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Lack of food contributing to students' poor health and absenteeism
PHYS.ORG Teenagers whose families worry about money for food are more likely to be overweight, have poor mental and physical health, and miss school, according to new University of... 10 hours
NASA Taps Young People To Help Develop Virtual Reality Technology
NPR Scientists at NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center are hoping to use virtual reality technology to study space, and Earth, without leaving their offices. Talented high school students are helping. 10 hours
David Willetts interview: 'We need a broader view of what constitutes a good university'
PHYS.ORG David Willetts was minister for universities and science in the coalition government from 2010 to 2014, when the cap on... 11 hours
This computer game comes thanks to 2 Supreme Court justices
PHYS.ORG The Supreme Court's first female justice, Sandra Day O'Connor, has helped teach millions of students civics through computer games created by an organization she founded. Now, with a... 11 hours
Babies can assess how much someone values a particular goal, study suggests
NEWS MEDICAL Babies as young as 10 months can assess how much someone values a particular goal by observing how hard they are willing to work... 17 hours
foxconn says it immediately ended illegal overtime by students on iphone x production line Foxconn says it ‘immediately’ ended illegal overtime by students on iPhone X production line
9to5Mac Foxconn said it took ‘immediate action’ to end... 1 day
Angry Birds maker posts loss despite jump in sales
PHYS.ORG Finland's Rovio Entertainment, creator of the popular smartphone game Angry Birds, on Thursday posted a loss for the third quarter despite rising sales, as it increased its investments with a... 1 day
apple supplier foxconn halts interns illegal overtime at iphone x factory in china Apple Supplier Foxconn Halts Interns' Illegal Overtime at iPhone X Factory in China
MacRumors Apple supplier Foxconn says it has stopped interns from working... 1 day
Facebook to show people if they fell for Russian propaganda (Update)
PHYS.ORG Facebook on Wednesday said it will help people see if they liked or followed posts considered part of a Russian effort to meddle with last year's... 2 days
Stronger social networks could help with management of colorectal cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital led by Ying Bao, MD, ScD, an epidemiologist in BWH's Channing Division of Network Medicine and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School,... 2 days
Raging debate: Does culling wolves curb poaching?
PHYS.ORG A researcher in Norway launched the latest salvo Wednesday in a fierce, sometimes caustic debate on how legal hunting impacts the poaching of large predators. 2 days
altschool wants to change how kids learn but fears have surfaced that it s failing students AltSchool wants to change how kids learn, but fears have surfaced that it’s failing students
TechCrunch  Business Insider recently reported that numerous... 2 days
Facebook will identify what Russia-linked content you liked - CNET
CNET The social network said a new tool for spotting posts from a Russian troll farm will be available by the end of the year. 2 days
altschool wants to change how kids learn but fears that it s failing students are surfacing AltSchool wants to change how kids learn, but fears that it’s failing students are surfacing
TechCrunch  It’s not just parents who have... 2 days
Win a Surface Book 2 from Windows Central!
Windows Central Microsoft's Surface vision is coming into focus and with the Surface Book 2 13 it has again set the bar for the ultimate PC laptop. They always say wait for version two... 2 days
fcc ignored your net neutrality comment unless you made a serious legal argument FCC ignored your net neutrality comment, unless you made a ‘serious’ legal argument
THE VERGE The FCC received a record-breaking 22 million comments chiming in... 2 days
Standardised tests are culturally biased against rural students
PHYS.ORG It is generally reported that rural students are up to one and a half years behind their metropolitan peers in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) and Programme for... 2 days
Students worked illegal overtime on iPhone X
Sky News Apple has found that Chinese high-school students worked illegal overtime at a factory belonging to its main supplier to assemble iPhones. 2 days
google s top search results promote offensive content again Google’s top search results promote offensive content, again
THE VERGE Google’s search algorithms have been haphazard for a long time, but over the past year we’ve seen a number of... 2 days
Survey: Majority of LGBTQ people experience violence, threats, or sexual harassment
NEWS MEDICAL This report is part of a series titled "Discrimination in America." The series is based on a survey conducted for National Public Radio, the Robert Wood... 3 days
Apple supplier used illegal teenage labor to assemble the iPhone X: report
PHYS.ORG If you own an iPhone X, there is a chance your prized smartphone was built from forced labor of Chinese high school students. 3 days
Science on the move with BioBus
LendEDU survey finds gamers support microtransactions contrary to recent outrage
Windows Central Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding microtransactions. You may have heard about the Star Wars Battlefront II fiasco where EA temporarily pulled the game's microtransactions,... 3 days
what makes youtube s surreal kids videos so creepy What makes YouTube’s surreal kids’ videos so creepy?
THE VERGE VIDEO Earlier this month, journalist James Bridle launched a wide-reaching debate on the “industrialized nightmare production” of YouTube Kids videos. These... 3 days
How (and why) one Windows Mixed Reality hater became a believer
Windows Central I was wrong about Windows Mixed Reality, and I apologize. For the people who follow my work and my social media posts, you might know me... 3 days
Pixel 2 XL proves less bendable than Pixel 2 in durability, torture test [Video]
Pixel 2 XL proves less bendable than Pixel 2 in durability, torture test [Video]
Unique moth species looks like a hummingbird
LONDON LOCKDOWN: Oxford Street & Circus swarmed by terror police
LONDON LOCKDOWN: Oxford Street & Circus swarmed by terror police
Best Friend from Heaven (2017)
Samsung is apparently adding a backlit keyboard to the Chromebook Pro
First Trailer for 'Journeyman' - Written & Directed by Paddy Considine
Face Unlock for the OnePlus 5T is designed for convenience but isn’t very secure, may be coming to OnePlus 5
First Teaser Trailer for Animated 'Smallfoot' About a Kind-Hearted Yeti