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In a quantum future, which starship destroys the other?  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 days
Quantum mechanics boasts all sorts of strange features, one being quantum superposition -- the peculiar circumstance in which particles seem to be in two or more places or states at... more
Head-to-head comparison of three breast cancer drugs reveals important differences  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
Every year, more than 250,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer. When detected early, patients with the most common form--which tests positive for hormone receptors... more
Comparison of three similar frontline breast cancer drugs reveals important differences  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 days
First head-to-head comparison of CDK4/6 inhibitors in cell line and animal models of breast cancer reveals important differences, including one drug that exhibits unique, potentially advantageous... more
Meet Adratiklit boulahfa, World’s Earliest Known Stegosaur  SCI-NEWS.COM · 3 days
Paleontologists in Morocco have found fossil fragments from a new genus and species of stegosaur that walked the Earth about 168 million... more
Search continues for new NASA human spaceflight leader  SPACE NEWS · 4 days
More than a month after he reassigned the longtime head of its human spaceflight division, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said... more
Making it count: The power of round numbers  PHYS.ORG · 4 days
Round numbers can be powerful marketing tools, increasing people's sense of accomplishment as they work towards goals in areas like finances or weight loss, according to new Washington State University research. more
Children who play recreational sports more likely to suffer serious head injuries  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 days
An Australian/ New Zealand study examining childhood head injuries has found that children who do recreational sports like horse riding, skate boarding and bike... more
World's first link layer protocol brings quantum internet closer to a reality  PHYS.ORG · 5 days
Researchers from QuTech have achieved a world's first in quantum internet technology. A team led by Professor Stephanie Wehner has developed a so-called link... more
New tools to minimize risks in shared, augmented-reality environments  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 days
Security researchers have created ShareAR, a toolkit that lets developers build collaborative and interactive features into AR apps without sacrificing their users' privacy and security. more
More children suffer head injuries playing recreational sport than team sport  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 days
An Australian/ New Zealand study examining childhood head injuries has found that children who do recreational sports like horse riding, skate boarding and bike riding are... more
Researcher Reconstructs Female Druid’s Face after 2,000 Years  SCI-NEWS.COM · 5 days
A researcher from the University of Dundee has recreated the head of one of Scotland’s oldest druids. Nicknamed Hilda, the... more
A brush with a notorious cat, my rabies education and the big bill that followed  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 days
I was just petting an orange tabby cat in my Falls Church, Va., neighborhood, a cat I’d never... more
Albumedix ground-breaking ceremony  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 days
May 8th marked a big day in Albumedix’s history. Holding a traditional ground-breaking ceremony; our workforce, builders and contractors all gathered to watch Peter Rosholm (Chief Executive Officer) and Stuart Woodward (Chief Manufacturing Officer) take the first official step towards... more
Cigarettes Can't Be Advertised On TV. Should Juul Ads Be Permitted?  NPR · 6 days
Though tobacco ads have been banned from TV for about 50 years, the marketing of electronic cigarettes isn't constrained by the law. Public health advocates consider... more
Robotic tool operations bring in-space refueling closer to reality  PHYS.ORG · 6 days
NASA's Robotic Refueling Mission 3 (RRM3) completed an initial set of tool operations, bringing the idea of using water ice or methane from other worlds as fuel for spacecraft one... more
Who is responsible when an inmate commits suicide?  PHYS.ORG · 6 days
Jeffrey Epstein's suicidein New York's Metropolitan Correction Center on Aug. 10 has brought new attention to the troubling reality of inmates who kill themselves in America's jails and prisons. more
Got Pain? A Virtual Swim With Dolphins May Help Melt It Away  NPR · 7 days
A recent study found virtual reality experiences were better at easing pain than watching televised nature scenes. Immersive distraction seems key to the success,... more
Researchers refine guidelines for treating children with brain trauma  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
When a child suffers a head trauma, medical professionals are in high gear to prevent further damage to a developing brain. Measuring and regulating the child's level of carbon dioxide... more
Beer named for Pacific island nuke test site draws criticism  ABC NEWS · 1 week
Texas-based company faces criticism after naming beer after site of U.S. nuclear tests that caused Marshall Islands contamination more
Vision Engineering launches world's first digital stereoscopic 3D-view microscope  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Vision Engineering, a manufacturer of high quality visual inspection and measurement technologies, launches its latest, innovative flagship product Deep Reality Viewer (DRV-Z1) microscope. more
Image: Hubble's portrait of star's gaseous glow  PHYS.ORG · 1 week
Although it looks more like an entity seen through a microscope than a telescope, this rounded object, named NGC 2022, is certainly not algae or tiny, blobby jellyfish. Instead, it is a vast orb... more
Therapeutic virtual reality can help reduce severe pain in hospitalized patients  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Therapeutic virtual reality can be used to reduce severe pain in hospitalized patients, according to a study published August 14, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS... more
NASA picks Alabama site as HQ for human moon lander program: sources  REUTERS · 1 week
The head of NASA is set to announce plans on Friday to name the U.S. space agency's Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama as... more
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