Women who are diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) during late pregnancy or within a month following delivery are more likely to experience restored cardiac function and improved outcomes compared to those who are diagnosed later in the postpartum period, according to a new study from Penn Medicine.... NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Early diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammation may reduce illness, save lives  NEWS MEDICAL · 7 days
Scientists from 22 institutions, including UCLA, are recommending early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of severe chronic inflammation to reduce the risk of chronic disease... more
New program receives national recognition for treating hypertrophic cardiomyopathy  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
When Kayla Green was first diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, she felt vindicated. more
Pacemaker-like device improves heart function in patients with chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
With the advent of new therapies, cancer patients are surviving longer than ever before -- but the incidence of side-effect chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy (CHIC), or weakness of the heart... more
Medical News Today: Retinal imaging shows promise in early detection of Alzheimer's  MNT · 4 weeks
A study of 35 people with and without Alzheimer's disease found that hyperspectral imaging of the retina could aid early diagnosis of the disease. more
Study reveals novel pathway to target colorectal cancer  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
While the emergence of precision medicine and immunotherapy has greatly improved outcomes for patients with colorectal cancer, new approaches are still needed for patients with late-stage disease who do not respond to... more
Microbiota-derived peptide mimics drive lethal inflammatory cardiomyopathy  Science Magazine · 4 weeks
Myocarditis can develop into inflammatory cardiomyopathy through chronic stimulation of myosin heavy chain 6–specific T helper (TH)1 and TH17 cells. However, mechanisms governing the cardiotoxicity programming of heart-specific T cells have remained elusive. Using... more
Novel nanopipette pH biosensor could help with cancer diagnosis and treatment  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 days
Nanopipettes with zwitterionic membranes may offer improved monitoring of changes in pH surrounding living cells, which can indicate traits of invasive cancer cells and their response... more
DNA testing for siblings of children with ASD may be predictive of future diagnosis  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
One of the key priorities of interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is starting early, with some evidence showing infants... more
Study highlights the need to adhere to more uniform diagnostic criteria for rare lymphoma  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
In what is believed to be one of the largest studies of a rare disorder known as primary cutaneous gamma... more
Retrospective review: Proton therapy well tolerated in patients undergoing breast conserving surgery  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
While the assessment of proton therapy in breast cancer treatment continues through clinical trials, data relating to early toxicity and cosmetic outcomes for this... more
Diet pills, laxatives used for weight control linked with later eating disorder diagnosis  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
Among young women without an eating disorder diagnosis, those who use diet pills and laxatives for weight control had higher odds of... more
Tick box questionnaire could significantly improve esophageal cancer survival rates  SCIENCE DAILY · 6 days
A simple health questionnaire could be a highly effective tool to pre-screen people for early signs of esophageal cancer, enabling much earlier diagnosis and treatment, finds a new... more
Researchers create 3D liver model for improved diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is becoming the most common chronic liver disorder in developed countries. Histological analysis of liver tissue is the... more
Researchers design an improved pathway to carbon-neutral plastics  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
Researchers have designed a new and improved system for efficiently converting CO2, water, and renewable energy into ethylene -- the precursor to a wide range of plastic products -- under neutral conditions. more
How HIV self-testing affects diagnosis and behaviour in MSM  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
Men who have sex with men (MSMs) are among the most high-risk groups for acquiring and transmitting HIV infection. A new study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicinesays that... more
Study shows perinatal outcomes following bariatric surgery between pregnancies  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
During 2002-2014, there was a 13-fold increase in weight loss surgeries among women aged 15-44 years in New South Wales, Australia, and undergoing such surgery between a first and second... more
Improved pH probes may help toward cancer treatments  PHYS.ORG · 6 days
Nanopipettes with zwitterionic membranes may offer improved monitoring of changes in pH surrounding living cells, which can indicate traits of invasive cancer cells and their response to treatment, report researchers at Kanazawa... more
Investigational drugs reduce risk of death from Ebola virus disease  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 week
The investigational therapeutics mAb114 and REGN-EB3 offer patients a greater chance of surviving Ebola virus disease (EVD) compared to the investigational treatment ZMapp. The new report also shows... more
Exercise improves key measures of cardiovascular health  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
Eight months of daily, afterschool physical activity in previously inactive 8- to 11-year-olds with obesity and overweight improved key measures of their cardiovascular health like good cholesterol levels, aerobic fitness and percent body fat,... more
Future cardiac outcomes can be predicted by cellular repair response to exercise  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Future cardiac outcomes can be predicted by signs of cardiac stress that appear in the blood in response to exercise, Emory cardiologists report. more
Rapid test to diagnose asthma  PHYS.ORG · 1 week
Asthma is one of the most common respiratory diseases worldwide, affecting more than 235 million patients. It is often more difficult to diagnose in children than in adults. An early diagnosis is especially important for children as to... more
Pregnant women have a higher risk of delivering early on unseasonably hot days  PHYS.ORG · 1 week
About a quarter of children in the United States are born two to three weeks before their due date, which qualifies them... more
Better definition could lead to better diagnosis, treatment for rare diseases  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
Thousands of rare diseases cumulatively affect millions of people across the globe, yet because each case is so rare doctors struggle to accurately diagnose and effectively... more
Researchers receive federal grant to study educational outcomes of children with special needs  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
A team of New Jersey researchers received a major federal grant to study the educational outcomes of children with special health care... more
Intermittent fasting may provide significant health benefits, study shows  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
Intermittent fasting may provide significant health benefits, including improved cardiometabolic health, improved blood chemistry and reduced risk for diabetes, new research conducted in part at Texas State University indicates. more
UIC and IDPH receive $9.5 million grant to improve maternal outcomes in Illinois  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
A $9.5 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration will help the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Illinois... more
Improved method for predicting retinopathy of prematurity could reduce unnecessary tests  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
A multicenter group of 41 hospitals led by researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has confirmed that an improved method for predicting retinopathy of prematurity... more
Home urine test for prostate cancer could revolutionize diagnosis  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 weeks
A new home urine test for prostate cancer could revolutionize diagnosis -- according to new research. As well as diagnosing aggressive prostate cancer, the test predicts whether patients will require... more
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