severity of obesity-related fatty liver disease by 75% in mice fed a high-fat diet,... more
Finer particulate matter (PM1) could increase cardiovascular disease risk  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
In addition to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, air pollution contains tiny particles that have been linked to health problems, including cardiovascular disease and asthma. more
Chemical in veggies help heal fatty liver  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
A new study shows that a compound naturally occurring in a variety of commonly used vegetables as well as being produced by gut microbes is very useful in melting fat away from a fatty... more
Novel inhibitor to fight metastatic prostate cancer shows promise  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
When prostate cancer spreads it is often a deadly disease, but now a Stony Brook University-led research team believes a new approach that inhibits a specific fatty acid binding protein... more
Finer particulate matter linked to cardiovascular disease risk  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
In addition to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, air pollution contains tiny particles that have been linked to health problems, including cardiovascular disease and asthma. more
Combination of green tea extract and exercise mitigates fatty liver disease in mice  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
The combination of green tea extract and exercise reduced the severity of obesity-related fatty liver disease by 75% in mice fed a... more
ASP experts share details on preventing spread of coronavirus from contaminated medical devices  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
Advanced Sterilization Products released today an interview with experts Ryan Lewis, M.D., Senior Director of Medical Affairs and Medical Safety, and Jeremy... more
Study examines benefits and barriers of Prescription Drug Lists for asthma medications  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 days
A new study led by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute examines the benefits and barriers of Prescription Drug List coverage for preventive asthma... more
High-fiber diet can reverse adverse effects of environmental toxins on cardiovascular health  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
Research from the University of Kentucky's Superfund Research Center (UK-SRC) shows that a diet high in fiber could possibly reverse the adverse effects that... more
Study supports breastfeeding for mothers taking antiepileptic medications  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
Breastfeeding is associated with benefits for children and their mothers. However, when mothers take medications there is a potential for adverse side effects in the infant. more
Mixing up your workout routine may provide health benefits  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
Change is good - even when it comes to exercising. Did you know that altering the intensity of your workout or trying a new activity may benefit your cardiovascular and... more
Partnership between medical specialties helps improve cardiovascular health  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Starting in 2016, a two-year partnership between the North Carolina Chapter of the American College of Cardiology (NCACC) and the North Carolina Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NCAFCC) provided free lipid... more
Universal 'One-Size-Fits-All' Cancer Treatment  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 days
Andrew Sewell speaks to News-Medical about his breakthrough research, in which he has discovered a new T-Cell that could treat most cancers. more
Vitamin E can safely treat fatty liver disease in patients with HIV  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
A type of fatty liver disease that commonly affects patients with HIV can be safely treated with vitamin E, a McGill-led study has found. more
Wearable medical sensors to get major sensitivity boost  nanowerk · 7 days
Scientists describe a way to increase the sensitivity of biological detectors to the point where they can be used in mobile and wearable devices. more
Lifestyle changes important for patients on medications for blood pressure or cholesterol  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
A new study from Finland, published in February 2020 in the Journal of the American Heart Association, shows that many patients allow unhealthy habits... more
Lupus patients who adhere to medications have lower risk of type 2 diabetes  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Patients with lupus who take their medications as prescribed have much lower odds of developing type 2 diabetes, a common complication of... more
Study: A majority of US physicians receive marketing payments for stimulant medications  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Results of a new study show that a large number of physicians in the US may have received marketing payments from pharmaceutical companies that... more
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