Science Magazine Carcasses deliver massive pulse of nutrients to river ecosystem and meals for birds, crocodiles, and fish 2 months
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Portugal arsonists feed wildfire destruction
PHYS.ORG Portugal's police said Wednesday they had arrested 61 suspected arsonists so far this year, with fires on the rise and figures showing the largest number of people killed in forest blazes since 2003. 1 week
Heat waves scorch unsuspecting cities
PHYS.ORG Every summer, residents of the desert Southwest brace for extreme heat. But this year, heat waves have impacted areas from Seattle to Slovenia that are unaccustomed to dealing with uncommonly high temperatures. 10 hours
Amid India oxygen scandal, docs want focus on encephalitis
ABC NEWS A national outcry over an Indian hospital's oxygen shortage highlights encephalitis outbreaks that kill and disable thousands of children, spiking each year with the monsoon rains 5 days
Supermassive black holes feed on cosmic jellyfish
PHYS.ORG An Italian-led team of astronomers used the MUSE (Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer) instrument on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile to study how gas can be stripped from galaxies. They... 1 week
Probiotic Bacteria Could Protect Newborns From Deadly Infection
NPR Each year more than 600,000 babies die of sepsis. Researchers have found a simple way to prevent it: Feed babies probiotic bacteria that are common in kimchi, pickles and other fermented vegetables. 1 week
Worm atlas profiles gene readouts in every cell type in the animal
SCIENCE DAILY A worm atlas has been built that profiles gene readouts for every kind of cell in the animal. This is the first time this... 6 days
Peas that like it hot: Genetic map reveals heat tolerance traits in peas
PHYS.ORG Farmers across the world produce between 10 and 13 million tons of field pea every year. That makes it a top legume... 8 hours
Opioids overused in migraine treatment, regardless of race
SCIENCE DAILY African-Americans are more likely to experience debilitating migraine headaches than whites, but a new study probing the issue found no evidence of racial disparities in treatment practices. Instead, researchers report a different... 6 days
Total Solar Eclipse Leaves Southern Illinois College Town in Awe
LIVE SCIENCE Pesky clouds threatened to spoil the view for tens of thousands of people who journeyed from near and far to this southern Illinois college town to witness the... 1 day
2.7-million-year-old ice core pulled from Antarctica
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers from Princeton University, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the University of Maine and Oregon State University has drilled and retrieved a 2.7-million-year-old ice core from a spot in Antarctica. The team presented... 2 days
Collaborative environmental governance: Achieving collective action in social-ecological systems
Science Magazine Managing ecosystems is challenging because of the high number of stakeholders, the permeability of man-made political and jurisdictional demarcations in relation to the temporal and spatial extent of biophysical processes,... 6 days
In Seattle, behind-the-scenes Facebook team wrangles digital deluge in massive cloud
PHYS.ORG More than 2 billion people log into Facebook every month. Every day, the social-media crowd uploads billions of photos, calls up hundreds of millions of hours... 2 hours
Doctor in Nigeria and MSU professor join hands to reduce infant mortality
NEWS MEDICAL A doctor in Nigeria and a professor at Michigan State University have teamed up to reduce infant mortality in the African nation. 4 hours
Worm atlas profiles gene readouts in every cell type in the animal
PHYS.ORG The roundworm stars in the first-ever compilation of gene readouts in every kind of cell in an animal. The readouts, which were taken at... 6 days
japanese company plans second launch of privately funded sounding rocket this year Japanese company plans second launch of privately-funded sounding rocket this year
SPACE NEWS A Japanese company whose first sounding rocket launch last month failed to reach space... 17 minutes
Researchers investigate how previous exposure to West Nile virus affects Zika infection
NEWS MEDICAL West Nile virus is no stranger to the U.S.-Mexico border; thousands of people in the region have contracted the mosquito-borne virus in the past.... 7 days
