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The Latest: Xi calls for China to step up tech development
ABC NEWS President Xi Jinping has called for China's ruling Communist Party to step up technology development, an area in which Beijing faces complaints it encourages theft of... 55 minutes
China's Xi calls for more technology development
ABC NEWS President Xi Jinping has called for China's ruling Communist Party to step up technology development, an area in which Beijing faces complaints that it encourages theft of foreign know-how and blocks access to emerging... 55 minutes
Crunch Report | HQ Trivia, New App from Vine Founders
TechCrunch The former founders of Vine release their new app, “HQ Trivia,” Alphabet is looking to turn... 2 hours
Blood transfusions should be gender matched between donor and recipient
NEWS MEDICAL An emergency blood transfusion mandates matching of the blood types so that the donor and the recipient are compatible in their blood types. There is no other matching... 1 hour
How many golden eagles are there?
PHYS.ORG For conservation efforts to be effective, wildlife managers need to know how many individuals of a species are out there. When species are spread out over large areas and occur at low densities, as is the... 1 hour
hp made a ridiculously powerful detachable tablet for artists HP made a ridiculously powerful detachable tablet for artists
THE VERGE If you’re a graphic artist and find yourself needing a ton of power on the go, HP may... 1 hour
Billy Corgan says he saw human turn into something non-human - CNET
CNET Commentary: Appearing on the Howard Stern Show, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman shares an encounter with the paranormal. 3 hours
Legends Of Tomorrow Just Dropped An Unexpected Superman Reference
CINEMA BLEND Legends of Tomorrow features the biggest superhero ensemble in primetime nowadays, and the latest episode just name-dropped one... 3 hours
TGen project to develop standard operating procedures for single-cell RNA sequencing
NEWS MEDICAL The Translational Genomics Research Institute today announced grant support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative donor advised fund, an advised fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation,... 3 hours
facebook live now offers built in screen sharing feature Facebook Live Now Offers Built-In Screen Sharing Feature
MacRumors Facebook Live, the feature that allows Facebook users to broadcast live video to followers and friends, was today updated with... 5 hours
facebook live adds new screen sharing option built directly into website Facebook Live adds new screen sharing option built directly into website
9to5Mac Facebook today has updated its desktop Facebook Live platform with integrated support for screen... 4 hours
Northwestern Medicine launches new Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause
NEWS MEDICAL Northwestern Medicine has launched a first of its kind center dedicated to providing comprehensive care to women for two often unmet areas of women's healthcare – sexual health... 4 hours
call of duty wwii ads are funny in several countries cnet Call of Duty WWII ads are funny (in several countries) - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: No scenes of mayhem, just an appeal to camaraderie. And look at the different characters for different countries. 4 hours
Northwestern scientists discover 'wasabi receptor' for pain in flatworms
NEWS MEDICAL A Northwestern University research team has discovered how scalding heat and tissue injury activate an ancient "pain" receptor in simple animals. The findings could lead to new strategies for analgesic... 4 hours
Electroplating: The birth of a single nucleus caught in camera
SCIENCE DAILY Electroplating, or electrodeposition, is one of the most important processes in chemistry, in which a metal cation in solution can be reduced to its elemental form by applying... 5 hours
Twitter gives more details on curbing hate and abuse - CNET
CNET The social network sends its Trust and Safety Council an email detailing how it will address its long-standing problem of abusive behavior. 6 hours
How we determine who's to blame
SCIENCE DAILY Using eye-tracking technology, cognitive scientists have obtained the first direct evidence that people use a process called counterfactual simulation to imagine how a situation could have played out differently to assign responsibility for an outcome. 5 hours
Humans—the disturbing neighbours of reef sharks
PHYS.ORG Shark diversity and abundance is highest in remote reefs, as far as 25 hours away from main cities, reveals an international study conducted in the New Caledonia archipelago. 5 hours
Tropical beetles face extinction threat
SCIENCE DAILY Climate change is putting many tropical high altitude beetles at risk of extinction, warn an international team of scientists. 5 hours
apple executives receive restricted stock units worth millions Apple Executives Receive Restricted Stock Units Worth Millions
MacRumors Several Apple executives were today awarded 128,584 restricted stock units or RSUs worth upwards of $20 million at Apple's current... 6 hours
current pixel owners are you upgrading to the pixel 2 poll Current Pixel owners, are you upgrading to the Pixel 2? [Poll]
9to5Google We published our initial reviews of both the smaller Pixel 2 and larger Pixel... 6 hours
Domestication has not made dogs cooperate more with each other compared to wolves
SCIENCE DAILY Following domestication, dogs should be more tolerant and cooperative with conspecifics and humans compared to wolves. But looking at both in more... 5 hours
Toy News Tuesday: Back In The Saddle
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s been a little while, but we’re back with an all-new Toy News Tuesday! We’re the one weekly column right here on... 5 hours
Man Says Apple Watch App Helped Detect Blood Clot, Saved His Life
LIVE SCIENCE A New York man is crediting an Apple Watch app with saving his life, after the app helped him detect signs of a life-threatening... 6 hours
wechat begins censoring users ahead of china s national party congress WeChat begins censoring users ahead of China’s National Party Congress
TechCrunch  Expect to see plenty of censorship news coming out of China over the next week. The... 7 hours
NASA Discovered A 1.7 Million-Year-Old Ancient Bridge Between India And Sri Lanka
Review: Sonos One pairs hi-fi audio with Amazon’s Alexa for voice-controlled music
Call of Duty WWII ads are funny (in several countries) - CNET
Call of Duty WWII ads are funny (in several countries) - CNET
Do Frozen People Go To Heaven?
Official Trailer for Horror Thriller Film 'Angelica' Starring Jena Malone
Google is advertising Allo on multiple university campuses for ‘smart group chats’
Hands-on: Using Parallels 13 to run Windows on Mac with ease [Video]
Some Star Trek questions about 'Discovery' - CNET
Heath Ledger Convinced Christian Bale To Hit Him While Filming The Dark Knight