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Transform a single USB Type-C port into four USB 3.0 ports. Laptop manufacturers continue to cut down the dimensions of notebooks to make them...
Hardware more... Windows Central 2 hours
Fallout 76 is a mess, so why can't I stop playing it? Bethesda is notorious for its bugs and engine anomalies. Its dynamic, modular...
GamingMachines more... Windows Central 2 hours
Manik Gupta got his first taste of solving logistics nightmares when fresh out of college, he was delivering Palm Pilots around Singapore. He’d started a precursor to Groupon called BuyItTogether....
UberMarketingCarsEducation more... TechCrunch 3 hours
The Washington city council has voted to impose tight limits on Airbnb and other short-term rental companies
ElectionsPolitics more... ABC NEWS 7 hours
Jason Snell has raised an interesting possibility over at Macworld: that future ARM-powered Macs might mean an end to the level of custom-build options we...
11 new sci fi and fantasy books to check out in late november
Over the course of this column, I usually open with a couple of books that I’ve been reading recently alongside what’s to come. I’ve...
As I write this, I’m somewhere in Asia, with a bag full of assorted cables and devices. I’ve gotten better at packing light, but I’ve still got a ways to go. Certainly...
AMD's new Radeon RX 590 GPU targets gamers who want the best experience from current games at 1920x1080.
GamingHardware more... Gadgets 360 7 hours
When a tech company decides to launch a brand new, first-of-its-kind tech product, it can be hard to know how many you...
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This Sunday, Apple will light up the streets of Paris with the grand opening...
With so many solid $500 convertibles available, the Acer Spin 3 comes up short...
more... CNET 24 hours
Astroneer is an exploration-based game where you gather resources and explore the wonders many planets hold. Astroneer launched in Xbox Game Preview many months ago, and has since received a steady stream of updates....
XboxMicrosoftGaming more... Windows Central 24 hours
You no longer need to be in the great outdoors to fast travel. Fast traveling is a quality of life feature that makes it tremendously easier (and quicker) to explore...
RadioactiveGaming more... Windows Central 1 day
Scientists think there's a giant new planet full of frozen water, and it's right down the cosmic street...
ExoplanetsUniverse more... LIVE SCIENCE 1 day
A study led by Pennsylvania State University’s Dr. Asher Rosinger suggests that those who don’t feel well after a night of poor sleep may...
Sleep more... SCI-NEWS.COM 1 day
arianegroup to shed 2 300 employees as ariane 6 nears completion
"The end of the development of Ariane 6 and the need to increase competitiveness in the...
Zoologist Sarah Otto, with the University of British Columbia, has published a report in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B regarding human influence on evolution over...
AnimalsEvolution more... PHYS.ORG 1 day
Kyocera’s new rugged phone has a sapphire screen and a fingerprint sensor
Foldable phones have nothing on Detective Pikachu - CNET
Fallout 76’s first end-game nuke launches, starts apocalyptic battle
Fallout 76’s first end-game nuke launches, starts apocalyptic battle
Apple adds third-party app integration to Final Cut Pro X
Japanese man pledges to have, hold and cherish hologram pop star Hatsune Miku
Meet Oprah, the omnipotent VR bug, in Crow: The Legend on Oculus - CNET
Alphabet shutting down bipedal robot company Schaft bought in 2013 robotics spree
Video: How is leather made?
Watch SpaceX launch and land a used Falcon 9 rocket
Commercial EO innovation challenges snail-pace government timescales
Feeling the pressure with universal tactile imaging
A super-Earth found in our stellar back yard
A super-Earth found in our stellar back yard
New research studies adhesiveness in ants as a way to improve synthetic adhesives