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Is it unethical to give your cat catnip?  PHYS.ORG · 37 minutes
As the Christmas season gets underway thoughts turn to buying gifts for the entire family. For some, companion animals are on the gift list, particularly cats and dogs who share our homes... more
Meng Wanzhou: China park rewards Huawei phone owners  BBC · 48 minutes
Chinese firms are showing their support for phone giant Huawei, whose CFO is facing extradition to the US. more
Study examines relationship between growth restriction and risk of childhood mortality  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Almost all children live to see their eighteenth birthday despite a severe growth restriction, as long as they have survived their first month during infancy. This... more
China's win-at-all-costs approach suggests it will follow its own dangerous path in biomedicine  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
The world was shocked by Chinese scientist He Jiankui's recent claim that he'd brought to term twin babies whose genes – inheritable... more
Children of problem drinkers more likely to marry someone with a drinking problem  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
Children of parents who have alcohol use disorder are more likely to get married under the age of 25, less likely to... more
Google China: Has search firm put Project Dragonfly on hold?  BBC · 3 hours
Report that Google has put its Project Dragonfly search engine for China on hold. more
Image: 115 years of flight  PHYS.ORG · 4 hours
For most of human history, we mere mortals have dreamt of taking to the skies—from the myth of Icarus, to kites in China, to the development of hydrogen-filled balloons in the 8th century, to early experiments with gliders... more
Drone delivers vaccines in key Vanuatu trial  PHYS.ORG · 5 hours
A one-month-old on a remote island in the Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu became the first child to be immunised in a commercial trial of drone-delivered vaccines, the UN children's fund UNICEF said Tuesday. more
CAPTCHAs Could Soon Be Made Obsolete, Thanks to New AI-Based Attack  Gadgets 360 · 5 hours
Researchers from UK and China have found a way to harness the power of machine learning to crack the text-based CAPTCHA systems. more
Sickest children could benefit from split liver transplants  NEWS MEDICAL · 7 hours
In a review of registry data for more than 5,300 liver transplants performed in children nationwide, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers identify the type of patient who is most likely to survive a... more
How a Chinese anti-virus software maker builds a fintech firm to wrestle with giants  TechCrunch · 7 hours
360 Finance, an online consumer loan platform that spun off from China’s anti-virus service giant 360 Group, has joined a... more
Twitter warns of 'unusual activity' from China and Saudi Arabia  BBC · 7 hours
Twitter says "unusual" activity from China and Saudi Arabia followed a users' country code bug. more
Atari teams up with some startup to pretend to make blockchain-based games  TechCrunch · 7 hours
Animoca Brands will produce and publish blockchain-based versions of RollerCoaster Tycoon and Goon Squad worldwide (excluding China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau); the new... more
New battery-free, implantable device aids weight loss  NEWS MEDICAL · 10 hours
More than 700 million adults and children worldwide are obese, according to a 2017 study that called the growing number and weight-related health problems a "rising pandemic." more
Parental alcohol use disorder associated with offspring marital outcomes  NEWS MEDICAL · 10 hours
Children of parents who have alcohol use disorder are more likely to get married under the age of 25, less likely to get married later in life, and more likely... more
Coolpad Cool Play 8 With Full-HD+ Display, Dual Rear Camera Setup Launched: Price, Specifications  Gadgets 360 · 10 hours
Coolpad Cool Play 8 price in China has been set at CNY 999 (roughly Rs. 10,300) for the lone 4GB... more
Twitter Says Resolved Issue That Could Have Exposed User Country Code  Gadgets 360 · 12 hours
Twitter said it received a large number of enquiries from individual IP addresses located in China and Saudi Arabia. more
China's Dark Matter Explorer to Extend Space Service  ASTRO WATCH · 17 hours
China's DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE), nicknamed "Wukong" or "Monkey King," will extend its service in space by two years,... more
Affetto's creepy robot faces are actually human-like video - CNET  CNET · 19 hours
Researchers in Japan are working on giving androids expressions eerily similar to their human counterparts. more
Shazam reveals 2018's most-searched songs
Satechi launches sleek new USB-C Stand Hub for iMac and iMac Pro with seven ports
Satechi launches sleek new USB-C Stand Hub for iMac and iMac Pro with seven ports
Is it unethical to give your cat catnip?
Flexible thermoelectric generator module: a silver bullet to fix waste energy issues
Peering into Little Foot's 3.67 million-year-old brain
Advanced digital networks look a lot like the human nervous system
Lenovo Z5 Pro GT packs 12GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 855 w/ slider design, arrives January
PSA: Here’s a quick and easy way to prep your HomePod for party season
Searching for the source of planarians' regenerative powers