Chile rejects iron mine to protect penguins
PHYS.ORG Chile on Monday rejected plans for a $2.5 billion iron-mining project in order to protect thousands of endangered penguins. 2 days
Changing tides: Lake Michigan could best support lake trout and steelhead
SCIENCE DAILY Invasive mussels and less nutrients from tributaries have altered the Lake Michigan ecosystem, making it more conducive to the stocking of lake trout and steelhead than... 7 days
Optical species identification for preservation and species identification
NEWS MEDICAL Species identification is important for ecological research and in particular to study the impact of natural hazards or environmental pollutants present, because it’s possible to determine the general health of the ecosystem... 1 day
Changing tides: Lake Michigan could best support lake trout and steelhead
PHYS.ORG Invasive mussels and less nutrients from tributaries have altered the Lake Michigan ecosystem, making it more conducive to the stocking of lake trout and steelhead than... 1 week
How cytoplasm 'feels' to a cell's components
PHYS.ORG Under a microscope, a cell's cytoplasm can resemble a tiny underwater version of New York's Times Square: Thousands of proteins swarm through a cytoplasm's watery environment, coming together and breaking apart like a cytoskeletal... 1 day
Smithsonian manatee count informs policy recommendations
PHYS.ORG All three of the world's manatee species are threatened with extinction: the Amazonian Manatee, the African Manatee and the West Indian Manatee. The Antillean Manatee, an endangered subspecies, feeds and calves in rivers and coastal wetlands... 6 days
Storms felled record number of trees in Poland: officials
PHYS.ORG It will take two years to clear the tens of thousands of trees smashed by the weekend storms that devastated Poland's forests, the country's forest service said Wednesday. 1 week
Hyperentanglement across roof tops paves the way toward a global quantum Internet
PHYS.ORG (—For the first time, physicists have demonstrated that hyperentangled photons can be transmitted in free space, which they showed by sending many thousands of... 9 hours
The Solar Eclipse Had a Spooky Effect on Nature
LIVE SCIENCE From flowers that closed prematurely to hundreds of thousands of farmed salmon on the loose, the eclipse had a strange impact on nature yesterday. 1 day
Researchers explore if deep-sea sponges could be new source of potential antimicrobials
NEWS MEDICAL Marine sponges and the deep-sea ecosystem are comparatively under-studied and under-exploited compared with life in shallower waters - but a team of scientists from the University... 6 days
Study provides insight into development of red blood cells
NEWS MEDICAL Every cell in the body, whether skin or muscle or brain, starts out as a generic cell that acquires its unique characteristics after undergoing a process of specialization. Nowhere is... 5 days
Cholera in Yemen: What you need to know
ABC NEWS Cholera has infected half a million people in Yemen so far this year. 1 week
Why Plasma Is the Crown of the Solar Eclipse
SPACE.COM The wisps of light emanating from the solar disk during this year's total eclipse are plumes of hot, charged gas called plasma from the sun's corona. And plasma physicists are... 6 days
Citizen scientists will take to the field for U.S. eclipse
REUTERS (Reuters) - When the moon passes directly in front of the sun on Aug. 21, casting... 7 days
This ancient sea worm sported a crowd of ‘claws’ around its mouth
Video: Megamovie video captures eclipse coast-to-coast
As Cassini’s tour of Saturn draws to a close, a look back at postcards from the probe
Turning human waste into plastic, nutrients could aid long-distance space travel
'Coffee-ring effect' harnessed to provide rapid, low-cost analysis of tap water
Cyborg bacteria outperform plants when turning sunlight into useful compounds
Car industry needs cybersecurity rules to deal with the hacking threat
The secret life of slugs and snails
New approach makes lightest automotive metal more economic, useful
Self-powered paper-based 'SPEDs' may lead to new medical-diagnostic tools
Smart label could one day let you know when to toss food and cosmetics
Revolutionary electric delivery vehicle tech prototyped
Breast milk protective against bacterial infections
Smart labels could tell you when to toss food and makeup, as this video shows
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