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China-backed hydro dam threatens world's rarest orangutan
PHYS.ORG A billion-dollar hydroelectric dam development in Indonesia that threatens the habitat of the world's rarest great ape has sparked fresh concerns about the impact of China's globe-spanning infrastructure drive. 5 hours
Google warns politicians to protect their personal accounts, too - CNET
CNET Phishing attacks are targeting personal, as well as professional, accounts. 2 days
apple ceo tim cook calls on bloomberg to retract supply chain hack story there s no truth to this Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls on Bloomberg to Retract Supply Chain Hack Story: 'There's No Truth to This'
MacRumors ... 2 days
Khashoggi crisis shines light on Saudi ties to Silicon Valley
PHYS.ORG The crisis surrounding the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and concerns that he may have been killed in the Saudi consulate in Turkey, has highlighted the role of... 2 days
Taxes and caps on carbon work differently but calibrating them poses the same challenge
PHYS.ORG Virtually everything most people on earth do these days involves, either directly or indirectly, the combustion of oil, gas and... 2 days
the eu has approved microsoft s 7 5 billion github acquisition The EU has approved Microsoft’s $7.5 billion GitHub acquisition
THE VERGE Microsoft’s upcoming $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub has cleared another major hurdle: the EU has approved the deal... 2 days
EU drug agency urges approval for dengue vaccine
ABC NEWS Europe's drug regulator has recommended approving the first vaccine for dengue despite concerns about the vaccine's wide use and a lawsuit in the Philippines alleging that it was linked to three deaths 2 days
EU medicines agency says dengue vaccine should be approved
ABC NEWS Europe's medicines regulator has recommended the approval of the first vaccine for dengue despite concerns about the vaccine being widely used and a lawsuit in the Philippines alleging it was... 2 days
some iphone xr models start selling out Some iPhone XR Models Start Selling Out
MacRumors iPhone XR pre-orders kicked off at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time, and just a half hour after orders went live, some colors started... 2 days
nasa issues call for payloads to go on commercial lunar landers NASA issues call for payloads to go on commercial lunar landers
SPACE NEWS As NASA evaluates proposals for commercially developed small lunar landers, the agency is now... 3 days
yet another report suggests this year s ipad pro refresh will drop lightning for usb c Yet another report suggests this year’s iPad Pro refresh will drop Lightning for USB-C
9to5Mac VIDEO Apple earlier today officially confirmed its upcoming special... 3 days
Uber tests 'Uber Works' to supply on-demand temporary workers - CNET
CNET The ride-hailing company could also become a temp agency. 3 days
Uber is developing an on-demand staffing business
TechCrunch Uber is reportedly developing a short-term staffing business to offer 1099 independent contractors for events and corporate functions, the Financial Times first reported. Dubbed Uber Works, the service would provide waiters, security guards and... 3 days
Realizing private and practical pharmacological collaboration
Science Magazine Although combining data from multiple entities could power life-saving breakthroughs, open sharing of pharmacological data is generally not viable because of data privacy and intellectual property concerns. To this end, we leverage modern cryptographic tools to... 3 days
Saint-Tropez cleans up after Mediterranean oil spill
PHYS.ORG French workers on Thursday scooped balls of tar off the beach in Saint-Tropez after oil that leaked from two ships which collided washed ashore in the Riviera resort. 3 days
'Malnourished' animals report prompts Albania zoo closure
PHYS.ORG A report claiming lions and other animals were left malnourished at a private zoo in Albania has prompted Albanian authorities to order the zoo's temporary closure. 3 days
False 'malnourished' report prompts Albania zoo closure
PHYS.ORG A false report about malnourished lions and zebras at a private zoo in Albania has prompted Albanian authorities to order the zoo's temporary closure. 3 days
Wicked problems and how to solve them
PHYS.ORG Wicked problems are issues so complex and dependent on so many factors that it is hard to grasp what exactly the problem is, or how to tackle it. Wicked problems are like a tangled... 3 days
Proxxi saves workers from getting electrocuted
TechCrunch There are some gadgets that are nice to have – iPhones, sous vide wands – and some gadgets that you must have. Proxxi fits in the latter camp. Proxxi is an always-on sensor that buzzes when... 3 days
tsmc revenue growth will be slow says company but unrelated to iphone TSMC revenue growth will be slow, says company – but unrelated to iPhone
9to5Mac Supply chain resources suggested this week that TSMC revenue for... 3 days
jake paul s vlog empire team 10 deletes all social media ahead of announcement Jake Paul’s vlog empire, Team 10, deletes all social media ahead of announcement
THE VERGE VIDEO Jake Paul’s Team 10, a tight-knit group of young vloggers... 3 days
Pre-eclampsia linked to an increased risk of dementia later in life
SCIENCE DAILY Pre-eclampsia is associated with an increased risk of later dementia, particularly vascular dementia, caused by reduced blood supply to the brain due to diseased blood vessels,... 3 days
'Bad news': CO2 emissions to rise in 2018, says IEA chief
PHYS.ORG Energy sector carbon emissions will rise in 2018 after hitting record levels the year before, dimming prospects for meeting Paris climate treaty goals, the head of... 3 days
Experts raise safety concerns about cardboard baby boxes
SCIENCE DAILY Cardboard baby boxes are being promoted for infant sleep as a safe alternative to more traditional cots, bassinets, or Moses baskets, without any evidence in place, warn experts. 4 days
Bursting the clouds for better communication
SCIENCE DAILY We live in an age of long-range information. Research is turning towards the use of lasers which have several advantages. However, this new technology faces a major problem: clouds. Due to their density, clouds stop the... 4 days
Silent Night, Bloody Night is the perfect streaming slasher for Halloween fans
iPhone XR still widely available for launch day delivery, but analysts aren’t worried
PSA: Latest Apple ID phishing scam tricks you into thinking you’ve subscribed to Spotify Premium
Look up, way up! It's International Observe the Moon Night Saturday
2019 BMW X7: How does it compare to rivals? - Roadshow
What’s in your bag, Jess Glynne?
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the first to support Android Protected Confirmation in Pie
Tim Cook says Businessweek should retract China security story: ‘We turned the company upside down’