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VIDEO Augmented reality systems show virtual objects in the real world – like cat ears and whiskers on a Snapchat selfie, or how well a particular chair might fit in a room. The first big break for AR was...
A massive collage of 125,000 drawings and messages from children around the world about climate change was rolled out on a shrinking Swiss glacier Friday, smashing the world record for giant postcards.
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Currently, half of the world's measured precipitation that falls in a year falls in just 12 days, according to a...
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tech is coming for the weed industry
Now that cannabis is big business, entrepreneurs are eager to bring tech to the weed industry, which means that cannabis is on...
We want Anthem now. Anthem is an upcoming shared world third-person shooter from BioWare. BioWare is the studio behind famous franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Anthem is expected to launch on February 22, 2019,...
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A study led by researchers of the University of Barcelona quantifies the presence of textile microfibers in south European marine floors from the Cantabrian Sea to...
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Over the last century, behavioral researchers have revealed the biases and prejudices that shape how people see the world and...
The symmetries that govern the world of elementary particles at the most elementary level could be radically different from what has so far been thought. This...
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scientists say goodbye to physical definition of the kilogram
In between coffee breaks and presentations on quantum physics, scientists today voted to redefine the kilogram, the unit...
That drafting-table hinge design continues to blow us away.
This is the wired version of the beloved QuietComfort, but you can make it wireless if you want. Plus: a free $40...
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If thermoelectric materials can convert low-grade heat into electricity, we may never need to charge wearable technology at home again.
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VIDEO How in the world could you possibly look inside a star? You could break out the scalpels and other tools of the surgical trade,...
Razer's latest Hammerhead in-ear headphones have proper noise cancellation, and they're definitely worth a look (and listen). To go with its first phone, Razer developed a...
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Amy Klobuchar wants to know more about the social network's ties to Definers Public Affairs.
Here's the full list of the Echo, Fire, Kindle and other Amazon gear and their upcoming sale prices!
VIDEO A Google representative has confirmed that the Pixel 3 LX speaker distortion issue will be fixed via a software update in the...
Budget phones often have more hardware chops than you'd think. Here are some top contenders for your bottom dollar.
Researchers found hundreds of malicious apps pretending to offer discounts.
What is augmented reality, anyway?
Cohousing is an inclusive approach to smart, sustainable cities
Tiny raptor tracks lead to big discovery
Durability test shows iPad Pro can be bent in half with relatively little force [Video]
New research uncovers the predatory behavior of Florida's skull-collecting ant
ɸ and citizens
Optogenetics drives structure changes in tissues
Optogenetics drives structure changes in tissues
Toward urban air mobility: Air taxis with side-by-side rotors
Scientists are using artificial intelligence to see inside stars using sound waves
Scientists are using artificial intelligence to see inside stars using sound waves
Air taxis – why they're no longer pie in the sky
Google Says Fix for Pixel 3 XL Speaker Distortion, Buzzing Issue Coming Soon
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Tech Turkeys 2018: The biggest screwups in tech this year - CNET
Evidence of aliens? What to make of research and reporting on 'Oumuamua, our visitor from space