former ambassador barbara barrett tapped to replace heather wilson as air force secretary
From 2013 until 2017, Barrett served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Aerospace Corporation SPACE NEWS · 4 weeks
On National Security | Infighting over space reforms spills into public view  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
One of the storylines of the 35th Space Symposium last month in Colorado Springs was the exchange of verbal jabs between Air Force Secretary... more
Navy to transfer satellite communications responsibilities to Air Force  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
The realignment does not affect the MUOS program. But any future narrowband satcom acquisition will be handled by... more
Senate Armed Services bill shakes up management of Air Force space acquisitions  SPACE NEWS · 4 days
The SASC is trying to hold the Air Force more accountable for the performance of space acquisition programs. more
Not everyone on Capitol Hill disapproves of the Air Force launch strategy  SPACE NEWS · 4 weeks
The House Appropriations Committee commended the Air Force’s launch procurement strategy for increasing competition and eliminating U.S. reliance on Russian rocket engines. more
House appropriators suggest Navy and Air Force should merge satellite communications programs  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
Is it time for the Navy to turn over the Mobile User Objective System to the Air Force? The House Appropriations Committee is calling... more
Air Force SMC seeks to expand development testing  SPACE NEWS · 4 weeks
The Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) is eager to increase development testing. more
Senate Armed Services OKs Space Force with conditions  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
The SASC bill makes the commander of Air Force Space Command also the commander of the U.S. Space Force for... more
Senate Armed Services OK’s Space Force with conditions  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
The SASC bill makes the commander of Air Force Space Command also the commander of the U.S. Space Force for... more
Why the Air Force needs more money for next-gen OPIR  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
The commander of the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Lt. Gen. John Thompson, last... more
U.S. military monitoring debris from India’s anti-satellite missile test  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
The Air Force Space Command’s 18th Space Control Squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, continues to track... more
Explaining the shape of a leaf with the help of systems biology  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Which factors determine the shape of a leaf? By using different methods of systems biology, Barbara Terebieniec has identified genes that control the leaf... more
Study points to non-Newtonian force affecting particles' flight  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
The quotation marks had the force of tradition—and the tradition of force—behind them. more
Air Force reports progress in missile defense satellite programs  SPACE NEWS · 1 week
SBIRS-4 has been declared fully operational. Next-gen OPIR has passed several design reviews. more
MIT and U.S. Air Force sign agreement to launch AI Accelerator  MIT · 4 weeks
New program will focus on rapid deployment of artificial intelligence innovations in operations, disaster response, and medical readiness. more
Air Force launch competition to reshape industrial base  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
While the industry is eager to win military contracts, the decision to choose only two companies to move forward has... more
How SMC 2.0 plans to buy the next generation of military satellites  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
The Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center last month put out a call for industry ideas for a “Modular Enterprise Spacecraft Bus Procurement.”... more
GAO sustains protest of $655 million Air Force satellite ground systems contract  SPACE NEWS · 4 days
The contract was awarded to SAIC on Jan. 31. Peraton filed a protest on March 5. more
SpaceX launches new legal battle against U.S. Air Force  SPACE NEWS · 4 weeks
Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman and United Launch Alliance have filed 'motions to intervene' in the lawsuit filed by... more
SpaceX Launches New Legal Battle Against US Air Force  SPACE.COM · 3 weeks
Launch Service Agreement contract winners Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman and United Launch Alliance have filed 'motions to intervene' in the lawsuit filed by SpaceX. more
New nanosheet coating could replace nonrecyclable metalized films in food packaging  PHYS.ORG · 4 days
A team of researchers at the University of Oxford, in the U.K., has developed a new type of nanosheet coating for food packaging that could replace... more
Electric vehicles would be a breath of fresh air for Houston  PHYS.ORG · 6 days
Cornell University researchers are expressing hope for the future of Houston's breathable air, despite the city's poor rankings in the American Lung Association's 2019 "State of... more
Should the Space Force have its own acquisition corps?  SPACE NEWS · 3 weeks
A White House official last week commented that one of the benefits of having a separate Space Force... more
Clean air taxis cut pollution in New York City  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
New York City Clean Air Taxi rules are successful in cutting emissions and reducing air pollution, according to a new study. Between 2009 and 2015, the legislation more than doubled... more
House Armed Services markup to bring Space Force closer to reality  SPACE NEWS · 6 days
HASC Chairman Adam Smith: “We have an agreement on an amendment" to create a... more
Curbing air pollution  PHYS.ORG · 2 weeks
Today, on World Environment Day, we are encouraged to consider the theme for 2019—air pollution—and its effects on the global human population. We are told of the impacts of breathing in polluted, urban air and we hear governments around the... more
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