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Don't believe these 5 Cyber Monday myths - CNET
CNET Think you've got the Internet's biggest shopping day all figured out? Think again. Here are some common misconceptions about everyone's favorite Monday. 52 minutes
Philip Mantle with Curtis Collins - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and guest co-host Curtis Collins chat with British ufologist and publisher Philip Mantle on the state of ufology in his country, the UK, versus the US. Mantle makes pithy comments... 1 hour
Good News: ‘Justice League’ Looks To Win This Weekend’s Box Office; Bad News: It Also Looks To Cost WB $50 Million
Common jellyfish is actually two species, scientists find
SCIENCE DAILY Sea nettle jellyfish found in Rehoboth and Chesapeake Bay are actually two species, researchers have discovered. 1 hour
New Species of Rafflesia Discovered in Indonesia
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of scientists from the United States and Indonesia has described a new species of flowering plant of the genus... 2 hours
New mechanisms found of cell death in neurodegenerative disorders
SCIENCE DAILY New mechanisms of cell death have now been discovered, which may be involved in debilitating neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, report scientists. 1 hour
samsung galaxy s9 w dual camera only on plus model rumored for tease at ces Samsung Galaxy S9 w/ dual-camera only on ‘Plus’ model rumored for tease at CES
9to5Google VIDEO In recent months, we’ve heard several rumors about... 3 hours
call our circuit breaker live hotline to get emotional gadget support on cyber monday Call our Circuit Breaker Live hotline to get emotional gadget support on Cyber Monday
THE VERGE Hey there. How you feeling? Ready to regret... 3 hours
Medical News Today: How do cancer cells start to spread? Study sheds light
MNT Using a 3-D collagen matrix, researchers have discovered how the environment surrounding a tumor encourages cancer cells to metastasize. 3 hours
net neutrality advocates plan protests for december 7 at verizon stores Net Neutrality advocates plan protests for December 7 at Verizon stores
TechCrunch  On December 14, the FCC will vote on whether or not to roll back... 4 hours
Reducing use of antibiotics not sufficient to reverse drug resistance
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have discovered that reducing the use of antibiotics will not be enough to reverse the growing prevalence of antibiotic resistance for some types of bacteria. 5 hours
Researchers uncover new marker of arthritis in mice
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have discovered a new marker of arthritis in mice that can be used non-invasively to both identify joints with established arthritis and to predict subsequent joint swelling. 4 hours
Desert ants are able to assess the reliability of landmarks as they search for the way home
PHYS.ORG Cataglyphis fortis desert ants can learn visual or olfactory cues to pinpoint their nest,... 4 hours
Scientists Find Evidence of ‘Handedness’ in Blue Whales
SCI-NEWS.COM A group of marine biologists that used motion-sensing tags to track the movements of blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) off the... 5 hours
Introducing friends and family to VR
Windows Central Sharing VR with friends is easy, once you know what you're doing. Virtual Reality opens doors to entirely new worlds letting you visit places you've never been before from the bottom of the ocean as you... 6 hours
oneplus won t support android oreo s quick os updates feature OnePlus won’t support Android Oreo’s quick OS updates feature
THE VERGE OnePlus confirmed in its forums yesterday that none of its current devices, including the 3/3T and the 5/5T,... 6 hours
Enhancing the quantum sensing capabilities of diamond
PHYS.ORG Researchers have discovered that dense ensembles of quantum spins can be created in diamond with high resolution using an electron microscopes, paving the way for enhanced sensors and resources for quantum technologies. 7 hours
lyft gets approval to test self driving cars on public roads in california Lyft gets approval to test self-driving cars on public roads in California
TechCrunch  Lyft is the latest company to be added to the ever-growing list of those permitted to test their self-driving technology on California state public... 8 hours
the best google deals of black friday 2017 google home mini chromecast google wifi The best Google deals of Black Friday 2017: Google Home Mini, Chromecast, Google Wifi
THE VERGE Google’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this... 7 hours
Army scientist studies thunderstorms to improve battlefield missions
PHYS.ORG An Army scientist working at the Army Research Laboratory has discovered a new pattern in the evolution of thunderstorms that can be used to better predict how weather and the environment will... 8 hours
Space Dust May Transport Biological Particles between Distant Planets, New Study Suggests
SCI-NEWS.COM Streams of space dust that continually bombard Earth’s atmosphere could deliver microbial life and life essential molecules from distant planets, or send Earth-based microorganisms... 9 hours
Discovery of cigar-shaped asteroid from outer space could help unveil secrets of extrasolar worlds
PHYS.ORG It came from outer space … and went back there two weeks later, having astonished and excited astronomers and planetary... 9 hours
CNET Holiday Buyer's Guide Live: Join us Monday at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET - CNET
CNET VIDEO Stream along with CNET on Cyber Monday for great deals and answers to your burning holiday... 9 hours
uber data breach raises huge concerns says uk watchdog Uber data breach “raises huge concerns”, says UK watchdog
TechCrunch  The fallout from Uber’s disclosure yesterday of a massive data breach affecting 57 million users and drivers that... 9 hours
Managing antibiotics not enough to reverse resistance
PHYS.ORG Researchers have discovered that reducing the use of antibiotics will not be enough to reverse the growing prevalence of antibiotic resistance for some types of bacteria. 11 hours
See Ant-Man's New Suit In A Paul Rudd Video From The Ant-Man And The Wasp Set
This robot made of algae can swim through your body—thanks to magnets
Science Magazine
Apple Shares New 'Sway' Holiday Ad Featuring AirPods and iPhone X
New Rick And Morty Video Delivers A Sincerely Heartwarming Backstory For Fan Favorite Character
Watch these whales exfoliate their way to healthy skin—by rubbing on rocks
Science Magazine
Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?
Bowhead whales come to Cumberland Sound in Nunavut to exfoliate
Apple's Beats supports Kaepernick in pulsating new ad - CNET
Samsung Galaxy S9 w/ dual-camera only on ‘Plus’ model rumored for tease at CES
Elon Musk files permit to begin digging underground tunnel in LA
Watch JJ Abrams Try To Give Star Wars IX Spoilers To A Fan But Things Go Horribly
The Big Way Dancing With The Stars Is Changing Up Its Next Season
Netflix's She's Gotta Have It tells a familiar story in a new way
How drones are being used in Zanzibar's fight against malaria
Armed with tough computer chips, scientists are ready to return to the hell of Venus
Science Magazine