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HBO Now brings O.G. online - CNET  CNET · 4 hours
Jeffrey Wright stars as a maximum-security inmate ready to be released. more
Anthem launches on Xbox One and PC  Windows Central · 4 hours
Everyone can pretend to be Iron Man now! Anthem is a shared-world third-person shooter from BioWare. BioWare is the studio behind famous franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. The title launched on February... more
Anthem video game set for tough debut  BBC · 9 hours
The futuristic squad-based shooter faces stiff competition from lots of established titles, say experts. more
Pokémon GO will soon let you change teams for about $8  TechCrunch · 12 hours
Early on in Pokémon GO, you’re asked to make a decision: Which team do you want to be on? Instinct (Yellow)? Valor (Red)? Mystic (Blue)? The... more
Halo TV series picks up director Otto Bathurst in latest reshuffle  Windows Central · 13 hours
Work on Showtime's Halo TV series (still) remains underway, with production set for 2019. Work on the long-awaited Halo TV series is still underway, with Showtime... more
Fortnite’s Marshmello concert was the game’s biggest event ever  THE VERGE · 14 hours
When Marshmello took the stage inside of Fortnite earlier this month, it wasn’t just a glimpse of the... more
The Division’s 2 endgame trailer focuses on dangerous factions  Windows Central · 15 hours
There's a lot to do once the credits roll. One of Ubisoft's most-anticipated new titles is The Division 2, the sequel to the popular first game that launched back in... more
Robin Hood director Otto Bathurst signed to Showtime’s Halo series  THE VERGE · 15 hours
Showtime has announced it has hired Black Mirror and Robin Hood director Otto Bathurst to direct... more
Google makes it easier to find prescription drug disposal sites  TechCrunch · 16 hours
In an effort to combat the opioid crisis, Google will begin labeling places where people can safely dispose of their prescription drugs. Now, users can find clearly labeled... more
The see-through case you need for your XPS 13  Windows Central · 16 hours
We love the Dell XPS 13 and have used every model for the last few years extensively. Part of that was many hours spent considering how best to keep it... more
Coming to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu in March  Windows Central · 16 hours
Kate Beckinsale in "The Widow" on Amazon Prime Video. (Image credit: Amazon) Prepare yourself: Things are going to get mysterious. The month of March, to put it simply,... more
How to freeze heat conduction  SCIENCE DAILY · 17 hours
The thermoelectric effect can turn waste heat into electrical energy. To make use of it, special materials with unusual properties are required. A remarkable effect has now been demonstrated, which can explain the particularly low thermal conductivity of... more
Save more than $15 on the truly wireless Blitzwolf Bluetooth earbuds  Windows Central · 17 hours
Now playing. These Blitzwolf Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds usually cost $53, but right now at Amazon you can get them for only $37.09. Just clip the 10%... more
Loop acquires Screenplay to build its streaming library  TechCrunch · 18 hours
A new streaming startup called Loop Media is announcing its first acquisition — it’s bought a 30-year-old company called Screenplay. While you may not have heard of Screenplay, the company has licensed... more
Should you buy digital or physical Xbox One games?  Windows Central · 18 hours
Best answer: If you value convenience, Xbox Play Anywhere, or Game Pass above all, digital is your best bet. If you're motivated most by getting the best price, then you... more
Samsung Galaxy S10 to Feature Steam PC Game Streaming: Report  Gadgets 360 · 19 hours
Samsung may partner with PC gaming giant Valve to bring Steam PC game streaming to the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of devices. more
Rainbow Six Siege teaser hints Danish Operator, Proximity Alarm gadget  Windows Central · 19 hours
A new Rainbow Six Siege teaser is alluding to Year 4 Season 2 Operators and gadgets. Ubisoft is kicking off its Year 4 content lineup for its hit... more
Bosch dishwashers turn up the heat for CrystalDry dishes - CNET  CNET · 20 hours
Bosch's latest models focus on making your dishes bone dry when the cycle completes. more
Google Doodle celebrates Steve Irwin, the original Crocodile Hunter - CNET  CNET · 22 hours
Steve Irwin might be remembered for his wild antics and fearless love of crocodiles, but Google also remembers him as a family man. more
Metro Exodus reviewed  BBC · 22 hours
Marc Cieslak looks at Metro Exodus, the first-person shooter video game developed by 4A Games. more
Xiaomi Mi 9 vs OnePlus 6T: Price, Specifications Compared  Gadgets 360 · 1 day
Xiaomi Mi 9 was launched in China, and it includes a triple rear camera setup along with a 48-megapixel primary sensor, Game Turbo technology, 90.7 percent screen-to-body ratio, and a... more
Jump Force runs at native 4K resolution on Xbox One X  Windows Central · 1 day
This is one of the biggest differences between versions. Jump Force is a fighting game where you can play as a variety of famous anime characters... more
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