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VIDEO The chemical process of tanning turns animal hides into durable, supple leather.
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twelve south launches updated bookbook journal and surfacepad for 2018 iphones
Twelve South today announced updated versions of its BookBook, Journal, and SurfacePad case accessories,...
you can now buy a sim free iphone xr
Apple is now offering unlocked iPhone XR devices that are sold without a SIM card in the US, as spotted...
The Alexa-powered Microwave mashes together two convenience-focused technologies with great results.
Amazon more... CNET 4 hours
iphone xr now available sim free in the united states
Apple has made the iPhone XR available SIM-free in the United States, allowing customers to purchase the phone...
Apple typically launches new iPhones with carrier SIM cards pre-installed and doesn’t offer a...
fortnite s frantic food fight is its best mode yet
New modes slip in and out of Fortnite at an incredible pace. There’s been everything from dance battles...
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Microsoft's premium noise-canceling headphones stack up pretty well against leading models from Bose and Sony, but could cost a little less.
how to choose the best camera for you
There are plenty of cameras in the sea, and not all are made equally. Maybe you’re looking to build up...
Join the great brining debate this Thanksgiving.
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The owner of an iPhone X said his smartphone caught fire while he was upgrading the operating system.
The Atacama Desert, the driest and oldest desert on Earth, located in northern Chile, hides a hyper-arid core in which no rain...
sharp made a phone with two notches
VIDEO Last year Sharp released the Aquos R Compact, a phone with a tiny camera notch on the top edge and a humongous...
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Wearables are great, sure, except you have to wear them. Wouldn't it be nice if that functionality was printed right onto your skin? Well, even though it's not for everybody, it sounds like it...
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Apple’s rough week continues this evening. Following pessimistic outlooks from a handful of suppliers...
google maps will let you chat with businesses
Earlier today, 9to5Google pointed us to a blog post from Google announcing a new feature for Google Maps: messaging businesses....
hackers win 60 000 for finding iphone safari exploit at tokyo pwn2own contest
Richard Zhu and Amat Cama, two white hat hackers, recently teamed up at the Mobile Pwn2Own contest in Tokyo and ended up earning a...
New finding may shed light on the evolution of language
AnimalsPrimatesEvolution more... Science Magazine 21 hours
Apple adds third-party app integration to Final Cut Pro X
Japanese man pledges to have, hold and cherish hologram pop star Hatsune Miku
Meet Oprah, the omnipotent VR bug, in Crow: The Legend on Oculus - CNET
Alphabet shutting down bipedal robot company Schaft bought in 2013 robotics spree
Video: How is leather made?
Watch SpaceX launch and land a used Falcon 9 rocket
Commercial EO innovation challenges snail-pace government timescales
Feeling the pressure with universal tactile imaging
A super-Earth found in our stellar back yard
A super-Earth found in our stellar back yard