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Czech government office stops using Huawei mobile phones  ABC NEWS · 42 minutes
The Czech Republic's prime minister has ordered his government office to stop using mobile phones made by Chinese telecoms company Huawei. more
The importance of 'edge populations' to biodiversity  PHYS.ORG · 2 minutes
More than two-thirds of Canada's biodiversity is made up of species that occur within the country's borders only at the very northern edge of their range. Biologists have long debated how much effort should... more
Assessing the promise of gallium oxide as an ultrawide bandgap semiconductor  PHYS.ORG · 38 minutes
In microelectronic devices, the bandgap is a major factor determining the electrical conductivity of the underlying materials. Substances with large bandgaps are generally insulators that do... more
Fake plastic atoms  ESA · 2 hours
Our world is made of atoms and molecules, but even with the most powerful microscopes we can only see snapshots, never how they move and interact with each other. To... more
Satellite data exposes looting  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
More than 2,500 years ago, horse riding nomads expanded their cultural realm throughout the Eurasian steppe from Southern Siberia to Eastern Europe. These tribes buried their dead in large burial mounds, often with elaborate golden jewelry and weapons of superior... more
The influence of magnetic fields on thin film structures  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
A team of scientists from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, together with their colleagues from Russia, Japan, and Australia, have studied the influence of inhomogeneous magnetic fields applied during the... more
Byte’s creator culture will make or break Vine 2  THE VERGE · 3 hours
Vine’s spiritual successor is slated to launch in 2019, yet it already faces two immense and conflicting expectations:... more
Looking for LUCA, the last universal common ancestor  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
Around 4 billion years ago there lived a microbe called LUCA: the Last Universal Common Ancestor. There is evidence that it could have lived a somewhat 'alien' lifestyle, hidden away deep underground... more
Why Beat Saber is my game of the year  THE VERGE · 3 hours
2018 has been a good year for video games. From blockbuster epics to smaller indie experiences to inventive... more
SpaceIL completes lunar lander for February launch  SPACE NEWS · 4 hours
A privately funded Israeli lunar lander originally built for a prize competition is now complete and ready for launch in early 2019.... more
CAPTCHAs Could Soon Be Made Obsolete, Thanks to New AI-Based Attack  Gadgets 360 · 5 hours
Researchers from UK and China have found a way to harness the power of machine learning to crack the text-based CAPTCHA systems. more
EU agrees to cut emissions from new cars by 37 percent by 2030  PHYS.ORG · 8 hours
European Union members and the European Parliament on Monday agreed to slash carbon dioxide emissions from new cars by 37.5 percent by... more
Huawei, ZTE Products Called Security Threat by Czech Cyber Watchdog  Gadgets 360 · 10 hours
Czech cyber watchdog warned network operators on Monday against using software or hardware made by Chinese telecom equipment suppliers Huawei and ZTE. more
Michigan-based food manufacturer ordered to discontinue operations after recurrent food safety violations  NEWS MEDICAL · 11 hours
A federal court ordered a Michigan-based food manufacturer to discontinue selling food products until the company complies with federal regulations and other requirements. more
Israeli Spacecraft Gets Special Passenger Before Moon Journey  Gadgets 360 · 12 hours
A time capsule of three digital discs containing thousands of files was ceremoniously placed within the space pod by organisers wearing white dust coats at the plant where it is being constructed... more
Historic Israeli moon mission to ferry Holocaust survivor's story to space - CNET  CNET · 16 hours
Israeli space teams load a time capsule into the Beresheet spacecraft that gives a peek into Israeli life past and present. more
Biodegradable, edible film kills pathogens on seafood  SCIENCE DAILY · 19 hours
A biodegradable, edible film made with plant starch and antimicrobial compounds may control the growth of foodborne pathogens on seafood, according to researchers. more
Wondrous extinct flying reptiles boasted rudimentary feathers  REUTERS · 19 hours
A microscopic examination of fossils from China has revealed that the fur-like body covering of pterosaurs, the remarkable flying reptiles that lived... more
NASA catches India landfall of Tropical Depression Phethai  PHYS.ORG · 19 hours
NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Northwestern Indian Ocean and captured a visible image of Tropical Depression Phethai after it made landfall in southeastern India. more
AutoComplete: Mercedes is teasing the new CLA ahead of its CES debut video - Roadshow  CNET · 21 hours
Plus: Ford has made a noise-canceling doghouse and the Bloodhound SSC gets a new lease on life. more
Shazam reveals 2018's most-searched songs
Satechi launches sleek new USB-C Stand Hub for iMac and iMac Pro with seven ports
Satechi launches sleek new USB-C Stand Hub for iMac and iMac Pro with seven ports
Is it unethical to give your cat catnip?
Flexible thermoelectric generator module: a silver bullet to fix waste energy issues
Peering into Little Foot's 3.67 million-year-old brain
Advanced digital networks look a lot like the human nervous system
Lenovo Z5 Pro GT packs 12GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 855 w/ slider design, arrives January
PSA: Here’s a quick and easy way to prep your HomePod for party season
Searching for the source of planarians' regenerative powers
Video: Nanoparticles reach clinical trials for prostate cancer
Fresh Prince star Alfonso Ribeiro sues Fortnite over Carlton dance
Driving a Tesla in the end times - CNET
How to watch four rocket launches on a banner day for the space industry
How to watch four rocket launches on a banner day for the space industry