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Artificially lit surface of Earth at night increasing in radiance and extent
Science Magazine A central aim of the "lighting revolution" (the transition to solid-state lighting technology) is decreased energy consumption. This could be undermined by a rebound... 2 hours
Mysterious deep-Earth seismic signature explained
PHYS.ORG New research on oxygen and iron chemistry under the extreme conditions found deep inside the Earth could explain a longstanding seismic mystery called ultralow velocity zones. Published in Nature, the findings could have far-reaching implications on our understanding... 4 hours
Bungie reveals new details about Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris during livestream
Windows Central A few weeks ago, Bungie officially announced Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion. The studio revealed that the game would take players to Mercury,... 4 hours
This scientist is quashing a leading theory for liquid water on Mars—but he still thinks life could exist
Science Magazine The mystery of dark streaks endures for Alfred McEwen 4 hours
How Did This Weird, Super-Salty Pond Form in Antarctica?
LIVE SCIENCE The mystery of one of the world's saltiest bodies of water was just solved. 10 hours
Scientists reveal the mystery about the origin of gold
PHYS.ORG An international group of scientists, with the participation of the University of Granada (UGR), has shed new light on the origin of gold, one of the most intriguing mysteries for... 10 hours
ecobee launches pilot program for its alexa enabled switch light switch ahead of release ecobee launches pilot program for its Alexa-enabled Switch+ light switch ahead of release
9to5Mac Smart thermostat maker ecobee previewed its first smart light switch... 1 day
google brain stanford study using voice recognition to transcribe doctor patient visits Google Brain & Stanford study using voice recognition to transcribe doctor, patient visits
9to5Google VIDEO Alphabet, through Verily Life Sciences, is invested in applying technology... 1 day
Mystery Solved: Why Saturn Moon Titan's Weird Vortex Is So Cold
SPACE.COM The mysteriously cold vortex of air whirling above the south pole of Saturn's moon Titan may result from its atmosphere's unique chemistry, a new study finds. 1 day
Nearly Completed Apple Park Campus Shown Off in New Drone Video
MacRumors VIDEO Work on Apple Park is nearing completion, and the latest drone video shared today... 1 day
A Mars Mystery: How Did Land Form Without Much Water?
SPACE.COM VIDEO The surface of Mars, with its dune flows, gullies and slope movements, is the result of sediment being transported downwards in the recent past as well as today. 1 day
Physicists design $100 handheld cosmic ray muon detector
SCIENCE DAILY Physicists have designed a pocket-sized cosmic ray muon detector to track these ghostly particles. The detector can be made with common electrical parts, and when turned on, it lights up and counts... 1 day
Mystery still surrounds UFO over Oregon
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Back in October, aviation authorities investigated an unidentified aircraft flying over the West Coast. Reports state that on the afternoon of October... 1 day
How to set up Christmas lights in 10 minutes - CNET
CNET Hint: Use a holiday light projector, like laser lights. 2 days
check out the 2017 techcrunch holiday gift guide Check out the 2017 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide
TechCrunch  It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time for the Holidays again. Time to untangle the lights, dust off the... 2 days
Physicists design $100 handheld muon detector
SCIENCE DAILY Physicists have designed a pocket-sized cosmic ray muon detector to track these ghostly particles. The detector can be made with common electrical parts, and when turned on, it lights up and counts each time a muon... 2 days
ge launches 50 hub to connect its bluetooth smart lights to alexa and google assistant GE launches $50 hub to connect its Bluetooth smart lights to Alexa and Google Assistant
THE VERGE GE’s been making some really simple... 2 days
Dark Matter: The Mystery Substance Physics Still Can't Identify
SPACE.COM Despite very considerable successes, there remains much more to be learned. And in some ways, the discoveries made in recent decades have raised as many new questions as they have... 2 days
Scientists solve the mystery of America's scuba-diving fly
REUTERS WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A small fly that thrives at an inhospitable California lake east of Yosemite National Park long has... 2 days
Digital pills successfully monitor opioid use after injury
SCIENCE DAILY Investigators report on the results from a pilot study of 15 individuals who received a prescription to take oxycodone digital pills as needed following treatment for acute fractures. The team found that... 2 days
Consolidate your remotes with a Harmony Companion for just $100
Windows Central Control everything from one thing! Is this deal for me? Amazon has dropped the price on Logitech's Harmony Companion Remote down to $99.99, which is a savings of... 2 days
Get Your First Look At Russell Tovey As The Ray, Plus The Dark Villains From ‘Crisis On Earth-X’ Part 2 (SPOILER ALERT)
Dalhousie Mountain carvings mystery endures
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A series of names carved in to the rocks of Dalhousie Mountain are thought to date back over 100 years. Discovered by workers in the 80s or 90s during... 3 days
100 full moons: Blazing fireball lights up Arctic sky
PHYS.ORG A blazing fireball lit up the dark skies of Arctic Finland for five seconds, giving off what scientists said was "the glow of 100 full moons" and igniting hurried attempts... 4 days
canadian grocery chain orders 25 tesla electric semi trucks Canadian grocery chain orders 25 Tesla electric Semi trucks
TechCrunch  Tesla’s Semi is off to a promising start, despite there being no official pricing information available yet: In... 4 days
How Hulu’s Runaways took its fresh look at superheroes directly from the comics
See Ant-Man's New Suit In A Paul Rudd Video From The Ant-Man And The Wasp Set
This robot made of algae can swim through your body—thanks to magnets
Science Magazine
Apple Shares New 'Sway' Holiday Ad Featuring AirPods and iPhone X
New Rick And Morty Video Delivers A Sincerely Heartwarming Backstory For Fan Favorite Character
Watch these whales exfoliate their way to healthy skin—by rubbing on rocks
Science Magazine
Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?
Bowhead whales come to Cumberland Sound in Nunavut to exfoliate
Apple's Beats supports Kaepernick in pulsating new ad - CNET
Samsung Galaxy S9 w/ dual-camera only on ‘Plus’ model rumored for tease at CES