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Marvel's Daredevil season 3 big bad talks about donning the iconic white suit - CNET
CNET Actors Vincent D'Onofrio, Jay Ali and Wilson Bethel reveal the dangers of becoming Wilson Fisk's puppets in the... 2 hours
Smart bulbs, gaming laptops, and more are discounted today
Windows Central Whether you're looking for new tech gear or household items, we've got you covered. There's never a shortage of deals available, but sorting through all of them can be difficult... 3 hours
Game of Thrones shot a reunion special with Conan O'Brien - CNET
CNET Sean Bean says the comedian hosted a farewell show of some kind in Northern Ireland. 3 hours
Pixel 3 camera: Six tips and tricks to get the best photos - CNET
CNET Group selfies and some fancy tricks are just a few taps away. 3 hours
George Lucas and Jon Favreau get together in ... a cantina? - CNET
CNET The Star Wars creator apparently paid a visit to the set of The Mandalorian. 5 hours
Climate fund approves $1B for projects in poor countries
ABC NEWS Officials overseeing a U.N.-backed fund to help poor countries tackle climate change have approved over $1 billion in new investments after a four-day meeting in Bahrain 5 hours
my dead wife the robot car is a black mirror equse podcast about autonomous cars My Dead Wife, the Robot Car is a Black Mirror-equse podcast about autonomous cars
THE VERGE There are a ton of podcasts out there,... 5 hours
Elon Musk trolls 'virgin' Fortnite players, game fights back - CNET
CNET The billionaire businessman and the hit game had a brief but entertaining Twitter fight. 5 hours
electric scooters are inspiring lazy people to get creative Electric scooters are inspiring lazy people to get creative
THE VERGE The scooter craze sweeping the nation is now over a year old, which means its been around long... 6 hours
These new kitchen gadgets will change how you cook, store and dispose of your food - CNET
CNET We got a look at the latest in food tech at the 2018 Smart... 8 hours
On This Day in Space! Oct. 21, 2008: India Launches Its 1st Moon Mission
SPACE.COM On Oct. 21, 2008, the Indian Space Research Organization launched its first mission to the moon. See how it happened... 8 hours
Welcome to Space! BepiColombo Spacecraft Headed to Mercury Snap 1st Photo
SPACE.COM The European-Japanese BepiColombo mission captured its first photo on Saturday (Oct. 20), a day after lifting off from French Guiana. The image is a selfie showing... 9 hours
Keegan-Michael Key and the most ridiculous 5G interview ever - CNET
CNET Has the 5G hype gotten out of hand? Just wait until comedic actor Keegan-Michael Key weighs in. 8 hours
Huawei MateBook X Pro is a class act - CNET
CNET The ultraportable laptop's design only has one big flaw. 10 hours
The Apple Watch Series 4 -- down to the tiniest detail - CNET
CNET I photographed the new Apple Watch in order to capture the smallest of details. What you would normally miss at first glance... 9 hours
Huawei MateBook X Pro review: The MateBook X Pro squeezes some big features into its little package - CNET
CNET A great 14-inch display for its class and a discrete... 10 hours
iPhone XR early presale demand and the next Apple event is almost here - CNET
CNET Which iPhone XR models are showing shipment delays and what we're expecting at Apple's next launch event. Catch... 10 hours
TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip review: Tons of smarts make this power strip worth buying - CNET
CNET An impressive app and smart home features make this power strip worth... 10 hours
Germany urges global minimum tax for digital giants
PHYS.ORG German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said in an interview for publication Sunday he backed a global minimum fiscal regime for multinationals as Europe looks to levy tax notably on US tech giants. 10 hours
Twitter employee may have spied on users for Saudis, says report - CNET
CNET Intelligence officials alerted the social network in 2015, and it fired the worker, reports The New York Times. 17 hours
New drug could sustain oxygen-starved hearts
SCIENCE DAILY In new studies, a novel oxygen-delivery therapeutic restored the function of oxygen-starved heart tissue in an animal model of global hypoxia. Unlike its experimental predecessors, the new drug does not appear to cause systemic side effects... 20 hours
'Dark day': Congo rebels kill 2 health agents fighting Ebola
ABC NEWS 'Dark day' as Congolese rebels kill 2 health agents fighting deadly Ebola outbreak 23 hours
Where to find the best deals on Synology DS119j NAS
Windows Central Best answer: Unsurprisingly, I recommend Amazon as the place to go to get the best deals on a new Synology DS119j. Amazon: Synology DS119j ($100) Go Amazon or... 1 day
DJI's Mavic Pro, a Sous Vide Cooker, and more are discounted today
Windows Central Whether you're looking for new tech gear or household items, we've got you covered. There's never a shortage of deals available, but sorting through... 1 day
In State Tectonics, an explosive ending for the future of democracy
TechCrunch An omnipotent data infrastructure and knowledge-sharing tech organization has spread across the planet. Global conspiracies to disseminate propaganda and rig elections are ever present. Algorithms determine... 1 day
Slack engineer figures out way to load messages into a 1995 SNES game
Get ‘Cirkus’ Mac and iOS task management app for free [Video]
Silent Night, Bloody Night is the perfect streaming slasher for Halloween fans
iPhone XR still widely available for launch day delivery, but analysts aren’t worried
PSA: Latest Apple ID phishing scam tricks you into thinking you’ve subscribed to Spotify Premium
Look up, way up! It's International Observe the Moon Night Saturday
2019 BMW X7: How does it compare to rivals? - Roadshow
What’s in your bag, Jess Glynne?
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the first to support Android Protected Confirmation in Pie
Tim Cook says Businessweek should retract China security story: ‘We turned the company upside down’
Luxury manufacturer Vertu returns with Aster P smartphones
Two spacecraft are embarking on a seven-year journey to decode Mercury’s mysteries
The new Halloween is a slasher movie with an actual message