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Good News: ‘Justice League’ Looks To Win This Weekend’s Box Office; Bad News: It Also Looks To Cost WB $50 Million
TV Review: ‘The Punisher – Episodes 9-12′
SCIENCEFICTION.COM And now we’re really into it, with ‘The Punisher’ getting into some serious action, and really delving into some more thoughtful philosophical... 4 hours
Controlling organ functions with your cell phone may be possible in future
NEWS MEDICAL Think about this. You have diabetes, are trying to control your insulin levels and instead of taking a pill or giving yourself an injection,... 13 hours
hands on akitio thunder3 quad x a four bay drive enclosure with classic mac pro inspired design video Hands-on: Akitio Thunder3 Quad X – a four bay drive enclosure with classic Mac Pro-inspired design [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO When it... 19 hours
iphone x create useful shortcuts with a virtual home button for a super efficient ui iPhone X: Create useful shortcuts with a virtual Home button for a super efficient UI
9to5Mac You’ve likely quickly adapted to the... 24 hours
Sonos users can now control Spotify with Alexa voice - CNET
CNET Now you can make Spotify the default music service when asking Alexa for music on Sonos speakers. We go hands-on. 24 hours
How to use Windows 10 Quick Assist to remotely troubleshoot PC problems
Windows Central You can use Quick Assist in Windows 10 to remotely help someone with a PC problem. Have you ever had a friend or family... 1 day
you can now control the dji spark with gamevice s controller accessory You can now control the DJI Spark with Gamevice’s controller accessory
TechCrunch  Gamevice is a bit like way to turn your iPhone or iPad into a... 1 day
sonos rolls out spotify control with voice using alexa ahead of delayed homepod launch Sonos rolls out Spotify control with voice using Alexa ahead of delayed HomePod launch
9to5Mac Sonos has officially launched support for controlling Spotify... 1 day
sonos one users can now ask alexa to play spotify music Sonos One users can now ask Alexa to play Spotify music
TechCrunch  In October, Sonos launched the Sonos One, raising the bar on what is already... 1 day
Myth of the genius solitary scientist is dangerous
PHYS.ORG Picture a scientist. Seriously, right now. I'm not going to discuss the nature of the person that you have in your mind (although I am going to guess: White? Male? Crazy hair?... 1 day
Using magnets to control chemical reactions that target release of medicines inside the body
PHYS.ORG (—A team of researchers with the University of Georgia in Athens has developed a technique for controlling chemical reactions that... 1 day
Smiling human faces are attractive to dogs—thanks to oxytocin
PHYS.ORG Researchers in the University of Helsinki's Canine Mind research project found that oxytocin made dogs interested in smiling human faces. It also made them see angry faces as less threatening.... 1 day
Streamlined method for using CGM helps patients with diabetes maintain safe, stable glucose levels
NEWS MEDICAL Endocrine Society experts have developed a streamlined method for using the Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to help... 1 day
Uncontrolled lung diseases could lead to costly A&E visits and hospital stays
NEWS MEDICAL People with potentially fatal chronic lung diseases are not in control of their condition,new research by Chiesi reveals today. This could be leading to... 1 day
rez infinite is now available in vr for google daydream Rez Infinite is now available in VR for Google Daydream
THE VERGE Rez Infinite is one of the best games available for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and the... 1 day
iphone x how to enable reachability make control center more user friendly iPhone X: How to enable Reachability, make Control Center more user friendly
9to5Mac VIDEO Reachability for iPhones is a useful feature to easily access the top of your screen. With the iPhone X the feature is still there,... 2 days
review hunter simpleconnect ceiling fan is a 2 in 1 homekit essential for home automation Review: Hunter SimpleConnect ceiling fan is a 2-in-1 HomeKit essential for home automation
9to5Mac VIDEO Hunter is a company known for commercializing ceiling fans over... 2 days
Chime in: What do you think of Microsoft Launcher for Android?
Windows Central What do you think of the Microsoft Launcher for Android devices? Come let us know your thoughts in the forums. With Microsoft continuing to pull back... 2 days
Damon Lindelof Wanted To Tackle ‘Watchmen’ Because It’s “Dangerous”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s ‘Watchmen‘ has become one of the most iconic graphic novels of all time... 2 days
google assistant adds setting to manage calendars default accounts on google home Google Assistant adds setting to manage calendars, default accounts on Google Home
9to5Google For the past few teardowns of the Google app, we’ve spotted a Calendar setting among Google Assistant’s list of services. This control is now... 2 days
Consolidate your remotes with a Harmony Companion for just $100
Windows Central Control everything from one thing! Is this deal for me? Amazon has dropped the price on Logitech's Harmony Companion Remote down to $99.99, which is a savings of... 2 days
uber adds live location sharing and more for easier pickups Uber adds live location sharing and more for easier pickups
TechCrunch  Uber has added some updates to its rider app designed to make the pickup process easier... 2 days
Some cancer therapies may provide a new way to treat high blood pressure
SCIENCE DAILY Drugs designed to halt cancer growth may offer a new way to control high blood pressure (hypertension), say investigators. The finding could... 2 days
Cancer drugs may offer new way to control high blood pressure
NEWS MEDICAL Drugs designed to halt cancer growth may offer a new way to control high blood pressure (hypertension), say Georgetown University Medical Center investigators. 2 days
See Ant-Man's New Suit In A Paul Rudd Video From The Ant-Man And The Wasp Set
This robot made of algae can swim through your body—thanks to magnets
Science Magazine
Apple Shares New 'Sway' Holiday Ad Featuring AirPods and iPhone X
New Rick And Morty Video Delivers A Sincerely Heartwarming Backstory For Fan Favorite Character
Watch these whales exfoliate their way to healthy skin—by rubbing on rocks
Science Magazine
Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?
Bowhead whales come to Cumberland Sound in Nunavut to exfoliate
Apple's Beats supports Kaepernick in pulsating new ad - CNET
Samsung Galaxy S9 w/ dual-camera only on ‘Plus’ model rumored for tease at CES
Elon Musk files permit to begin digging underground tunnel in LA